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12+ Best Free YouTube End Screen Template Makers

YouTube End Screen Template is a fantastic way to boost video views and channel subscribers. It helps you establish a channel with more subscribers and generates views for your other posted videos. In 2017, YouTube introduced end screens for content creators. To maximize views, it is essential to have a decent YouTube outro or YouTube end card template. Choosing an outro or end screen is an easy chore. However, free YouTube outro template makers have made the process considerably simpler. You may select from pre-made templates and add them as an outro or end screen to your YouTube video. This post will discuss how to create a free YouTube outro template, along with other pertinent information.

What Does YouTube End Screen Mean?

A YouTube end card or outro is an excellent way to finish your video and bring more views to your channel. Consequently, what is a YouTube end screen? Simply put, an end screen or YouTube outro is an overlay consisting of another video link and a subscription link that appears after your video to encourage viewers to watch further content. A YouTube end card template screen is not a part of the original video but rather an extension that overlays the final five to ten seconds of your video. An end screen allows viewers to click on the video icon to watch further content. It encourages viewers to watch more of your content.

What Can You Add To A YouTube Outro?

Now that we understand a YouTube outro let’s examine what we may include in a YouTube end card.

Video Or Playlist

You may add any YouTube video or Playlist that already exists.

Subscription Button

You may add the Subscribe button to your YouTube channel to encourage viewers to subscribe.


This option allows you to link the video to a different channel.


You add a validated website outside of YouTube to the end screen.

Some Restrictions To Consider For YouTube End Cards

YouTube imposes restrictions on end cards and end screens to make the video-viewing experience enjoyable and not unpleasant. The restrictions include the following:

1 – The duration of the video must be at least twenty-five (25) seconds, beginning to finish.

2 – The outro or end card duration must be less than 20 seconds.

3 – The end screen may only be added to a video at its end (last 20 seconds).

4 – At least one end card element must be a YouTube video or Playlist.

5 – The YouTube end card can add up to four things.

6 – The area is restricted on the YouTube video to add which element (see image below). 

7 – “Made for Kids” videos cannot have an outro template on YouTube.

8 – Adding an external link to the end card requires the YouTube partnership program membership.

12+ Best Free YouTube End Screen Template Makers

Learn about 12+ best free animation templates to create an appealing outro with free effort.


1. Canva

Canva is a popular and free YouTube outro maker. It gives you access to tens of thousands of professionally designed outro templates that you can quickly modify to suit your needs. Creating a conclusion on Canva is quick and simple. It takes between sixty and eighty seconds to make a YouTube template. In addition, Canva features distinctive and contemporary YouTube end card templates. Here you may find animated graphics, typography, and illustrations of the highest quality for YouTube outros.

To use the free YouTube end screen template maker, you either create a Canva account or sign in with your Google or Facebook credentials. You may not only select an outro from their collection, but you can also add your images and videos. It is a trait that few outro makers possess. It supports JPG, PNG picture, and mp4, MOV video formats.

2. Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is the most effective free YouTube screen maker. It is unnecessary to purchase an app or subscribe to a subscription to use Tube Arsenal. Tube Arsenal features many customizable YouTube end card templates you may use in your videos. It isn’t necessary to be an expert to use Tube Arsenal. Become a YouTube star with ease with Tube Arsenal. To create an end screen, you do not need to create an account or pay the price. On the website, there are thousands of animated end screens. This free YouTube end card maker creates distinctive and eye-catching outros.

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3. Mixkit

Mixkit is the best source for the premiere pro-end card template. It provides its users with free Adobe premiere pro outro templates. You may purchase fantastic outros for your YouTube channel without subscribing or creating an account. There are no resources left for you to grab. You may find a YouTube end screen template for Premiere Pro and other free stock footage that will assist you in expanding your channel. Mixkit has a variety of audio files, stock images, and footage that may be used to create different content. It is a convenient animation template for Premiere Pro that meets all your demands.

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a good free YouTube end card template maker that few people are aware of. It enables the creation of beautiful, multipurpose business cards. For example, if you have a YouTube video on YouTube to MP3 converter that explains how to convert a YouTube video to MP3, you may add an end screen to link to other similar videos. Adobe spark can help you create a technological outro to make your video more appealing to viewers. Using Adobe Spark to create an outro template is simple and time-efficient.

It can quickly create an amazing YouTube end card. It will creatively assist your brand. This will assist you in acquiring a lasting audience. It is an excellent way to direct your viewers and YouTube subscribers to your new videos. Adobe Spark may be launched for free by creating an account. They provide a variety of exceptional templates to pick from. Adobe allows you to create great end screen templates without requiring you to be an expert.

5. Placeit by Envato

Placeit allows you to make your own YouTube end cards. If you desire artistic end screens for your YouTube video, you should use Placeit. Numerous animated end cards are available for selection. Placeit provides different categories to meet your needs. Placeit is a free YouTube outro maker that lets you create a low-resolution end screen. It is important to note that the free version of Placeit has low quality and a watermark. In addition, there is a cost associated with the high-end screen.

