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How To Fix Vizio TV Smartcast Error Code 2201_1

Do you own a Vizio TV and encounter Smartcast error code 2201_1? This guide contains simple steps to help you fix the error code and resume streaming on your TV. Error code 2201_1 is one of the issues that have plagued the widely-used Vizio TV, which, like Samsung TV, LG TV, and other TVs, has been plagued by bugs. This TV is readily available in a variety of well-known eCommerce shops. Each day, the firm modifies its features, an encouraging indicator that the consumer will receive additional features and amusement. However, if you encounter a problem similar to error 2201_1, this guide will explain what this error code is and what steps would be useful as you work to resolve it.

What Is Smartcast Error Code 2201_1 On Vizio TV?

Smartcast error code 2201_1 on Vizio TV often indicates that Smartcast home is unavailable, and when this error occurs, users cannot access the Vizio suggestions search. The error code 2201_1 indicates a connection problem between your TV and Smartcast Home. Using a TV for entertainment or any other reason is beneficial, but receiving an error code is intolerable. However, don’t panic, as some steps are provided below to eliminate this error and begin error-free streaming or viewing. Let’s identify the productive steps on the journey to fixing this error code 2201_1 on the Vizio TV.

How To Fix Smartcast Error Code 2201_1 On Vizio TV?

This guide contains three methods that will hopefully be fruitful for you.

Check Internet Connection

An unreliable internet connection most likely causes the error code 2201_1. Check and confirm whether this is accurate. If your internet is unreliable, consider switching to a different internet to see if this cures the issue. You can restart your router or perform a power cycle on your internet device to gain a slight internet increase.

Perform A Power Cycle

Restarting your device is one of the most effective ways to fix the Smartcast error code 2201_1. To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below:

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1 – Unplug your TV and all other devices linked to your TV.

2 – Unplug all devices, wait at least 10 minutes, and reconnect all cords to their corresponding devices.

3 – Connect the main cord from the power source.

4 – Turn on your TV and determine whether this helps.

If this fails and the error continues to flicker or come up, proceed to the second method.

Reset TV To Factory Settings

If power cycling your devices does not fix the problem, resetting your device to its factory settings could. Let’s perform the necessary steps for completing this procedure.

1 – First, press the Menu button on your TV remote.

2 – Using the arrow button on your remote, choose the System option, and then press OK.

3 – Select Reset & Admin and press the OK button once again.

4 – Now, choose Reset TV to factory settings and press the OK button again.

5 – After waiting for the TV to turn OFF, restart it to see if the problem has been resolved.

If this method does not offer you a solution, please contact us by email at [email protected] or telephone at (855) 472-8817.


What Does Vizio TV Error Code 2201_1 Indicate?

The error code 2201_1 on your Vizio TV typically indicates a problem with the Smartcast’s indication to the Vizio server. This indicates that neither Smartcast home nor the Vizio suggestions search is now accessible.

How To Fix Smartcast Error Code 2201_1?

Check your internet connection and reboot your devices to fix this error code. If this does not resolve the issue, reset your TV to factory settings.

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We hope you have discovered the proper fix for the Vizio TV Smartcast error code 2201_1!

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