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19+ Best USB Port Lock Software You Can Use

Due to the availability of flash drives and portable disks, data protection has become risky. If you’re not in front of your computer, your friends or coworkers may steal information from it. Even if there is no one to execute the annoying tasks, you will still feel tension while operating the computer. USB Port Lock Software is a boon to the type of crucial workers that feel the tension of protecting data. It has allowed for a life without stress. In addition, a USB drive locker provides security, privacy, and convenience.

How To Easily Secure Your Data?

Data is the most vital aspect of every organization. A person’s intellectual property consists of a file’s data. If the data is managed, you may retain power. However, it will be significantly less secure because of computer use. To prevent such a catastrophe, you should lock your folder or disable the USB drive. The Internet connection might also pose a threat to the security of your data. It is possible that your folder is locked and your USB drive is disabled, but your internet connection is active. All of your data may be transmitted by email. Therefore, you must disable your USB drive, lock your folder, disable Bluetooth, share it, and use any other file transfer software. You should also examine the usage of the mail and the Internet. Please remember that your data is your most valuable asset; therefore, losing it means losing all of your data. Among the methods for protecting data are:

Protect Individual File

For personal or professional use, we often type on office equipment. You may protect a password for each office app. Microsoft office package security protection is so robust that an average user cannot recover your writing. If you believe you have viewed your file, you may use the hassle-free tool for free.

Protect Folder By Folder Lockers

Several shrewd computer users use the Password Protect Folder Software for Windows and macOS. If a password protects the folder, it will be placed in the safe zone.

Protect Data By Basic Features Of Windows

Windows is among the best-operating systems for data security. You may block all USB devices from “Device Manager” on the system. The disadvantage is that it will automatically block all USB ports. Therefore, you should go to the next.

Protect By Programming Or Coding

The goal of this sentence is to convey the notion that the USB port may be locked by programming. This idea is for sophisticated users. First, however, we should follow the best USB lock software and the following ways.

Protect By Disconnecting The Internet, Bluetooth, And Other File-sharingSoftware 

These are the humorous options for data protection. Unfortunately, using these methods necessitates repeatedly locking your computer (Windows Key+L). An example would be head surgery for headaches. Therefore, we need to use USB security software to protect the data.

Protect By USB Lockers

This is the best course of solution that we should follow. Our talk focuses on USB security software, which protects your data and gives a tailored solution.

19+ Best USB Port Lock Software You Can Use

USB Port Lock Software is a program that prevents unauthorized users from accessing your computer’s USB port. However, you may control access with a password or the administration panel. The USB lock software is handy for high-profile businesses, technically proficient individuals, government security agencies, educators, and others who require a high level of security. Today, we will give the best 19+ USB Port Lock Software to protect the privacy and security of your precious data.

1. SysTools USB Blocker

USB Port Lock Software

If you are looking for a paid Windows-based USB drive locker, we recommend SysTools USB Blocker. Because it is a tried-and-true and widely-used USB locking software. It is able to block and unblock USB ports on Windows-based devices. This USB blocker can also perform the same operation on many systems simultaneously.


1 – The SysTools USB Blocker allows you to block and unblock all USB ports on any user device.

2 – Before performing, a login and password are required. There are additional options. If you need to remember your password, connect by email.

3 – This USB port lock software is extremely user-friendly, so you don’t need to be a computer expert.

4 – When a password is required, you can unlock any of the ports.

5 – This is paid software, but you can use it for free for 30 days.

2. ManageEngine Device Control Plus

USB Port Lock Software

We strongly recommend Device Control Plus if you are searching for a feature-rich, reasonably priced, and user-friendly device control and data protection app. You can control USB and various peripheral devices, lock down ports, and manage data access comprehensively. It is suitable for all organizations, is easy to install, and provides a complete device and file security.


1 – It identifies 18+ device types automatically.

2 – Devices can be categorized as prohibited, permitted, or trusted.

3 – You may create and adjust devices’ comprehensive file viewing and transfer policies.

4 – It remotely monitors all file systems throughout the network to prevent data loss, viruses, and illegal operations.

