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19+ Best Video Metadata Editor Software To Try

Currently, video metadata is extremely sensitive because of the political and corporate climate sensitivity. Using free video metadata editor software, you may edit video tags and manipulate video data to protect it from various dangers. The video tag tells information about the video, such as the title, production date, location, and various descriptors. During the creation process, you must include a video tag if you want to add useful information to your copyright. Using the same method, you may also post your video to numerous video hosting services, such as YouTube. However, many websites do not offer this option; thus, metadata video editor software is the best way to supply video tags.

How To Easily Edit The Metadata Of A Video?

The metadata of a video file contains vital information. It aids in collection organization. Users of Windows may edit movie files using File Explorer. Windows media player 12 is an exceptional tool for changing the information of media files. It allows you to change a variety of relevant episodes, titles, and keyword information.

Edit Metadata With Windows Media Player

1 – Launch Windows Media Player and load a video file.

2 – Select the “Library” tab and click on the player’s right-hand Switch to Library button.

3 – Right-click the file whose meta you wish to change and select the edit button.

4 – Enter the necessary metadata and hit Enter. If you select several files, all specified files will be edited.

5 – If the change does not take change immediately, select the Organize Tab > Apply Media Information Change option.

How To Easily Embed Meta To Video?

Metadata is secret data connected to video files. Metadata linked with files has grown significantly in recent years since it tells the search engine of the original data. For example, ensure the movie clip’s copyright status, including the music file, artist, song, copyright holders, and contract information. If your file has no metadata, no one will know who you are or what you intend to say. Finally, the absence of metadata generates fewer income-generating prospects. You have two options for embedding MP4 meta information. For instance.

1. Automatics

Using paid or open metadata editor software, you may add meta information to any video. In addition, you can change the data to meet your needs. This article recommends a few of the best editors.

2. Manual

You may add metadata to any video using the manual process. The process is far simpler than you anticipated. Let’s start.

1 – Select the video to which you wish to add or change metadata.

2 – Select attributes by right-clicking the video file

3 – Navigate to the Details tab to select the Property and Value columns.

4 – Now, enter the metadata into the six categories: description, video, audio, media, origin, content, and file.

Storing And Retrieving

Metadata functions as an index for all types of media files. It tells the genre, creation date, and intent. Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix are examples of platforms that select and propose content using machine learning algorithms based on metadata.

Meta information is formatted according to the popular ISO standard Extensible metadata platform (XMP). It is the organization’s responsibility to define the information to be retrieved to create a proper XMP framework. It will ensure that video creators/editors/professionals provide the correct information.

Data retrieval from the Media library database is based on XML data. Media libraries employ XML data to ensure the quality of their video assets. Therefore, bulk editing of XMP meta tags is crucial in the manual cataloging and indexing process.

How To Easily Upload YouTube Video Metadata?

You may submit video files with customized metadata. I want to share my outstanding experience. We are aware that the YouTube Video file includes both videos and thumbnails. For effective video SEO, you must include both customized videos and pictures. Click the video, then navigate to its attributes. You must give or change all meta information on the details tab and submit the change. You will change the image’s meta information in the same manner.

19+ Best Video Metadata Editor Software

To ensure your security and safety or conceal your identity, you must edit video and audio metadata with the assistance of certain tools. First, it will assist you in editing your video tag. Then, this article will review some of the best Windows 10 file editing tools for movie metadata. We will also attempt to cover free Mac, Linux, and internet software.

1. MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor

Video Metadata Editor Software

The MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor is another capable video metadata reader that may be used to make a professional YouTube video. It is expensive software; however, a free trial is available. Due to the software’s commercial nature, video tag editing will be perfect. After properly inserting the tag, it is simple to locate, browse, and search. Manually and automatically, you may edit and add metadata to a movie. 3D Elite’s MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor is a great tool.


1 – Cover arts are managed by the MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor.

2 – It contains robust search features and a library.

3 – MP4 files can be renamed in bulk.

4 – You may edit all metadata atoms.

5 – This software supports Unicode characters.


1 – This software is fantastic for audio and video tagging.

2 – It supports multiple file files.


1 – The MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor are not free to use.

2 – Only Windows 10 may be used to edit video metadata.

3 – The user interface could be more intuitive.

2. OpenShot

Video Metadata Editor Software

OpenShot is an award-winning video editing software that can accurately edit your movie’s metadata. The software’s elegant and uncluttered user interface will captivate you. It’s a desktop operating system that supports most computer types, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and other PCs. Regarding metadata editing, it is simple to use and quick to master.


OpenShot is a collection of the best MP4 metadata editing tools. Therefore, it offers several features that will attract you. Several crucial components are included below.

