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Xbox Game Bar Not Working? (10 Fixes You Can Try)

Xbox Game Bar not working? Looking for fixes, then this post is for you. The Game Bar in Windows 10 attempts to replicate some of the Xbox magic on Windows computers. You can summon up the Game Bar at any time by pressing the Windows key and G. This allows you to quickly check in on your gaming notifications and activate features like the game recording. Normally, it’s quick and convenient, but some users are reporting that when they try to summon up the Game Bar, nothing happens. Alternatively, the Xbox Game Bar appears as expected, but some of its functionality is not working. What are your options? Quite a few things, in fact.

#1: Check To See If The Game Bar Is Enabled

Also, if your Game Bar was working just fine before, a Windows update or other background system change might have rendered it inoperable. As a result, your first step should always be to check the Game Bar toggle. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

1- Open the Start Menu. 

2- Go to Settings>Gaming 

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

3- Select Xbox Game Bar 

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

4- Ensure that Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcasts using Xbox Game Bar are on.

If it’s already turned on, try turning it off and on again. If it still doesn’t work, it’s time to take more drastic measures.

#2: Make Sure Windows Is Updated

Because Game Bar is a Windows feature, game compatibility and overall stability may be improved with a Windows update. Well, If you haven’t updated Windows in a while, it’s worth checking to see if there are any updates available. While you are at it, update your GPU drivers and software as well, as these can sometimes interfere with Game Bar.

#3: Restart Your Computer

Yes, simply restarting the machine should be your next step. This fixes a surprising number of Windows issues, including the Windows Game Bar on occasion.

#4: Use Direct Shortcuts

Just because the Game Bar doesn’t appear when you use its shortcut in certain games doesn’t mean it’s not working. Well, If all you want to do is start or stop a recording, for example, you can also use a keyboard shortcut to do so. First, press Win + Alt + R to start or stop a recording of the game you’re currently playing. Then, press Win + Alt + Print Screen to take a screenshot. Just make sure it’s actually working before you try to record something important.

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#5: Run Games In Borderless Windowed Mode

By default, most modern video games run in a borderless window, but many older titles use an exclusive full-screen mode. So first, check the game’s settings to see if the full-screen mode is enabled, and then switch to a borderless window if possible. Well, Some games prevent the Game Bar from appearing when in full-screen exclusive mode, which could be why you aren’t seeing it. Just keep in mind that running some games in a borderless window can degrade performance. Also, when using a borderless window, you can’t usually use HDR modes.

#6: Add Windows 10 KN And N Additional Installations

Some versions of Windows 10 do not ship with all of the media components installed due to legal reasons that are too lengthy to go into here. If you’ve Windows 10 KN or N, you must manually download and install the Windows Media Features Pack before Game Bar will work properly.

#7: Check The Hotkey Setting

The Win + G shortcut key is the Windows Game Bar’s default, but it can be changed. That means that one possible reason it is not working is that the combo has been changed. To see what the current shortcut is, type:

1- Open the Start Menu. 

2- Go to Settings > Gaming. 

3- Select Xbox Game Bar. 

4- Under Keyboard Shortcuts, make sure the Win + G combo is still valid.

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

Of course, you can change things as you please while you’re here; just don’t forget which new hotkey combinations you’ve chosen!

#8: Check If Your Game Allows Recordings

All of your angst may stem from the fact that some games simply do not allow recording for one reason or another. Well, If Game Bar only refuses to work with a specific game and it is not a full-screen issue, check Google to see if other people are unable to record the title as well. If it turns out that it wasn’t just you, you might be out of luck. However, another application other than Game Bar might be able to do it.

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#9: Reset The Game Bar App

Resetting your Game Bar to its default settings is a good way to get it working again. So, if something has become damaged, you can back restore it to the state it was in when you first used it. To accomplish this, first:

1- Open the Start Menu and search for Add or Remove Programs. Then select it. 

2- Look for Xbox Game Bar in the list of applications. 

3- Select Advanced Options in the Xbox Game Bar entry. 

4- Select Reset.

Here, Keep in mind that all app data will be deleted, so make backups of your recordings if you want to be safe.

#10: Use Game Bar Alternatives

Game Bar is convenient because it comes with Windows and works well most of the time, but it’s far from the only option. It’s certainly not the most powerful!

Both of the major GPU vendors have developed their own software. In the case of Nvidia, it’s known as ShadowPlay and is included in the GeForce Experience software package. AMD calls their solution ReLive.

In both cases, a game overlay with similar functionality to the Xbox Game Bar is displayed. However, software designed to work with your specific graphics card may have greater game compatibility and less of an impact on performance. There are also third-party options. For example, many professional game streamers rely on an Open Source application known as OBS (Open Broadcast Software). While OBS isn’t as slick and takes a little longer to learn, it’s incredibly versatile and can record from multiple sources simultaneously.

Wrapping Up: Xbox Game Bar Not Working

Finally, hopefully, these simple fixes have restarted your journey to becoming a well-known gaming god. After all, how can anyone know how skilled you are if you don’t have video evidence? Whether it is Game Bar or any of the other excellent options available these days, preserving your achievements is as simple as a click of a button.

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