5 – You will receive immediate warnings and comprehensive information to monitor in monitoring and securing your organization’s data.

6 – Get a 30-day trial with unlimited features for free.

3. USB Block

USB Port Lock Software

Again, we suggest blocking USB devices using protection software if you wish to prevent a data leak. Yes, I am providing the USB block’s name. This fantastic software protects data loss from USB ports, CD-ROMs, and other sources.


1 – Using the USB block software, you may identify which external devices are friends and which are foes, reducing the likelihood of intellectual property theft.

2 – This USB port lock software will alert you if someone attempts to steal your photographs, files, or papers. Because it provides an audit trail and tracks failed password attempts.

3 – This theft-resistant software offers a stress-free working environment.

4 – It is a Windows-based software that requires Windows XP or a later operating system version.

4. NetSoftwares USB Block

USB Port Lock Software

NewSoftwares USB Block is the best USB lock software that we would like to recommend. It is an outstanding software that protects the theft of your data via an external drive. This software prevents your close relatives from gaining safe access to your computer. It may also generate a whitelist that allows you to provide access to your favorite USB drives.


1 – You can use this USB port lock software if you must work with sensitive files.

2 – It has the flexibility to authorize access to a subset of USB drives.

3 – For approving someone, the password must be provided. It has increased an already high level of security.

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4 – Never trust anyone in the digital world, so that you can count the number of incorrect password attempts on your system.

5 – To live a stress-free digital life, you must use a USB locker such as NetSoftware’s USB Block.

5. USB Safeguard

USB Port Lock Software

It is a portable USB lock software that protects unwanted access to USB drives from external threats by using a secure AES 256-bit key. It safeguards your data from external drives, USB memory cards, flash drives, and SSD cards. USB Safeguard is capable of protecting all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. USB Safeguard is a shareware program, but the pro version offers additional protection features.


1 – This USB port lock software has no back door and is completely portable.

2 – You can provide access to anyone with a password, but removing the USB drive locks the user out of the system.

3 – It operates straight from your hard drive, so installation is not required.

4 – This software is compatible with all operating systems.

5 – It requires a least 4 GB of RAM, while 8 GB is recommended.

6. BuduLock

USB Port Lock Software

BuduLock is a free folder and USB drive locker software for Windows. It prohibits illegal access to any flash or external drive without a valid password. BuduLock doesn’t disable the external flash drive but disables access to the port. It is compatible with all Windows operating system versions.


1 – Mouse click picture cost creates software more effectively on the Windows platform.

2 – This USB port lock software may be downloaded free and securely.

3 – Both the folder and USB port are functioning.

4 – The owner, by a password, protects it.

5 – It is possible to encrypt and decode the password.

6 – Finally, it is a robust technique to prevent the theft of your data via data theft.

7. Endpoint Protector Device Control

USB Port Lock Software

Data loss prevention (DLP) is important to the organization and the brain. Endpoint Protector Device Control is among the best USB Port Lock Software solutions for ensuring DLP. It’s a high-level app that monitors, manages, and blocks the transfer of sensitive data via email, USB drives, and computer apps that transfer data. Network administrators are strongly encouraged to use this USB lock app to avoid the risk of data loss.


1 – Content-aware protection regulates, monitors, and blocks data transfer.

2 – It supports Content and Context Scanning, File Tracing and Shadowing, Blacklists and Whitelists, and Reports and Analysis.

3 – It has experience with USB and peripheral port control.

4 – This USB locker encrypts, manages, and protects USB storage using complex master and user passwords.

5 – On-Premise Data Loss poses a threat to Cloud-based Data Loss, yet data protection is effective for both.

8. Gilisoft USB Lock

USB Port Lock Software

Your data is a valuable asset. However, you always worry about the security of your data since it may be accessed by any external means, such as computer sharing, USB drive, flash drive, CD/DVD, Android phone, iPhone, and any other external means. Gilisoft USB is a professional software capable of resolving this issue. After enabling the software, college students may share their computers without reluctance or tension with their friends. There are both a free and a paid version.