6. Wofox beta

Wofox beta is a free online YouTube end card template maker that lets you create a great outro. This free YouTube template maker includes 62 configurable end cards. All outro templates are animated, enhancing your YouTube video and helping you gain more subscribers. The Wofox beta online YouTube end card maker is free to use. There are both free and high-quality paid templates available. You must have an account to use Wofox beta. Creating an account and free templates are both free.

7. Velosofy

Velosofy is a website offering free outro templates. This free website includes a PSD template for YouTube end cards, YouTube end card MP4 files, and more. On Velosofy, you may find the best YouTube outro and intro templates. This website is quite useful for YouTubers who are just beginning their channel and wish to increase their viewership. On Velosofy, you will find YouTube outros created with After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Cinema 4D, and Blender. The majority of these templates are free. It contains a great library from which you may select the best one.

8. Pikbest

Pikbest is for you if you are seeking a YouTube end screen template PSD. It is an online animation template-free PSD website that provides free and paid PSD files that may be edited. You may add these end cards to your video. Using this static end screen will bring more attention to the videos on your channel. Using the Pikbest end card template for YouTube PSD is best for budding YouTube content makers. They provide PSD end screen files for your use. This PSD outro is editable and customizable with Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing software. In 2022, it is the intelligent way to create a YouTube static outro.

9. AE download

AE download gives you download to free animation templates. It provides an abundance of free YouTube outro templates. You may also purchase different end cards for more distinction. AE download provides many end screen templates. Multiple categories are available for selection. AE download offers a YouTube after effects template for Premiere Pro, a YouTube end screen PSD file, and a free after effects end card template. You may select any method, whether it is Premiere Pro, After Effects, or a Photoshop (PSD) file, and customize it to your specifications. It is, without a doubt, the best online resource for free YouTube end card template makers. Utilize their service to make your YouTube channel more appealing.

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10. Invideo

Invideo is mostly a subscription-based service for YouTube end screen templates; however, there are a few creative and engaging free end screen templates available. You may freely select, edit, and download sixty videos monthly (with a watermark). In addition, they have an extensive collection of outro videos. Having an arsenal of YouTube end card template 2022 is certain to bring the effectiveness of your channel. By including an Invidio-created end card, you may attract additional viewers. Share professionally made videos on your channel to bring views and subscribers. On Invideo, it just takes five minutes to create an outro.

Invideo lets you customize every aspect of an outro template. You may modify, add, or delete items using their robust editor. Their free version (60 videos per month) has a watermark on the video. They offer two options if you prefer to upgrade to the premium version. The ‘Business plan’ costs $10 per month for 300 high-quality videos, while the ‘Infinite plan’ costs $30 per month for unlimited videos, including outros. You must create an account to use Invideo.

11. Motion Nation

Motion Nation is an easy way to get free YouTube outro templates. They provide content of superior quality to enhance your YouTube channel. It contains examples of YouTube end card templates. You may preview the video clips and select the most suitable one. They offer stock footage of high resolution. All of the content is free. It’s a great YouTube outro maker for novices.

12. Videezy

Videezy is the best template for free After Effects YouTube end card templates. It provides fifty or more YouTube end screen after effects templates. You may customize all the YouTube outro templates in After Effects and use them in your video. Youtube Channel End Screen After Effects Templates on Videezy is of the highest quality and made by specialists worldwide. However, only a tiny YouTube outro After Effects Templates are worth purchasing. They provide many categories of YouTube outro after-effects templates that are simple to download and modify.

13. Technicoz

Technicoz is a great online free outro maker. It provides thousands of free-end screens. They provide After effects, Sony Vegas, and premiere profiles that may be edited and added to a video. Technicoz provides outros that are easy to customize. They have completed all of the work. Add your company’s logo and name to the template. Their high-quality work will undoubtedly encourage viewers to watch more of your content.

14. Motionden

Motionden is the most effective free YouTube end screen template. You may use motion to create your outro, or you can use one of their available templates. This online outro maker lets you create a video end in only minutes. It is also an on-site editor, allowing you to customize the outro without needing other software. There are several expensive outro/intro templates and most free ones. You should check out the free online outro maker without delay.

15. YouTube

YouTube is the best possible template for YouTube end screen templates. It is where you can find the best outro templates. One small drawback is that you may require editing abilities to modify the templates to include your logo or name. However, many templates do not require a logo and may be used without modification. The most important aspect is that all content is provided for free. A YouTube downloader may download the entire outro.

The Bottom Line:

The YouTube end screen template maximizes the possibilities of your channel. It is the best way to bring the number of viewers to your channel. You should immediately add a closing screen to your videos. The high-quality free templates presented in this article attract more subscribers. I hope this article is useful. If you find the post helpful, please leave a comment below.

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