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14 Best Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

Well, The world we live in is constantly changing, as are technology, trends, and our way of life. Almost a decade ago, typing was a skill reserved for computer professionals. However, typing skills are now required by almost everyone, from professionals to children, as everything is becoming digital and online. As a result, it is critical for children to learn to type from an early age, as this will benefit them not only now but also in the future. This article focuses on the best fun typing games for kids available on the app market.

One thing is certain: until the course is designed in accordance with the “Learning Can Be Fun” pattern of education and skill development, it will be extremely difficult for parents to get their children to begin anything. Keeping this in mind, I’ve only included apps that can be classified as fun typing games for kids. Well, These web apps are free to play and practice, and they are appropriate for children of all ages.

14 Best Typing Games For Kids

There is one thing for sure, that until the course is designed under the “Learning Can Be Fun” pattern of education and skill development, it is going to be very difficult for the parents to get their children to start anything. Keeping that in mind, I have listed only those apps that can be termed fun typing games for kids. These web apps are free to play and practice and are suitable for kids of all ages.


1. KidzType

Typing Games For Kids

KidzType, the first free typing game for kids, has a large collection of typing games and allows users to choose the difficulty level. This is one web app where parents must review the games to determine which one is best suited for their kids. Car Rider and Bull Spell are two of the more difficult ones.

2. The Typing of the Ghosts

Typing Games For Kids

If you’ve an older kid who is already proficient at typing but wishes to improve his speed, this is the game for him. The goal of The Typing of the Ghosts is to type the words that appear on the screen quickly enough to avoid being approached by the ghosts in the background. You are given five lives in total, but each ghost has the ability to take one away if you are not quick enough. Warning: This game may be a little frightening for some kids. First, check it out for yourself.

3. Free Typing Game

Typing Games For Kids

The Free Typing Game web app comes in third place on our list of free typing games for kids. This website provides its users with three options: Games, Lessons, and Tests. It is recommended that you begin with the Lessons, then practice with the Games, and finally, the Tests to determine how much you have learned.

4. TurtleDiary

Typing Games For Kids

If you’re looking for typing games for kids in kindergarten, you can’t go wrong with Turtle Diary, which has over 30 games like Balloon Typing, Under Water Typing, and more. Users can choose the difficulty level as well as the keyboard area to practice on. There are 51 typing lessons in total, divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

5. KeyMan

Typing Games For Kids

Do you remember Pac-Man? Its concept is borrowed by this typing game. Navigate Key-Man through the maze to eat all of the dots before the colorful ghosts catch up with him. Instead of using the arrow keys to move around Key-Man, you use the letters that appear above, below, and to the sides of him. The catch is that the letter-navigation keys change with each movement. This retro-meets-educational game is so entertaining that kids won’t realize they’re improving their typing skills while playing it.

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6. Learning Games For Kids

Typing Games For Kids

Well, Learning Games For Kids website is one of the fun typing games for kids that offers a variety of games, including typing that helps kids memorize the entire keyboard. There are over 20 different options to select from, with challenges ranging from easy to difficult. A speed and accuracy test is included in this app.

7. Typing

Typing Games For Kids is another website that offers free typing games for kids. This website offers difficult and challenging typing games that are also entertaining. Keyboard Jump and ZType are 2 of the more interesting games. It supports English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

8. Type Type Revolution

Typing Games For Kids

Dance Dance Revolution fans, rejoice! Finally, here’s a game that will get your child’s fingers moving and learning. The goal of the game is to hit the correct letter before it reaches the top row of letters. Then, players can choose one of ten songs to “dance” to. This game puts key recognition skills to the test, so it’s best suited for older kids who want to improve their typing without looking.

9. Slime Kids

Typing Games For Kids

Slime Kids offers various games for kids to choose from, all of which focus on improving the children’s typing speed. These games contain familiar concepts such as shooting aliens or playing Pac Man, but with a focus on letters and typing them.

10. Dance Mat Typing

Typing Games For Kids

If you were looking for free typing games for kids created by/for a well-known organization, your search has come to an end. The BBC, one of the world’s most popular news organizations, is in charge of Dance Mat Typing. This teaching tool has four levels, each divided into three stages by letters and rows.

11. Ratatype

The Ratatype program is intended for adults, but it also works well for older kids who want to learn how to touch type. It includes tips on proper posture and assists kids in increasing their typing speed.

12. ABCya

When it comes to fun typing games for kids, one cannot overlook ABCya, which has many games organized by grade level. In addition to being sorted by grade, the games are also sorted by category, such as Math, Food, Story, Art, Music, and so on. Although there is no separate category for typing games, users can find them by typing “TYPE” in the search box and pressing Enter.

13. TypeTastic

Typetastic is the next free typing game for kids, and it has 14 fun games where you can practice typing. These games have 3 levels and are enjoyable to play. Astro Bubbles and Letter Trucks are 2 of the most enjoyable games.

14. Nitro Type

Nitro Type is an amazing, fun typing game for kids that is appropriate for both teachers and students. This tool, created by, is excellent for typing practice. Well, This is a racing game in which you compete in a worldwide real-time typing competition.

Wrapping Up: Typing Games For Kids

It is critical for parents and teachers to begin introducing typing games to their children and students as soon as possible. They are enjoyable, which makes it fun to use them frequently, and while the children are having fun, they are unaware that keyboard familiarity and typing skills are being subconsciously instilled in them. Also, If you’ve any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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