1 – Gilisoft USB Lock prevents reading and writing access to an external drive or CD drive.

2 – It is possible to create a whitelist of trusted devices.

3 – You can block any website you do not wish to access.

4 – It may block any program from synchronizing your data, including Dropbox, AIM, Outlook, and AOL.

5 – Gilisoft USB Lock delivers all computer reports, including access denied, access granted, and the machine’s whitelist.

6 – It can disable the printer, modem, Bluetooth, and any other sharing system.

9. USB Write Protect

USB Port Lock Software

Suppose you discover that a critical file on your computer has been altered without your knowledge. You may be in danger due to the bothersome activities. USB Write Protect software protects against such threats. It is a lightweight, free app that prevents unintended file transfer. In addition, this USB lock software prohibits the transfer or reception of data from external drives.


1 – The USB Write Protect software stops the erasure of files unintentionally.

2 – Unauthorized users will be unable to access your computer.

3 – Because it is password-protected software, you may control or alter it at any moment.

4 – It disables the autorun function of computers to prevent the spread of infections.

5 – USB Write Protect supports all versions of the Windows operating system.

10. Netwrix USB Blocker

USB Port Lock Software

If you require an Endpoint Security Solution to protect your data against unauthorized use of USB drives, you may use the Netwrix USB Blocker software. You may use free and paid versions of this USB port lock software. This software blocks unwanted access and safeguards data against risk.


1 – Netwrix USB Blocker protects against digital theft of data.

2 – It has constructed the data security system.

3 – This free software can only be used for twenty days.

11. Phrozen Safe USB

USB Port Lock Software

Phrozen Safe USB is among the most effective USB blocker software and might be one of your most effective productivity tools. If you connect an external drive to your PC, your computer might be infected anytime. Therefore, this lightweight software can protect you against self-destruction. In addition, this USB port lock software is simple, requiring only a few clicks to disable any USB drive.


1 – Phrozen Safe USB is among the best USB port lock software for Windows users.

2 – Due to the software’s portability, it does not leave any traces in the Windows registry.

3 – Due to its exceptional interface, it can be used with no effort.

4 – This app may be used to encrypt a file for more security without requiring much computer skills.

5 – There is no observable disadvantage to using the software for free.

12. NomeSoft USB Guard

We can recommend little, cost-free USB lock software. This software is known as NomeSoft USB Guard. It also provides a stress-free digital existence. This USB port lock software is handy for anyone who wishes to prevent illegal access to external devices. It also stops autorun, preventing the virus from spreading automatically.


1 – NomeSoft USB Guard can prevent data transfer and activate the read-only mode.

2 – It is an extremely lightweight program that does not affect CPU performance. Certain large software can use more space on your hard drive, activate the processor more, and happen the CPU temperature.

3 – It supports Windows XP to Windows 10 operating systems.

13. USBDeview

There is sometimes a question that someone is attempting to access my computer using a USB drive or is copying data. USBDeview the definitive response to this question. This software will give you a historical report on your USB drive. The report will include the date of USB usage, the model number, and the name of the USB devices.

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1 – USBDeview allows you to activate, disable, and disconnect the connected device simultaneously.

2 – It is an adaptable software for generating reports.

3 – This USB port lock software is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, both 32 and 64-bit.

4 – USBDeview features an additional advantageous function that helps users to properly disconnect connected USB devices, hence protecting the USB disk drive.

14. USB Disk Manager

The USB Disk Manager is another crucial USB Port Lock Software we wish to explore. It contains all the security features necessary to protect against unauthorized access to your data. The USB Disk Manager protects you from any data theft danger. Moreover, it also guarantees digital comfort.


1 – USB Disk Manager protects writing to your USB drive.

2 – By prohibiting USB drives, your intellectual property is protected.

3 – It can disable the reading and writing capabilities of all types of USB drives.

4 – It can protect your system by disabling autorun features.

5 – USB Disk Manager fully conceals the USB drive from your PC, preventing unauthorized users from accessing the external storage drive.

