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14+ Best Video Calling App For Online Conference Class

Because of covid-19, online classes have grown increasingly popular. As a teacher and student, you must engage using a compatible video conferencing app. This post will provide the 14+ best video calling app options for PCs in 2022. In the case of Covid, the popularity of video chat apps has grown significantly. People use mobile video chat apps and PC-to-PC calling apps for video conferencing, online classes, and business conference cooperation. Our research aims to identify the 14+ best video calling software for Windows and other PCs.

What Exactly Is Video Conferencing Software?

Video confirmation software is a mobile or computer app for communicating with many individuals. People use it for meetings and conferences for remote communication. During the covid-19 circumstance, nearly all educational institutions employ free video conferencing software for online classes. However, there are restrictions on the free version. For instance, you might limit the number of attendees or the time of the event.

14+ Best Video Calling App For Online Conference Class

Here, a video chatting app for PC indicates that it is compatible with nearly all devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, smart TV, and mobile phones. We will concentrate on apps for sluggish Internet connections. However, a solid and reliable Internet connection will provide extra benefits.

1. Facebook Video Chat

Video Calling App

Facebook’s app for video chatting is quite secure. The data is encrypted so no one may view your video without your permission. However, Facebook can view your data at any time. When you grant access to an unknown third party, they can view your Facebook profile. However, if your Facebook ID is compromised, your video cannot be viewed because Facebook does not save videos for future videos. Facebook video chat is extremely secure unless your companion records and distributes it.


1 – Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and its site offers video calling possibilities.

2 – Click the video call button in the chat area to connect with your friends on your Android or iOS mobile device.

3 – The option to use mobile data or Wi-Fi data is available.

4 – You can now connect up to 50 people for group calls.

5 – The Facebook Messenger app may integrate FaceTime and Google Hangout.

6 – There’s no calling time limit for connecting 50 people.

7 – The maximum video size allowed as an attachment is 25 megabytes.

2. Skype

Video Calling App

Skype is one of the most cost-free video calling apps available for computers, desktops, tablets, cellphones, and other electronic devices. Nearly every country in the world uses this free telecommunications software.


1 – Skype is the most popular free app for video calling.

2 – It notifies their linked friends of their online state.

3 – This video calling app is available on almost all smartwatches and Xbox consoles.

4 – Its instant messaging service has grown increasingly well-known.

5 – During the past 17 years, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and IOS operating systems have been supported.

6 – More than 41 million people use apps daily, and more than 100 million use them monthly.

7 – Skype on a hybrid client-server and peer-to-peer system.

8 – This video calling app allows eight to twenty-five people to share their computer screens simultaneously.

9 – The chat interface now has a blurred backdrop and uses artificial intelligence features.

3. Google Hangout

Video Calling App

Google’s best cross-platform video calling software is Google Hangout. Following the year 2013, this product replaced Google+. Messenger and Google Talk. Google Chat also replaced Google Hangout in 2000. Hangout supports devices.


1 – At least two users can join in a chat.

2 – A Google Mail account is required to use the service on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

3 – Your chat log is stored online.

4 – During your chat, you can share photographs that are instantly saved to your account.

5 – This video calling app supports between 5 and 25 concurrent users for online classes, meetings, and gossip.

6 – This video chat app is not allowed in Argentina, China, Cuba, Egypt, Ghana, etc., among other countries.

4. IMO Messenger

Video Calling App

IMO is one of the best PC and Android video calling apps for sluggish Internet connections. It is identical to other PC video messaging apps. The IMO webpage has a download link for Android, Windows, iOS, and MAC PC. The Windows app is just 11.4 MB in size.


1 – IMO is appropriate for communicating voice, text, and expressions.

2 – Like Facebook, you may share your narrative with photographs, text, and videos.

3 – You may transmit up to 10 GB of video PDFs and audio files.

4 – For sluggish Internet connections, IMO is particularly effective.

5 – To meet people, you may join or establish any large group with a shared interest.

6 – The user’s profile may be customized with a music video backdrop, a bio, and other elements.

7 – IMO receives a level. The longer you remain signed in, the higher your level will be and the more fun and experience you will get.

8 – Installing IMO on Windows 10 is as simple as on a mobile device.

9 – IMO lacks security features comparable to WhatsApp and Google Hangout.

5. Line

Video Calling App

Line is one of the best PC apps for video calling. It is constantly accessible, costless, and extremely free. You can deliver the message one-to-one and group everything you like. Moreover, there is no time limit on the free international video call availability.


1 – Line offers more than 10,000 stickers to its users.

2 – You may share photographs, videos, and your location.

3 – In addition to messaging features, it may be used as a news platform.

4 – Your images and videos may be used to make your timeline.

5 – OpenChat is available for select countries, including Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

6. Viber Messenger

Video Calling App

Globally, Viber is a free and quick voice and video chatting app. This secure app is the top option for billions of users. Free text messaging is available, and the voice quality is absolutely clear. This cross-platform voice over IP app requires a mobile phone number to connect and register.


1 – Viber is an app for all devices.

