Way to Buy a PlayStation Gift Card

The PlayStation online store, like every other digital store, offers a Gift Card service. You can purchase these gift cards almost everywhere – physical or digital — making them ideal for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for the best PS5 games or the hottest games released in the last couple of years, giving and receiving gift cards is always a good idea. However, you may be wondering how to redeem a PlayStation gift card, and we have you covered there as well.


There are millions of players who play games, and PS Consoles have always been their choice because of the advanced technology, creating amusement. When first time PS3 was introduced by Sony, it crossed 90 million unit sales. This was huge enough to blow the minds away as it was the product that made a huge record.


Not late enough, the expectations for PS4 of the gamers got so high because of their obsession with PS3. The record was again made by PS4. Its overall sale hit 116 million units, and surpassing the history made by PS3. This brought a next level of amusement for the players all over the world. PS4 was shipped to all over the world for players.


Nowadays, the same progress is being made by PS5. It is making progress by leaps and bounds. It is great enough to increase console experience. This all is brought by PlayStation Gift Card and PlayStation Network.

To provide players with great experience, GAMIVO is giving all kinds of PS gift cards. GAMIVO is providing all the players with the opportunity to increase their console experience and enjoy themselves. All the gift cards are available at the best prices.

PlayStation Network

You can easily avail this offer and reinvigorate your official PS account. The funds you will add can be used directly in PS Store. You can either pay for services or have PS4 and PS5 digital copies that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

GAMIVO imparts different kinds of PSN cards, and you need to go ahead with the one which is best for you, and your console as well.


There is an existence of three variable that you need to take into account before making any purchase:

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Region

It is very important to know that there exists a lock for every PSN code, and you need to make purchase in accordance with your region. It is crucial at this step. This happens as there are many countries that use the same currency, and it should be checked twice in order to prevent from any kind of impediments.

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For example, Euro is used in France, Italy and Germany. But, PSN 20 EUR FR is only usable in France. For your convenience, such all restrictions are given on the product page so you will not come into contact with any trouble getting them.

At the end, get the PSN gift card which is in accordance with your PS console, and suits you.

What PS Plus Functions

There are exclusive discounts for the members, and they will get discounts on every game. Even if there exists a game with time-restricted sale, even then the discounted price applies on that game. You will be able to share your console with other members and can create moments of amusement.

You will be able to play with your friends, and create amusement. There are multiplayers that join all over the world. You can have experience from multiplayers, and enjoy. There will be much more in the membership that you will get.

You will play with agencies that are entirely focused on gaming subjects. These all services are for the members those who buy this. This does not end here, and it is much more than that.

There are two free games every month, and much more advantages. There will be a PS Plus Collection where you can get anything. You will be able to play with other players, you can invite your friends to play with them, and even you can play with multiplayers all over the world.

Games like, God of War, Become Human, A Thief’s End, and much more. This list of the games is quite fascinating. Besides, there are free games for members that they can play for free.


Here you need to decide your subscription in accordance with your need

  • PlayStation Plus 90 Days
  • PlayStation Plus 365 Days

There is again recommendation of rechecking the region to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Redeeming Code

You will be given all the necessary information concerning the redeeming of codes. You will need to redeem the PS card. You will be able to redeem the code in PS4 and PS5 console directly.

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