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Unblock A Number On Samsung Phone? How To

To avoid calls from a certain person, many people block numbers. You have blocked the person, so they cannot call or text you. Whether it’s a Xiaomi, Motorola, Samsung, or any other phone brand, this capability is embedded into the dialer to allow blocking a number. What if you already blocked a number but wish to unblock it now? Well, there are several ways to unblock a phone number. This post will cover how to unblock a number on a Samsung phone.

How To Easily Unblock A Number On Samsung Phone?

The ways to unblock a contact on your Samsung smartphone and tablet are listed below.

Through Contacts

Follow the steps below if you have blocked someone in your contact list and wish to unblock them.

1 – Launch your phone’s Contacts app.

2 – Find the Contact you wish to unblock and tap on it.

3 – Now, tap the More option in the bottom right corner, followed by the Unblock contact option.

Unblock Number Samsung

Through Call Logs

If you recently blocked a number listed in your call records, you can unblock it using the below steps.

1 – Go to the Recents tab after opening the Phone app.

2 – Tap the I icon and tap the number you wish to unblock.

3 – Unblock Contact by tapping the three dots in the bottom right corner.

Through Call Settings

Go to the call settings on your Samsung phone and unblock the number. Then, follow the steps outlined below to do this.

1 – Launch the Phone app on your Samsung device.

2 – In this window, tap the three dots in the top right corner, followed by Settings.

Unblock Number Samsung

3 – Tap Block numbers now. This will provide a list of all blocked telephone numbers.

4 – Tap the Remove (-) icon next to the phone number you wish to unblock.

Through Messages

The Messages app may be used to unblock the numbers. Listed below are the necessary steps.

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1 – Launch your phone’s Messages app.

2 – Tap the menu icon in the top right corner, followed by Settings.

3 – Tap Block numbers and spam, followed by Block numbers, under the Messages Settings.’

4 – Tap the Remove (-) icon next to the number you wish to unblock in the blocked number list.

Unblock Private And Unknown Numbers

Following the steps below will allow you to unblock private and unknown numbers.

1 – Launch the Phone app, tap the menu icon in the top-right corner, followed by Settings.

2 – Tap the option to Block Numbers in the Call Settings.

3 – Toggles for blocking unknown/private numbers should now be turned off.

Unblock Spam Calls

Samsung devices let you block spam calls. However, if you choose to unblock the spam calls, you may do so by following the steps below.

1 – Navigate to the Settings menu in the Phone app.

2 – Tap Caller ID and spam protection in the Call Settings menu. You now have two options.

  • Block all spam and scam calls
  • Only block high-risk scam calls.

3 – Choose one of the preceding two options. Turn off the Toggles for Block spam and scan calls if you wish to unblock all spam calls.

Through Third-Party Apps

To identify and block spam calls, many people use apps like TrueCaller. Similar to the phone dialer that comes standard with your device, these apps also function as a phone apps. If the number is still blocked, it might be due to these third-party apps. Unblock the number from the app’s blocked list.


These were all ways to unblock a number on a Samsung phone. If you’ve previously blocked a number and wish to unblock it, you can do so in the ways outlined above.

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