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Best 12 URL Shortener You Can Use

URL Shortener You Can Use: URL (Uniform Resource Locator) addresses are a wonderful way to navigate the web and locate resources online. Sharing links to files and webpages on the internet rapidly transmits vital information to others. However, while links are useful, some can become excessively long and difficult to share across platforms. Long links are unattractive and difficult to understand and cannot be shared on platforms like Twitter and MS Teams, which have a character limit.

These long links can be shortened to a few characters with just one click using URL shortener tools and services. Short URL maker platforms also offer link administration and analytics capabilities for social media management and other businesses. Since Google discontinued its URL shortener a few years ago, users have shifted to alternative short URL generators that offer the desired features. This blog discusses alternative URL shorteners that both individuals and teams can use.

What’s URL Shortener?

Well, a URL shortener is a tool that can be used to create a unique, brief, and straightforward URL for a website. Individuals clicking the shortened link will ultimately be redirected to the intended webpage. The long text is typically shortened to a few arbitrary letters as the address part of the URL. Most short link generators offer the option to modify newly generated URLs for a nominal fee.

Why Use URL Shortener?

There are multiple reasons to use a URL shortener tool.

Easy To Remember

It’s hard to remember long, random sequences of characters used as links. But on the other hand, users can easily enter a short URL link into a web browser or print it on business cards because they are easy to understand.

Brand Awareness

Your website link should be pertinent to your business and contribute to consumer brand recognition. Unfortunately, free web hosting services typically lack customization options. URL shorteners enable businesses to personalize their link names so that their brand name remains part of the link.

Character Limit

Some platforms, such as Twitter, restrict users to a limited number of characters. Even if you attempt, you can only share short links in this situation. In other cases, line breaks can impair the link, making it hard to understand.

Decrease In Clicks

Users are less likely to click on lengthy links. However, URLs frequently become lengthy due to UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters for tracking traffic. Create a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing URL using any short URL generator if you want more users to click on your webpage link.

Track Campaign Performances

Short link generators also offer tracking metrics by integrating UTM parameters with shortened links. This includes time, location, and other metrics relevant to understanding the ROI of campaigns. Based on these metrics, your marketing strategy can be enhanced.

When To Use URL Shortener?

Using a URL shortener to create a short URL link in the following instances would be best.

  • Space-saving when posting links on instant messaging platforms, microblogging sites like Twitter, and emails.
  • Hiding originating domain name.
  • Keeping tabs on the results of a campaign or social media post.
  • Customization of links with a domain.

How Do URL Shorteners Work?

When you enter a URL address into your web browser to request a webpage, the server receives an HTTP request to retrieve the necessary files for displaying the requested webpage. URL shorteners create a shortened URL that redirects users to the original URL. A shortening service may use any available HTTP redirects. 301 is the most favored choice for HTTP response as it returns a permanent redirect without negatively influencing the SEO ranking. However, remember that shortened URLs won’t work after the short URL generator’s services have expired. Consequently, selecting a trustworthy URL shortener is essential.

Best URL Shortener

The best URL Shortener options are.

1. ClickMeter

URL Shortener

ClickMeter converts the destination URL into a shortened link that can be readily tagged to track views and clicks. Well, links can be created and imported in bulk according to necessity. You can track custom parameters and receive detailed reports in six distinct languages covering browsers used, top keywords, and prevalence across cities, among other things. The short link maker does not allow tracking malicious links.

2. Bitly

URL Shortener is a custom link shortener that creates links with no expiration date. You can shorten multiple links simultaneously and create categories for improved link organization. The auto-branding feature of the link shortener ensures that your branding elements remain intact regardless of the tool used to shorten the link. You can also generate color QR codes and create campaigns with link-specific analytics.


URL Shortener

The is a URL shortening service that helps users generate keyword-rich short links and QR codes. In this Tiny URL generator, link metrics such as user location can automatically display the content to users in their preferred language. Using the social media dashboard and short UTM links, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

4. Rebrandly

The Rebrandly, a short link generator, allows users to create multiple branded links with auto-expire functionality. You can track the clicks on these shortened URLs and receive custom reports containing various click-related metrics. Paid options include scaling and optimization tools as well. It is compatible with over 100 apps, including Slack, TweetBot, AWS S3, etc.

