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Check Your Hardware Before A Call With A Zoom Test Meeting

Zoom Test Meeting: To function properly, an online meeting requires two things: a service that can manage audio and video feeds and a solid internet connection. It is the user’s responsibility to select a service that can handle audio and video conversations properly. If you plan to use Zoom for meetings, you should first check whether your internet connection can support audio and video streaming.

Zoom is free to use, so you can always start a meeting with no attendees to see if everything is working properly. Having said that, if you don’t have a Zoom account and want to try your hand at a test meeting, nevertheless, Zoom has you covered.

Start Zoom Test Meeting – Desktop

Follow these steps:

1- Open a modern internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. 

2- Visit the Zoom Test meeting page

3- Click Join. 

4- Open the Zoom client when prompted to. 

5- If you do not have the Zoom app installed, dismiss the prompt and click on Launch Meeting. 

6- Zoom will ask if you can see yourself in the camera, play audio via the speakers, and have you speak into the mic. 

7- If the hardware is all working, you’re good to start a meeting.

Zoom Test Meeting

Start Zoom Test Meeting – Mobile

You must have the official Zoom app loaded on your phone in order to start a Zoom test meeting on a mobile device. Well, Zoom is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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1- On your phone, visit this page in your browser. 

2- Click Join. 

3- Click Launch meeting. 

4- Allow your browser to open the Zoom app. 

5- Test the audio and video. 

6- If everything is working, end the meeting.

Zoom Test Meeting

Check Internet Speed

The Zoom test meeting examines your hardware, but you can also check your internet speed. So we propose that you try two tools. is the go-to tool for determining the speed of your internet connection. First, go to the website and press the Go button. You should have a good connection speed and a low ping.

There’s also Netflix’s Fast. It’s designed to see whether your internet can support Netflix streaming, but it’s also an excellent tool for seeing if your internet speed will allow you to host an online meeting. Well, Your internet connection should be fast enough for an online meeting if it is fast enough for Netflix.

Wrapping Up:

It’s always a good idea to test Zoom out for a meeting, especially if you’ve recently installed the software or plan to use it on a machine you’re unfamiliar with. The test call is free, but it serves as an excellent pre-call check. If something is incorrect, you have time to repair it before the meeting begins.

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