Cross-platform – The OpenShot metadata editor software is compatible with all operating systems. For instance, if you begin a project with Windows 10, you may complete it on a Mac or Linux project.

Supports All Kinds Of Video And Audio Files – You must make content from numerous sources before creating the video. For instance, an image, an audio clip, and a video may be required. Regardless of the situation, it supports all types of files to make a stunning video.

Keyframe Animation – You may add endless animation frames to your video. The frame may be sculpted, linear, or constant.

Drag And Drop Support – OpenShot’s free MP4 metadata editor integrates well with desktop apps. To edit your video tag, you may drag & drop any file with ease.

Unlimited Layer – Your video may add the addition of several portions. This metadata video file editor software allows you to add several layers of photos, videos, and audio clips.

Clip Resizing – OpenShot enables you to resize a clip by trimming, chopping, and snapping. As a result, you may quickly adjust the location of many video components.

Real-time Preview – Decide whether or not to add movie metadata. This software may transition gradually from one clip to the next. Over 400 transitions with real-time previews are available in OpenShot.

Image Overlay And Watermark – You must put the image in a distinct location when creating a video. To make the video more distinctive, you may put a watermark. It will introduce your work to the media. This tool can assist with the entirety of this process.

Title Template – OpenShot provides over 40 title templates to do your project. Use the in-built editor to adjust the text color of your title.

3D Animation – Using the OpenShot video tag generator software, you may make 3D animation. It allows you to create over 20 distinct types of animated videos. In addition, you may adjust the color size, text length, and render attributes.

Advanced Timeline – This free metadata movie editor features an advanced timeline for video editing, allowing you to create an excellent project. Hair will receive several features, including scaling, drag-and-drop, zooming, panning, and snapping.

Frame Accuracy – When editing your video tag, you may customize the frame accuracy of your video. You may use your keyboard to enhance the structure of your project’s frame.

Time Mapping – OpenShot enables you to create and decelerate time. You can reverse the video’s direction. This advanced video metadata editing software allows changing and animate of media manually.

Audio Editing – OpenShot contains built-in Equalizer software for audio editing, which gives your video the desired impact. You can easily divide and combine your project work.

Digital Video Effect – OpenShot’s video editing software permits the addition of several digital effects. For example, this powerful metadata movie editor allows you to adjust the color characteristics.

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1 – OpenShot is free. 

2 – It supports all available platforms.

3 – Numerous editing options are provided.


1 – Users have complained about the OpenShot user interface.

2 – The user needs advanced abilities to make the perfect video and edit metadata.

3. VLC Media Player

Video Metadata Editor Software

Everyone will recognize the VLC media player. It is the most prominent media player for playing audio and video files. However, it contains numerous hidden features that we need to be aware of. It is among the finest MP3 cutters and joiners working with audio data. Which is the best open source video metadata editing software for editing the video tag? The VLC media player supports all platforms and is open source.


1 – The VLC media player is the most popular player and playback engine.

2 – This software allows you to convert videos, download web videos, record your screen, and edit MP4 metadata.

3 – Customizing your metadata is completely free.


1 – The movie metadata editor of VLC Media Player is extremely customizable and user-friendly.

2 – This software is free. 

3 – This video editing and media player software allow you to add video tags without technical expertise.


1 – VLC Media Player is not an expert video file metadata editor software.

2 – You will not receive technical help.

4. Avidemux MP4 Metadata Editor

Video Metadata Editor Software

Avidemux is an outstanding software for editing video tags and metadata. This software is open and supports several platforms. Simple cutting, filtering, and encoding are a few of its many attractive features. Additional potent features include a task queue, automated projects, and potent scripting capabilities.


1 – It supports scripting functionality.

2 – This software is available for free usage.


1 – The free Avidemux metadata video editor optimizes a few features.

2 – Certain features require more work to use.

5. abcAVI Tag Editor

Video Metadata Editor Software

abcAVI Tag Editor is an additional top-tier video editor for the Windows 10 operating system. This free tool may be used to add metadata to multiple videos. You may modify current video tags using this metadata according to your needs. For example, you may modify the artist, album, track, information, comments, language, and anything else you choose. It may be a terrific tool for the newbie video editor.

6. VSDC Free Video Editor

Video Metadata Editor Software

VSDC Free Video Editor is an additional tool for modifying metadata and video tag. This video metadata editor software is accessible and free to use. You will have several options, including video file merging, video effect addition, and image correction. This software may be perfect if you want to make an audio clip slideshow.


1 – VSDC Free Video Editor and make a data editor are versatile.

2 – The technique is meant to fast conserve output.

3 – It is inexpensive because there is no cost.

4 – VSDC may be used as screen recording software.

5 – Numerous suggestions from publications such as CNET and PC advisor are acknowledged.


