12+ Best Games Like It Takes Two 2022 To Play

The cooperative platformer appears to be everywhere. Every gaming YouTube channel, website, Twitch stream, and fan features it. We’re searching for other games like It Takes Two to expand your options. It Takes Two was developed by a tiny independent developer, Hazelight Studios. Electronic Arts released the title under the EA Originals program, which aims to support skilled and independent developers worldwide.

This means that the title possesses the unique magic of independent titles, such as Hades or Hollow Knight. However, it has a large publisher house behind it to reach larger audiences. However, you may have previously played it and desire more of the same experience. You may have yet to try it since you have no one to play with. In any case, we examine the 12+ best platforming games like It Takes Two.

Choosing Games Like It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a game that has won several awards. Well, it has Game of the Year, Best Family Game, and Best Multiplayer on its trophy shelf. In addition, it won the Better With Friends Award on Steam. Last but not least, it won Best Multiplayer Game at the Golden Joystick. Let’s examine the game’s elements to comprehend its success better. Dissecting the title will help us locate platforming games with similar gameplay. Similar games would have a mix of the following elements:

Deep But Charming Story – The story is the deep element of the game. You play the role of Cody or May, a couple on the brink of divorce. A mystical spell transformed them into rag dolls, and they must work together to save their relationship and return to their bodies.

Tone – The setting generates a whimsical tone, yet the story is full of personality and character. There is a strong emphasis on character development, relationships, trust, love, separation, and parenthood.

Co-op Gameplay – It Takes Two is an action-adventure platformer game. It is only accessible as a co-op experience online or as a couch-split-screen game locally.

Dynamic Mechanics – It Takes Two continually adds new mechanics across its nine chapters. These mechanics borrow concepts from other game genres, yet they are relevant to the story and theme of each level.

Skills – Some of the mechanics added by the levels are skills for Cody and May. For instance, Cody can reverse time, while May can eventually duplicate herself. Players must cooperate and use these skills to conquer creative in-game obstacles, mini-games, and challenges. On each level, the characters get a new ability.

Puzzles – Similarly, the game features puzzles in each episode and area. To solve the challenges, players must interact with elements of the environment, use their skills, and investigate the areas.

Creative Design – The studio integrated several creative, humorous elements because you play as dolls in a fantasy world. You have the opportunity to pilot a pair of boxers or create an alliance with a group of sewer rats.

Friend’s Pass – If you do not have a partner to play It Takes Two with, you can purchase the free Friend’s Pass. It enables you to invite a friend who does not own the game to play with you.

The It Takes Two experience is overall amusing, disruptive, and entertaining. Nonetheless, the game manages to be a metaphor for relationships, so it integrates its narrative and gameplay seamlessly. The games like It Takes Two we seek would combine gameplay and narrative. Therefore, it must be an action-adventure / platformer game with a message and dynamic gameplay.

12+ Best Games Like It Takes Two 2022 To Play

Games Like It Takes Two 2022 to play.

1. Portal 2

Games Like It Takes Two

The Half-Life spin-off is the ultimate cooperative experience and a genre-defining classic. This entry uses the original Portal’s groundbreaking formula, gameplay, music, story, and characters to create a cult classic. In essence, the Portal 2 is a 3D puzzle-solving / labyrinth game. Portal 2 has both single-player and multiplayer modes. In Single-Player, you use the Portal Gun, a weapon capable of producing portals everywhere, of traversing a series of test rooms. Two new characters are introduced in the two-player campaign mode. It pushes players to reevaluate the story they learned in single-player mode. Overall, the plot of Portal is deep, sarcastic, and sad.

The gameplay involves navigating a series of lab mazes. While avoiding dangers, turrets, and other unique obstacles, players must use Portal Guns to get through each level. The primary computer of the laboratory, GLaDOS, would do whatever to crush you. Either mode contains a lengthy campaign with a sophisticated physics system. In particular, the game’s creative and outstanding variety of challenges contributes to its size and game. You receive the editing tools from Portal 2 to create, play, and share your maps. It is one of the best games like It Takes Two to play.

2. Psychonauts 2

Games Like It Takes Two

Psychonauts 2 is the next game on our list of the best games like It Takes Two, and it’s an Xbox Studios exclusive. It won the Golden Joystick for best Xbox game of 2021; hence it is a direct rival. Psychonauts 2 consistently provides chuckles, suspense, and fun gameplay. The game blends a humorous story with an eccentric tone and disruptive objectives. These are the fundamental tenets of platform-adventure gameplay. Simultaneously, the gameplay incorporates a cinematic flair, humor, mystery, and adjustable abilities to combine the story with the gameplay.

You play as the youthful acrobat and psychic Razputing Aquato. You are a member of Psychonauts, a worldwide psychic espionage group. Raz’s ambition was to become a part of the group, but it was less satisfying than he anticipated. Instead, he uncovers a deep plot among the group. He must protect the superspies from the threats that threaten the headquarters. The game has an abundance of distinct landscapes and the ability to enter people’s brains. Raz employs this crucial ability to unearth memories, secrets, and stories. Finally, the quest contains third-party platforming combat using psychic powers, puzzles, and leaping sections. The full goal is to defeat a psychic adversary in combat filled with emotional baggage, vividness, and mad skills.