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2 – The Israeli company Viber media released it in 2010, and the Japanese company Rakuten acquired control of this top cross-platform video calling app.

3 – Viber has offices in 15 cities, including London, San Francisco, Singapore, Manila, Minsk, Moscow, and Paris.

7. Tango

We want to introduce another messaging app called Tango. This video calling app is compatible with both Windows and Android. You can make voice calls, video calls, text messages, and play games, among other things. It is also a B2B live video broadcasting platform. Tango supports several languages, including Hindi, Turkey, Spaniel, Russian, and English.


1 – Tango is an app for displaying talents such as singing, dancing, cuisine, and gaming, among others.

2 – Here, you will have fun and make money for free.

3 – Your live feed may be embellished with filters.

4 – Voice and video chat rooms are available to all your friends.

5 – The chat may be made both public and private.

8. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is recommended if you want to use a free HD video calling app with 100 users. This American firm specializes in web conferencing and video conferencing apps. It is used for commercial objectives and minimizes expenditures and labor.


1 – Team communication, online training management, and video conferencing are a few features Cisco Webex offers.

2 – You may get it for your Windows pc or install it on your mobile device.

3 – It works nicely with other apps like Outlook, Google Drive, Gmail, Github, Office 365, and others.

4 – Cisco goods are not free; they must be purchased.

9. Zalo

Zalo is another popular voice-chatting app. The app is the industry leader in video conferencing and voice chatting. This voice app is compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G networks. In addition to Screen snipping and annotation, this site provides a high level of privacy. Furthermore, file transfer is expedited and simplified.


1 – Zalo enables the effortless sending of group communications.

2 – Voice and video calls are possible.

3 – You may express your emotions using emoticons and stickers.

4 – The Android app for Zalo is quite popular.

5 – You will quickly make local friends.

10. Messenger

Messenger for Windows 10 is designed for close connections on a large screen. Almost all of us use Facebook’s excellent app. This video calling app allows for multitasking. Chatting and typing have become simpler. It is free, and the video quality is of good caliber.


1 – Messenger for Windows 10 will support large-screen displays.

2 – The messenger is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows OS.

3 – This Facebook app makes unlimited free video and phone calls more comfortable.

4 – There are no restrictions on transmitting videos and messages.

5 – You may conduct meetings and share your screen with full video and calling features.

11. WeChat

WeChat is one of China’s best PC file, text, and image messaging apps. In addition to the Windows app, mobile devices are supported. Currently, it is regarded as one of the best standalone file-sharing apps. Furthermore, you can easily use WeChat for text messaging, video conferencing, sharing your location, and sharing photos.


1 – The WeChat Chinese app is available in English.

2 – To register, a mobile phone number is required.

3 – Text and file transmission are quite simple.

4 – You cannot use the WeChat Windows messaging app without a cell number.

5 – None of the audio and video functionalities are supported.

12. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best voice and text messaging apps with encryption. This chat app enables highly protected video conferencing. It is free for all users across the world. You may use WhatsApp business if you are a businessman.


1 – WhatsApp is a simple, trustworthy, and secure messaging app.

2 – It may be installed on Mac, Windows, and Android devices.

3 – Unlike other social media platforms, WhatsApp is extremely secure.

4 – It is not compatible with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

5 – WhatsApp online is one of the best PC apps for video calling.

13. TokBox

TokBox is another San Francisco-based Platform as a service video conferencing software service provider. This enterprise messaging app is integrated by many businesses. The majority of small business CRM software seeks to integrate this software.


1 – Numerous firms need TokBox as a dependable and secure communication platform.

2 – It is compliant with HIPAA.

3 – TokBox is currently a subsidiary of Vonage.

14. Vsee

Vsee is another necessary low-bandwidth best PC video calling software. It is one of the best screen-sharing software apps for group video chat. Multiple places can chat in real-time. You may view both the participant’s video face and their screen at the same time. Only 50 kbps is required for real-time communication.


1 – Vsee is a safe and user-friendly video conferencing app for users with sluggish internet connections.

2 – It is encrypted using a 256-bit AES military-grade encryption system.

3 – It enables group chats for up to twenty people.

4 – You will appreciate the remote camera control and extra camera support.

5 – Group and individual video chats are possible during a video chat.

15. Ekiga

In our daily lives, we appreciate having a GNU General Public License. When it is VOIP software, we are content. Ekiga is software that brings us joy. Using this popular video conferencing app, we can communicate. Ekiga was once presented as GnomeMeeting for Microsoft Windows and GNOME. This VOIP app was a client of Ubuntu until October 2009, when it was replaced by Empathy. This messaging app offers audio and video codecs of excellent quality.


1 – Ekiga has an intuitive graphical user interface.

2 – You may make free video and audio calls using this software.

3 – With this GNU app, you may make calls with HD audio quality.

4 – It is compatible with both Windows and Linux.


Multitasking is possible when we use a PC app for chatting instead of a mobile app. Extra PC features are beneficial for chatting. Which is the best PC video calling app? Please comment to notify us.

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