What Is xResolver, And How Does It Work? + Alternatives

This post is regarding what is xResolver? How does xResolver work, and xResolver alternatives or sites like xResolver. There’s no worse feeling than your Xbox slowing down just as you are about to defeat your opponent. You could believe it’s an internet problem, but you haven’t realized you’ve been hacked or can no longer play. One disadvantage of online gaming is that your IP address is exposed to other players, who may use it to boot you out.

What Is xResolver?


xResolver is an IP grabber that collects IP addresses and Gamertags from those who play online games on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Is it legal to gather other users’ IP addresses? Yes, since it is public information. It uses hundreds of bots to scour the internet for such information.

If you have been the victim of a DDoS attack, you may be required to pay xResolver to have your name blacklisted from their site. Users with malicious intent utilize IP addresses to prevent other players from accessing a game. Though paying xResolver is legal, it leaves a terrible taste in many gamers’ mouths since it is not their fault.

How Does xResolver Work?

#1: Know Opponents Gamertag


This is a simple step since you need to locate the desired user on your Xbox. When you click on their information, the Gamertag details are revealed. Copy the publicly displayed ID in there.

#2: Go To xResolver Webpage

Navigate to the xResolver website and scroll down to the form that requests the Gamertag IP. Paste it, then press the resolve button. You can also know the Gamertag by pasting an IP address.

#3: Get The IP Address

By clicking Resolve, the site searches its database for the IP address. Because you may not always get it, you are free to try different methods.

Best xResolver Alternatives – Sites like xResolver

xResolver Alternatives – Sites like xResolver you can try.

1. Bootyou

Bootyou is a Resolver giving PSN & Skype Resolvers, Geo Location Lookup, IP Pinger & Domain, etc. The site is safe since it utilizes HTTPS with hashed databases and takes cryptocurrency and regular payment methods. According to ratings, it is among the cheapest and is well trusted. It is stated that Bootyou gets more than 2,000 visits per day. It provides a responsive customer service staff that can be accessible in numerous ways, including Skype, Email, Live Chat, etc.

2. OctoSniff

This IP sniffer gets a high rating on several websites, indicating that it is doing something well. It has been operating for a while and can therefore be trusted, as it has defended many from DDoS attacks by blacklisting their IP addresses. Unfortunately, hackers have also gotten their fair part of the pie. Although blacklisting will cost you $30, it is not the greatest option since you may be detected again.

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3. WebResolver

This tool uses Skype to get other people’s IP addresses and geographical information. Although there aren’t many reviews, the website’s domain was registered years ago. The website is SSL certified, which means it is secure and legit. WebResolver seems to offer a money-back guarantee policy as well. The site also serves as an email resolver, database resolver, and other functions. They demand a weekly fee of $8 and only take PayPal and Bitcoin payments.

4. Lanc Remastered

Lanc Remastered is a lot of things rolled into one. The site functions as an IP sniffer, IP grabber, and IP resolver for Xbox and Playstation 4. It is a network for packet analysis and monitoring that is open source. It keeps track of the ISPs for each connection’s nation of origin and geolocation. Lanc Remastered allows you to define port numbers destination IP addresses and alter the source. The platform has been collecting IP addresses for both public and private networks since 2010. Lanc Remastered PCPS is the most recent update of the software.

Sites like xResolver

Several other sites like Xboxresolver have a high rating and have been active for a long time. Ipgrab.github is another competitor on the list, offering a free IP booter and resolvers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, not to mention XboxReplay.

Final Words:

These sites often scrape other users’ IP data when gaming since it is accessible anytime they are online. Then, xResolver, OctoSniff, and similar sites decode the data to determine which Gamertag belongs to that IP address. The data is then put into their databases, exposing it to hackers for them to boot a player.

Because an IP address identifies your location, your network is subject to DDoS attacks. To prevent such attacks, players must sometimes pay to have their IP addresses blacklisted on these websites. In addition, to protect yourself against attacks, prevent entering private or public gaming sessions with players you don’t know, and avoid clicking on links in such discussions.

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