3. A Way Out

Games Like It Takes Two

It Takes Two caused a sensation for Hazelight Studios, but it is not their first genre-bending title. Their previous title, A Way Out, was similarly a co-op adventure and was not offered as a single-player title. However, it is playable via Remote Play Together on Steam. You play one of two convicts, and the goal is to escape jail. Leo and Vincent are the characters, and they craft an alliance to break out. The plan they create is intricate, so throughout the story, they conduct distinct activities across the jail.

The third-person adventure gameplay evolves into a vibrant, thrilling, action-packed story over time. Each character has a distinct personality and motivation to restore their independence. They must cooperate to solve several obstacles, puzzles, and challenges. Consequently, the gameplay is dynamic and ever-changing. Various game portions involve stealth, melee combat, shooting, driving, fleeing, forming relationships with other convicts, and conducting research. We must add that A Way Out contains mature content and is not a game for children.

4. Ori and The Will of the Wisps

Games Like It Takes Two

The second installment in Microsoft’s original series is one of the generation’s best platformers. It shares crucial elements with It Takes Two, such as a whimsical setting, creative powers, and puzzles requiring expertise. Ori is a little ghost that lives in tranquil woodland. After finding his friends in danger, he embarks on a journey to restore the land and discover his destiny. The setting offers a Metroidvania-inspired 2D platforming adventure with stunning elements. It is a must-have experience for platforming enthusiasts.

The adventure takes you deep into woods and tunnels to meet friends, battle adversaries, and acquire new skills. The studio hand-painted every character and area, resulting in gorgeous settings. The soundtrack is an original symphonic composition that travels beside you. Finally, there is the story, a touching coming-of-age story. As stated previously, this is a Metroidvania-like game. Your new powers and upgrades enable you to visit previously inaccessible map areas. Finally, there is a hub area where all your rescued friends reside, and you may upgrade it to get the site to other areas and skills.

5. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Games Like It Takes Two

Before founding Hazelight Studios, Josef Fares worked at another independent studio, Starbreeze Studios AB. Over a decade ago, he directed Brothers, a rival narrative puzzle platformer. Years later, he continued exploring this game’s ideas with the award-winning co-op. In the older game, two brothers go on a fantasy adventure. Their journey aims to find a cure for their ailing father before it is too late. The emotional experience contains epic moments, magic, self-discovery, suffering, rage, and love. In a sense, the title refers to enduring suffering and danger for the sake of another person.

You control the two brothers in a cooperative single-player experience. Nonetheless, the Nintendo Switch version supports two-player local co-op, with each player controlling a different character. Consequently, each character is controlled using a thumbstick. This provides a unique and extremely tough play experience. Brothers appear to be the spiritual predecessor to It Takes Two. It is a “co-op” emotional platforming adventure where the characters and mechanics are continually developed.

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6. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Games Like It Takes Two

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an excellent option for fans of It Takes Two. Unfortunately, it’s a PlayStation-only title, so if you don’t own a Sony machine, you won’t be able to play it. Consequently, this is a sequel to the PlayStation platformer series LittleBigPlanet. As in the past, the studio provides a family-friendly experience featuring endearing small characters. It lacks serious subjects and complex characters but shines at giving sheer enjoyment and thrilling gameplay mechanics.

You play as Sackboy, the franchise’s mascot. He embarks on a tiny but influential adventure to rescue Craftworld from the evil Vex. The title provides a similar experience to It Takes Two as it blends 3D platforming with puzzles, active combat, and a funny tone. Sackboy is enhanced when played with friends. You can join up to three individuals locally or online. The game’s challenges will adjust according to the number of players; thus, certain challenges will demand collaboration. Despite this, Sackboy is still an entertaining platformer if played alone.

7. Human: Fall Flat

Human Fell Flat is a platforming game with devoted and satisfied fans. This is a puzzle-based physics-based platformer. You play as a customizable avatar named “Bob,” a normal person with no special skills. He is solely capable of grasping and manipulating objects and scaling cliffs. The story takes place in a whimsical world of floating landscapes. Each of the more than 18 dream worlds has environmental challenges, mechanics, different pathways, and puzzles. The general tone is lighthearted, and the gameplay fosters exploration, originality, and resourcefulness. Similarly, the game is open-ended, providing various solutions to puzzles.

The game has an online multiplayer mode to facilitate competition. You can join up to eight individuals to modify the areas and pass through. In addition, you may employ several objects in each area to your advantage, altering the setting and allowing you to solve a problem. For instance, you can move a boulder to create an improvised catapult and use it to launch yourself over a wall. Finally, there is a character creation screen where you may create your head, body, and costumes. Similarly, the Steam Fall Flat Workshop exists. Players can create and share game content (levels, skins, and lobbies).

