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How to Download Yahoo Finance Historical Data

Download Yahoo! Finance historical data: For any financial study, you’ll always need to collect historical data on a company’s shares. Yahoo Finance instantly enables you to access this data at the required frequency and period. For example, you can get daily details from the current date to the company’s initial public offering. The following article explains how to download Yahoo Finance Historical Data.

Download Historical Data from Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance enables the direct download of a company’s historical data from its website. You can access this information without a Yahoo Finance account on your computer or mobile device.

From Your Computer

Follow these steps to download data from Yahoo Finance website to your computer:

  • Enter a quote in search field and then choose the quote to view.

  • Tap “Historical Data.”

  • Adjust the “Time Period,” “Data to Show,” & “Frequency” parameters.

  • Afterward, tap “Apply” and “Download” to save the data.

Now, the file will automatically save in your downloads folder & is ready for you to use.

From Your Mobile

  • Next, enter a company name or stock symbol in “Quote Lookup” field.

  • Click the quote in the results to view it.

  • Slide the menu to the left and choose “Historical Data.”

  • Change “Time Period,” “Data to Show,” and “Frequency” parameters.

  • Click “Apply” and “Download” to save the data to your mobile.

To download Yahoo Finance Historical Data to your phone, follow the simple steps below:

After the download is complete, the file is immediately usable. To evaluate the findings, you must download a spreadsheet tool such as Google Sheets for Android or iOS. Microsoft Excel is also available for Android and iOS.

Downloading Historical Data from the API

The Yahoo Finance API enabled users to obtain historical data. The API was discontinued in 2017. There are, however, unapproved APIs that perform the same function. Using one of these APIs may violate Yahoo’s terms of service.

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This sample code could have been used with the Yahoo Finance API and will continue to function with unofficial APIs.


You will use the following arguments to construct the code required to retrieve historical data from the API:

ticker: case insensitive ticker of a stock
start_date: date the data begins in format mm/dd/yyyy
end_date: date the data ends in format mm/dd/yyyy
index_as_date: {True, False}. The default will be True. The dates of the records will be set as the index. If false, the dates return in a separate column.
Interval: time period to sample data. “1d” = daily; “1wk” = weekly; “1mo” = monthly

How to Download Yahoo Finance Historical Data API

Once you have established your arguments, you can build your code—for example, an instance code below for retrieving weekly historical data from Amazon.

from yahoo_fin.stock_info import get_data()

amazon_weekly= get_data(“amzn”, start_date=”12/04/2009″, end_date=”12/04/2019″, index_as_date = True, interval=”1wk”)


You can modify the code to include your desired arguments, and the API will retrieve the required historical data. Please copy the code into the API and run it when ready.

Due to the unofficial nature of the APIs, they may not provide full data or may provide erroneous information. Unfortunately, the Yahoo Finance API is no longer available, so there’s no way to improve this.

Download Yahoo Finance Historical Data for Use with Excel

How to download Yahoo Finance Data into Excel: The Yahoo Finance website supports the CSV download of historical data. The data can then be re-formatted in Excel, including changing the file type.

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From Your Computer

Follow the methods below to download Yahoo Finance historical data to Excel on your PC:

  • Go to Yahoo Finance.

  • Next, type a quote in the search field and choose the quote from the search results to view it.

  • Tap “Historical Data.”

  • Adjust the “Time Period,” “Data to Show,” & “Frequency” parameters.

  • Click “Apply” and “Download” to save the data as a CSV.

The data will automatically download to your PC as a CSV. Then, you can open the dataset & change “Save As” into an Excel Worksheet.

From Your Mobile Device

To download Historical Data from Yahoo Finance to Excel on your phone, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Yahoo Finance.
  • Find the “Quote Lookup” field, & enter a company name or stock symbol.
  • Click the quote in the search results.
  • Slide the menu to the left and choose “Historical Data.”
  • Adjust the “Time Period,” “Data to Show,” & “Frequency” parameters.
  • Tap “Apply” & “Download” to save the data as a CSV.

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The CSV file will instantly download to your mobile device. You will need the Excel software from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your Android or iOS device to view or modify the CSV file format.

Yahoo Finance: Quick Histories

Yahoo Finance makes it simple and quick to obtain historical data. In addition, you can download the data to your computer or mobile device to guarantee you have access to it when you need it.

Have you download Yahoo Finance Historical Data? Which approach did you employ? Tell us everything about it in the comments section below!

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