15. USB Shutter

The USB Shutter is the ultimate computer data protection device. If you desire a stress-free work atmosphere, you should select these USB lockers because your best friend/colleague might, at any point, become your worst adversary. Furthermore, in the business sector, you should not trust anyone. Therefore, you should use folder/USB locking software such as USB Shutter.


1 – USB Shutter is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.

2 – It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

3 – This USB port lock software allows control over the USB port.

4 – It is also a security tool for Windows-based computers.

5 – We received relatively few referrals when writing this post, which is a problem.

16. URC Access Modes

Well, the folder and USB lock software URC Access Modes is a comprehensive data security package. This USB security lock tool prevents data theft from your personal or business computer. This software can manage your USB peripherals, including your keyboard and mouse.


1 – URC Access Modes are free.

2 – It supports all Windows operating system versions from XP to Windows 10.

3 – It is possible to enable or disable all USB ports.

4 – You may also adjust the USB port’s permissions for reading and writing.

5 – It is an effective method for combating infections on USB drives.

6 – This USB port lock software is user-easy, portable, and protected by a password.

7 – You can enable/disable the command prompt (cmd.exe) and terminate other users’ control.

8 – It also helps to conceal folders you don’t wish to be seen.

17. RegEdit

RegEdit is among the best USB locks for Windows 10. Windows 10 provides a graphical interface for managing authorized users and permission to make changes. However, your file may be lost due to inattentive users or unintentional deletion; thus, access is restricted to high-level users.


1 – Type “RegEdit” in the Windows 10 search box. You’ll obtain the RegEdit Windows app.

2 – You can download and run the Regedit.exe system.

3 – Besides Windows 10, the older version supports the RegEdit software.

4 – The Windows 10 USB lock software is restricted to advanced users such as system administrators.

18. Pen Drive Locker/Unlocker

Everyone is familiar with the moniker Pen Drive Locker/Unlocker. It is an exceptional security tool for the general public to protect data from unauthorized users. For this user, both sides are available. This means you can block illegal devices to protect you against unforeseen viruses. Alternatively, you can protect external devices by removing no data from your computer. This is known as read-only mode.


1 – You must use caution when storing files on the flash drive.

2 – It takes little CPU resources.

3 – Due to the app’s outstanding user interface, even first-time users may run it without difficulty.

4 – This little USB locker operates on the Windows operating system.

5 – It is also paid software; however, a trial version is available.

19. USB Copy Protection

After the evaluation, you may feel compelled to purchase the best paid USB port lock software. In such a circumstance, we recommend the USB Copy Protection software. This outstanding one-stop solution prevents unwanted device access. Additionally, it allows authorizing varied access permissions to different users.


1 – USB Copy Protection effectively stops unauthorized access to data theft.

2 – It is possible to transfer the secured files to a certain user.

3 – It can restrict the number of USB users.

4 – You may assign permission to several users to improve performance.

20. Ratool

If your computer’s autorun is activated, it may be affected by a virus. On the other hand, if your data is not encrypted, it may be shared with a third party. To solve these issues, we recommend Ratool, one of the best USB control tools. Using this tool, you may block or unblock a user’s permission to read and write on your computer.


1 – Ratool disables the linked USB port and permits the trusted one to function.

2 – The app is really quick and effective to use.

3 – It is widespread and free software.

4 – Unauthorized users can duplicate your data using CD Burning Software, but Ratool data protector stops this.

21. USB Disabler Pro

Occasionally, it may be necessary to disable the USB port from a distant location. It is among the most expensive of the 19 or more best security software. This USB port lock software allows you to control the whole network. You may also provide access to certain users of your choosing.


1 – USB Disabler Pro prevents illegal USB drives and memory sticks from functioning.

2 – It blocks unauthorized users without affecting the scanner, printer, or other peripherals.

3 – Based on the unique identifier of a particular device, the system can block or deny access.

4 – It can create a group with access to the team.


We have already discussed the best USB port lock software in our writing. It depends on the needs of the users. We attempted to communicate in terms of individual users and organizations. In the digital age, you must use the best USB security software to protect yourself and your organization.

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