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How to Transfer Photos as Documents in WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp ranks as one of the world’s leading messaging applications, thanks to its feature-rich platform that facilitates dynamic communication. That said, it has gained notoriety for reducing image quality by compressing them unless the High Definition setting is activated, which often leads to substandard photo quality.

Here’s a trick that enables you to Transfer Photos through WhatsApp on an iPhone as documents to maintain their original resolution. Are you interested in learning how it’s done? Continue reading.

How to Transfer Photos as Documents in WhatsApp for iPhone.

  • Open WhatsApp  → Open the chat where you want to send the images.
  • Tap the  plus icon  beside the text box.
  • Select  Document  Choose Photo or Video  .
  • If you’ve stored your pictures on iCloud or another site, just click on it. Choose from Files.
  • Should this be your initial use of this function, you might have to grant permission to your Photo Gallery.
  • Select an image To choose several pictures at once, press and keep your finger on an image. image → Tap  Select → Choose other images → Tap Next .
  • If you choose only a single picture, you have the option to include an additional one. caption.
  • Finally, tap the blue send icon.
  • Tap Send if sending multiple photos.

If this feature isn’t visible in your WhatsApp, you need to ensure that you have the latest version installed. updated the app  to its latest version.

When you transmit an image as a document using WhatsApp, the platform maintains the original image format. Should you choose to send several images at once, the app allows you to annotate those images prior to sharing them through WhatsApp. Nevertheless, there are certain considerations to take into account when doing so.

Key Things to Remember When Transfer Photos as Documents

  • WhatsApp is limited to processing files that do not exceed 2GB. Therefore, it’s not possible to transmit images or videos over this size limit as document attachments.
  • Transmitting and acquiring images of superior quality necessitates an increased amount of data, additional storage capacity, and a longer duration for uploading or downloading.
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Furthermore, when you get an image sent as a document, you are unable to view a thumbnail preview in the conversation. To view the image, you must open the file. To bypass this issue, I recommend utilizing the high-definition function to send clear, high-resolution images through WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Simply, open the  chat  in WhatsApp → Tap the  plus icon  Photos  → Select  photo/s  → Tap the  HD button  → Select  HD quality  → Tap the  send icon Selecting this feature will not reduce the size or quality of your images.

Alternative Methods for Transferring HD images from an iPhone

If you find it burdensome to send the file via WhatsApp, you might consider exploring alternative methods.

  • To share high-quality pictures and videos with another iPhone user, consider utilizing AirDrop, which allows the transfer of original resolution media on an iPhone.
  • Another prevalent method for distributing high-resolution files involves uploading them to Google Drive Simply share the link with the person you want to send it to.
  • The third choice involves dispatching the image as an attached file through email. email There’s a possibility to transmit a downsized image through the Mail  app, so select  Actual Size  in the choices before hitting  Send  .


You’re now aware of how to maintain the quality of your images while sharing them via WhatsApp. Make sure to apply the above tips to ensure that the receiver gets the highest quality image they would appreciate. Go ahead and send them!


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