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How To Fix Quickly White Screen Of Death On Windows?

What could be more irritating than facing the White Screen of Death in Windows systems? White Screen of Death is less common than black and blue Screens of Death, but they all share characteristics. The appearance of a white screen is very frustrating. If it persists for a while, we begin to fret. This screen was shown due to several events, including improper OS installation and hardware problems. However, to solve these problems as quickly as feasible. You have no idea why the white screen has appeared or how to resolve it. Following is our exclusive guide on how to fix the White Screen of Death on Windows 10/11.

Why Is White Screen Of Death Appearing?

White Screen of Death has multiple causes. The white death face screen appears when the system encounters a GPU hardware-related problem. In addition to this, malware and virus infection play a crucial function. Even malware intrusions cause additional problems. Incorrect OS installation is another cause of the white death screen. High RAM and CPU utilization also contribute to the issue. Here is a list of the causes of this issue.

1 – Hardware issue. 

2 – Outdated graphics drivers. 

3 – Virus and malware infections. 

4 – Corrupt OS. 

5 – Outdated Windows. 

6 – Faulty update installation.

How To Fix Quickly White Screen Of Death On Windows 10/11?

It would be best if you took some helpful measures to fix the issues, it can be said. From simple restarting to advanced launching procedures, every method is described. Therefore, let’s immediately begin the first method.

Restart Windows

One of the standard methods for all standard issues. Yes, a system restart will prevent this issue. You might face this issue if the system uses a lot of memory and CPU to perform optional tasks. Consequently, you may restart the system. However, the issue is how to restart the device if it is frozen on a white screen. Here is the procedure to adhere to.

1 – Press CTRL + ALT + DEL simultaneously. 

2 – You will be prompted to restart; click restart.

Force Restart

This restart is performed scores of times to recover the system from a white screen of death. And believe me, it helps. If the first method does not resolve the problem, you should perform a force restart. Press the power switch for at least fifteen to twenty seconds. It will restart the devices automatically and may prevent the White Screen of Death in Windows 10/11.

Disconnect All External Devices

Fortunately, the situation can be managed using external tools. The likelihood of facing these issues is high if you use a mouse, cards, and cable together. Remove and disconnect all connected devices until the system boots for good without any issues. Then, you can use it once everything is set. You can later troubleshoot and update every driver.

Update Graphics Driver

As I previously stated, a White Screen of Death (WSOD) could appear for problematic GPU and hardware. However, if we update its driver, we can treat the issue. Additionally, obsolete and defective drivers are extremely incompatible.

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1 – Press Windows, then search Device Manger and click Open.

White Screen Of Death

2 – To expand the Display adapter, click the small arrow. Next, right-click the drivers listed, then click the update button.

White Screen Of Death

3 – Click the Search automatically for drivers button now.

White Screen Of Death

4 – It will update the driver version.

Perform Safe Boot

When we perform a secure launch, the system operates with only the required components and a restricted set of programs. Consequently, it can combat the White Screen of death.

1 – Open Run, enter MSConfig, and press Enter or OK.

White Screen Of Death

2 – Go to the Boot tab. 

3 – Select the Safe Boot button. If you’ve required some other features, you can choose accordingly. For example, I click the Network button because I require the network functionality. 

4 – Click Apply, followed by OK. Additionally, restart the system.

White Screen Of Death

Update Windows

Outdated Windows frequently delays and needs to meet expectations. That’s why it’s ideal to use an OS that’s been updated. Even so, it helps to avoid such issues.

1 – Press Windows, then Settings, and click Windows update.

White Screen Of Death

2 – If you’ve any updates, then it’s good. Otherwise, click the Check for Updates button.

3 – Download and install the update.

Uninstall Most Recent Updates

Despite not always being pleasant, the update is good. Incorrect updates are another significant contributor to this problem. Even if the issue persists after installing the update, uninstall it. This is what you must adhere to.

1 – Press Windows, then Settings, and click Windows update.

2 – Click Update history. It will show the most recent updates.

3 – From the list, uninstall the most recent update.

Perform Virus Threats

Infection with viruses and malware is extremely dangerous. The presence of malware on a system can alter its behaviors and characteristics. Ensure that your system is free of malware and viruses. If you discover any, take appropriate action. Here are the steps for scanning.

1 – Press Windows, then Settings, and click Privacy & Security. 

2 – Click Windows security.

3 – Click Virus & threat protection.

4 – Select Full Scan from the Scan Options menu, then click the Scan icon.

Restart Windows Explorer

While experiencing an issue with the White Screen of Death, you can perform another useful method. Restarting Windows Explorer fixes the issue. Follow along.

1 – Press Windows, then search Task Manager and click Open.

2 – Locate Windows Explorer, right-click on it, and click End task.

3 – Click File, and select New task.

4 – A dialogue box will open; input explorer.exe and press Enter. This will launch Windows Explorer once again.


This concludes the information required to fix the White Screen of Death in Windows 10/11. By using our methods, I trust you have fixed your problem. Let us know in the remark section if you need any help.

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