Hundreds of Pirate Sites Go Dawn .TV Domains Put on ServerHold

At the time of writing, at least dozens, if not hundreds, of pirate sites were essentially offline owing to a domain problem with a single registrar. The issue seems to be limited to sites using .TV Domains registered with Sarek Oy in Finland, a registrar renowned for its pirate-friendly practices. As of now, hundreds of domains have no DNS, resulting in one of the worst mass blackouts in recent history.

A couple of hours ago, a TorrentFreak reader sent us to a list of over 200+ names that share numerous characteristics.

The great majority have name standards that very probably indicate some kind of pirate activity. There is no shortage of the word’streams’, as well as other known pirate words such as HD, cine, cinema, movie, buff, cric, and crack.

Sites featuring ‘anime‘ in their domain names also stand out, like the prominent Animebytes, a platform that seemed to be causing major alarm. A dismal Reddit thread suggested that the site had just hours to survive, a destiny that may have been postponed but whose core reason remained unknown.

The Sun’s Light Doesn’t Rise on TV. Domains

The sites on the list also have additional characteristics. All use.TV domains registered with Finnish registrar Sarek Oy. As things stand, none have a functional DNS, which means they are entirely unavailable, at least to site visitors.

The list can be seenĀ  Below, and considering its magnitude and the platforms represented, it is reasonable to assume that the blackout is presently impacting millions of pirates. It’s definitely fraying the nerves of many site proprietors, perhaps some more than others.

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As far as we know, facts and reasons for the exceptional failure are few, particularly those announced directly by Sarek Oy. It’s the middle of the night in Finland, so any formal notification may take many hours to come.

.TV Domains List That Placed on ServerHold

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.TV Domains Status: serverHold

After examining a few dozen WHOIS entries for domains on the list, all show the domain status of’serverHold’. According to ICANN’s official explanation, domain registrars set the status to signify that a domain has not been active in the Domain Name System (DNS).

Given how the present situation expresses itself, the explanation is correct but not really useful.

The greater concern is why hundreds of names were abruptly put on serverHold, and why did it need to be done so quickly that there was no time to notify the domain owners. That will most likely become clear over the following several hours, but we can affirm that the sites are operational.TV domains registered with other registrars remain functioning.

That might indicate a problem peculiar to the registrar. Some kind of dispute between the registry and the registrar seems to be the most plausible, although it’s difficult to image either side just choosing to make that many domains inoperable, presumably all at once and without notice.

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So, for the time being, droplets of sweat will have to persevere while soaking in the irony. Sarek Oy’s reputation for keeping sites online is probably better recognized than that of any other registrar currently in existence. It’s surprising that it’s presently in the midst of one of the greatest blackouts in recent history.

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