8. Unravel Two

Take-Two Interactive is currently engaged in a legal dispute with Hazelight over the “Take Two” moniker. However, unravel Two, a game with a similar name and even gameplay mechanics, exists. You may play this game using Steam’s Remote Play feature. Unravel Two is a single-player or local co-op experience. It is an adventure/platformer game in which you play as a “Yarny,” a small magical creature, in a frozen land. The story introduces a setting full of vivacity, energy, platforming, and combat. The aim is to awaken the world around you so that nature can flourish.

This game is best played cooperatively. You can join a local co-op with a friend, but not an online co-op. Nonetheless, if two players are in the group, they must help one another to accomplish several trials and navigate the world. Unravel Two is a beautiful, amusing, and fun game about traversing little natural settings. As the characters improve, the gameplay and the environment grow and develop. It is a story about problem-solving with a whimsical title.

9. Overcooked 2

The sequel to Overcooked is neither a platformer nor a puzzle game. However, if you enjoy the lighthearted fun provided by It Takes Two, this is the best game we can suggest. This life simulation adventure game includes cooking, farming, crafting, and cooperative play. These elements combine to create an interactive culinary game with great humor and endearing characters.

You play in the game as part of a team of cooks in the Onion Kingdom. Up to four players can join your online or sofa co-op session as friends of the chef team. According to the plot, you must save the world from the Unbread’s hunger. That means collaborating (or not) in a cluttered kitchen to achieve objectives. The game can occur on various land, air, and marine maps. You have the opportunity to cook based on the map of each theme, such as sushi restaurants or extraterrestrial worlds. Overall, sharing with family and friends is a fun, friendly, and wholesome experience.

10. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

It’s likely that fans of It Takes Two would like Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury. A Nintendo Switch-exclusive sequel to the Mario 3D platformer for the Wii U. The game has Mario and his friends rescuing adorable fairies from Bowser. However, something occurs after the series’ antagonist has conquered the Sprixie Kingdom. If you’re familiar with the series at all, you’re aware of the type of 2D platforming that this is.

The gameplay is similar to any previous Mario game, but there are numerous unique additions to the genre. For instance, the Super Bell is a power-up that transforms you into a cat, allowing you to scale walls and scratch adversaries. Multiple power-ups are accessible throughout the game. You may play the game either alone or with a group of friends. Up to four players can join locally or online. Each player may select a Mario world character (Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad). Each character possesses a unique ability for varying play styles.

11. We Were Here Together

We Were Here Together is a cooperative puzzle game for two players. It takes players through various hard scenarios and locales reminiscent of escape rooms. The objective is to work moving forward through collaboration. We Were Here, the original game, debuted as a free title. A free sample is available for We Were Here Together, the third part of the series. This more recent installment introduces an original setting, Castle Rock. Well, you must cooperate with a friend to recover your freedom.

You play the role of explorer on a rescue expedition to find your missing crewmates. You begin the game at your camp, where you must plan your quest and debate hints. The journey ultimately takes to the castle while revealing the truth of the character’s mission. The game’s tone is dark, scary, and tense. To add the risk, you and your friend must penetrate a castle using only walkie-talkies. Using third-party audio conversations such as Discord may damage the experience. Overall, Together is about working together to solve puzzles, save NPCs, and progress through a grim plot.

12. Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II is a fascinating and almost terrifying adventure. We choose it because it combines game mechanics with narrative. Specifically, fundamental skills, adversaries, and setting designs complement the game’s grim story. The protagonist of this suspenseful adventure game is a little child living in a warped world. Your guide is Six, a little girl wearing a yellow raincoat. Together, your journey to discover the world’s and Signal Tower’s dark mysteries.

The journey has an abundance of adversaries, puzzles, and secrets. In a 2.5D world, the gameplay features a mix of platforming, puzzles, and combat. Mono can swing from certain items, battle, destroy objects, and sneak through them. Mono must defend Six and work with her to solve puzzles and avoid or kill adversaries. Finally, we must appreciate the game’s quality. Well, the studio is selling the Deluxe Edition, and owners of the original title have access to the update for free. The newest version has 4K graphics, 60-12 fps, ray-tracing, volumetric shadows, enhanced detail, and 3D audio immersion. A 6-core CPU and an Nvidia 2080 / 3060 are required for operation (or a new-gen console).

13. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the most recent PlayStation game in the series. It is one of the best games like It Takes Two. Despite the lack of co-op and shallowness, it is a genre-defining platforming adventure game. Rift Apart uses the PlayStation 5’s processing capabilities to deliver a quick and fluid experience. In-game, Ratchet and Clank become separated in many realities. They must locate one another and thwart Dr. Nefarious. Regarding the player experience, there are no loading screens. The title is capable of immediately displaying different settings for an incredible experience.

Consequently, Rift Apart is a third-person platformer with directed shooting. The design is creative and vibrant, and the tone is loud and explosive. These elements contribute to the game’s ever-improving gameplay experience. The game constantly adds new challenges, puzzles, and story aspects. Players may improve a variety of weapons and gear throughout the game. Both the arsenal and the opponents are vast and varied. Consequently, the gameplay is dynamic and fun. Platforming fans should attempt the Insomniac title if they have a PS5 (this is the difficult part).


This is the list of the best games like It Takes Two that you can play in 2022. If you know of games like It Takes Two, please let us know. And have an excellent day.

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