1 – There are free and paid VSDC Free Video Tag Editor alternatives.

2 – It supports nearly all common video formats.


1 – There are several restrictions on the free version.

2 – The free option lacks any advanced configuration settings.

7. MetaDoctor

Video Metadata Editor Software

MetaDoctor (Mac) is a Mac-based video editor software for metadata. Commonly known as an MP4 tag editor, it permits the editing and updating an endless amount of metadata for the movie file. If you enjoy editing with iMovie or iTunes, you may use this Mac MP4 editor. In addition, you may add a video tag using the Mac Operating System.

8. MyMeta MP4 Metadata Editing Tool

Video Metadata Editor Software

A video metadata viewer for YouTubers and video creators is MyMeta. This tool for adding metadata to video files is compatible with the Windows 10 operating platform. It can link many databases to collect information about video tag tags.,, and are databases that serve as examples.

9. TagSpaces

Video Metadata Editor Software

TagSpaces is an exceptional video file editor for the Macintosh Operating System. This software allows you to add any video tag and personalize your information. This software is both free and entertaining to use. You should not worry about copyright concerns. A paid edition of this software also has more features than the free version.

10. MP4 Auto Tag

Video Metadata Editor Software

MP4 Auto Tag is an additional top video tag editor for Mac computers. Using this meta-tool, you may rapidly add and modify video tags and metadata. This software is free to use; however, there is no authorized website to obtain video metadata editor software. Therefore, you must rely on third-party software if you wish to work on it.

11. Lightworks

Lightworks is a cross-platform video and audio file metadata editor since it is compatible with all operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It is a professional, nonlinear video editor that supports various formats, including 4K. You may add real-world effects, edit in Multicam mode, input multiple files, and output directly to YouTube or Vimeo. Lightworks is a professional video editor app that takes a high degree of skill.


FFMPEG is an advanced app for editing metadata and video tags. If you prefer to use the command line between Windows quality tools, use this video metadata editor software. Your selection modifies the video tag on the command line. However, the process is quite complex and convoluted. Therefore, you need to have expert-level knowledge to add movie metadata.

13. Any Audio Converter

Any Audio Converter is my second option for Windows 10 video metadata editing. This software is compatible with Mac OS and Windows OS for inserting a video tag. You can use the free trial to evaluate the performance of the paid software. This software features a user-friendly interface to attract the general public and convert audio and video into several formats.

14. Video Soft Dev Converter

Video Soft Dev Converter is a powerful and feature-rich video metadata editor software for Windows 10. 32bit and 64bit versions may be used without issue. This software is extremely active for post-production and has numerous effects. It is the best software for video capture that supports numerous file formats. Unfortunately, Video Soft Dev Converter is unavailable for free usage or modification.

15. Jaikoz

Jaikoz (MAC) is another useful app for editing movie metadata and tags on a Mac. Because of its superior processing capabilities, you can organize and manage thousands of video and audio files. This software, like MyMeta, uses an internet database to get information and add a video tag. The Jaikoz software is a paid product; however, a free trial is available.

16. 4Media Video Editor 2

The Mac operating system uses 4Media Video Editor 2 as a tag editor. However, the software is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. 4Media Video Editor 2 allows you to edit metadata easily and add a video tag. Unfortunately, this MP4 metadata editor cannot process high-quality video, and the pricing needs to be more satisfactory.

17. MKVToolNix

MKVToolNix is one of the best open source video metadata and video tag editing software for Mac that offers a variety of features. It needs to be configurable and user-friendly for sophisticated users. I want to call free attention to the open source function, which may be used without cost or limitation. The limitation is the requirement for advanced expertise.

18. TigoTago

TigoTago is among the best video file metadata editor software options for the Windows operating system, allowing you to edit your video tag. It allows you to edit the album, track, type, artist, and title information, among others. It includes transcoding, lossless splitting, and lossless conversion between MP4, ape, FLAC, etc. In addition, TigoTago supports several languages and file formats for your convenience.

19. Metadata2Go is the best online editor and viewer for video metadata. It will be shown if your audio or video file has hidden metadata. You may acquire movie metadata information without installing the software with minimal effort. This online tool supports 15 features, such as file type extension, modification date, file size, megapixel, image height, and bits per sample.

20. MetatOGGer

MetatOGGer is a tag editor that assists movie producers in producing better videos. Using a plugin, you may rename the tag of your audio and video files. It can be performed manually or automatically, based on your choice. MetatOGGer (Tag Editor) is offered in both English and French. This free software supports the Windows cost platform. This editing MP4 metadata is just 25 MB in size.


Your creative creations must be safeguarded. The best approach to prevent piracy is through editing video metadata. Notify us if any video metadata editor software needs to be added to our list.

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