5. Tiny URL Shortener

The Tiny URL is a link shortening service that allows for modifying and establishing expiration dates for shortened URLs. Once added to a browser’s interface, the extension can shorten the URL of any site visited. The dashboard provides a central location that helps with domain management and 404 redirections. In addition, you can track any number of links & be up to date with their metrics from any device.

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6. Cuttly provides URL shortening, analytics, and additional link management capabilities. You can search for links using terms, add links to a list of favorites, generate a QR code for a shortened link, etc. Additionally, you can combine multiple links into one bulk link. Exporting links to .CSV files and sharing them on social media platforms like Twitter are both possible with the paid option of this short link generator.

7. ShortURL

ShortURL is a secure URL shortener that can be used with links of any length. It is removed if a link is determined to be spam or contains potential malware infections. You can customize URL prefixes and generate QR codes from links. The shortened URL may be shared via email, websites, instant messaging, etc. You can check the number of clicks and other relevant metrics on the generated links.


As part of the Hootsuite social media management platform, is a URL shortening tool. The short link generator app lets Twitter users create a reading feed of aggregated messages from their lists. You can also check click metrics on the short URL link alongside other social media analytics and create custom reports to understand your growth comprehensively.

9. is Twitter’s link shortener, which automatically shortens links for users when they post or share them via link shortener or direct messages. In addition, it prevents users from accessing malicious links by displaying an error message upon clicking on potentially harmful websites. You can also check your audience’s interest with metrics such as the number of link clicks.

10. Clkim

Users can create QR codes that can be used online and on printed materials with the help of the Clkim URL shortener, which allows users to customize links. You can create full-page advertisements, manage multiple advertisements, and monetize your traffic. This custom link shortener allows you to receive daily traffic reports via email. This helps with retargeting by creating profiles of individuals who are interested in the content you share.

11. Bit.Do

Bit.Do is a service for shortening URLs that work with any link. You can create links in bulk and categorize them according to categories such as projects, clients, etc. In real-time, you can also obtain comprehensive statistics such as IP and click data for each shortened URL. Access to URLs and statistics is password-protected for data security.

12. Shorte.ST

Shorte.ST is a prominent URL shortening service among digital marketers. The service, which is a part of shortening, allows you to make money based on the number of users who click on the intermediate advertisements before your page loads. On the dashboard, you can access comprehensive statistics spanning all relevant URL metrics and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Are URL Shorteners Safe?

URL shorteners are secure, but the generated URLs are more susceptible to brute-force attacks than actual URLs because they are simpler to predict. Additionally, one cannot be certain that the redirected site will not be evil.

Do URL Shorteners Expire?

URL shorteners generate short links that can be set to expire. It is dependent on the Tiny URL generator service. Given that the service is still in operation, you can set the URL never to expire.

How Long Do URL Shorteners Last?

The duration of links created by URL shorteners depends on the user and the available options. For example, some URL shorteners do not include an expiration feature so long as the service is operational. In all other situations, users can set the duration limit.

How Do URL Shorteners Make Money?

URL shorteners can charge individuals and businesses to advertise their links to generate revenue. They can also earn money from advertisers in exchange for increasing their page’s traffic.

Does LinkedIn Have A URL Shortener?

When links lengthier than 26 characters are shared in a post, LinkedIn automatically shortens them.

Does Google Have A URL Shortener?

The Google link shortener has been discontinued and substituted with Firebase Dynamic Links.

How To Create URL Shortener?

You can create a Tiny URL generator by writing the necessary code to create a JavaScript UI for URL input and a PHP and MySQL backend for conversion.

How To Design URL Shortener?

You can design a URL shortener according to your specifications. However, before starting, you must consider capacity estimates, key generation and encoding, database design, and other important factors.

Is Google URL Shortener Free?

Yes, Google URL shortener was a complimentary service discontinued in 2019.

Which URL Shortener Is Best?

Numerous URL shorteners work without affecting SEO rankings and are trustworthy. Rebrandly,, and are the finest available options.

The Bottom Line:

Well, you can use any of the free URL shortening services listed here to shorten your URLs. However, choose a paid version of these free link shorteners if you want management features for your shortened URL links.

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