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17+ Best Text Tracker To Intercept Text Messages

If you are a worried parent or need to check another person’s text messages without access to their phone, you will need a specialized app. With the modern technology available today, it is possible to swiftly evaluate diverse messages from a distance without exposing the intended recipient’s identity. There are Text Tracker apps available that can perform this task effectively even without the target phone. Text Message Interceptor to Intercept Text Messages is the topic of today’s post. Then let’s start the guide.

Things When Selecting A Text Message Spying App

Regardless of whatever Text Tracker you use to intercept text messages, you must examine the following six things before purchasing the app:

1 – App Reliability

2 – Stealth 

3 – Features 

4 – UI 

5 – Reasonable pricing 

6 – Customer support

17+ Best Text Tracker To Intercept Text Messages

In this review, we will show 17+ distinct SMS tracker apps that may track the text messages of another mobile app. It is just for educational reasons. All app features are nearly the same. Thus, we have provided a comprehensive analysis of the best text tracker.



XNSPY is the best text message spy on our list. It is an intuitive app with stealth features. This app allows you to track SMS messages from any Android or iOS device. XNSPY allows you to check the number, sender’s name, date, and time of SMS messages. XNSPY allows a user to watch-list specific words and receives notifications if they appear in an SMS message on the target phone. It saves time and effort to read each message individually. XNSPY is the best app for intercepting text messages online without the target phone.

2. Spyzie

Spyzie provides total access to the target phone’s texts and calls histories. You may view the sender’s name and phone number and skim every discussion. It is an amazing app for intercepting text messages online without the target phone. It does not provide complete remote control over the device. You can track a person’s GPS position and browsing history. With Spyzie, you can view the installed apps, calendars, and notes on the target phone. It is an exhaustive spy app.

3. mSpy

The next text tracker on our list is mSpy. It is a lovely app to intercept text messages online without the target phone. This text message spying app may be used to track texts and calls on a device. You may also view the sender’s name and phone number. It also helps you track internet consumption and track location. You may also track Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger using mSpy.

4. TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone is another excellent text tracker for you. It is compatible with Android and iOS. With this app, you may remotely read all sent and received text messages on the target phone. You can track SMS messages and control the device from an online control panel. TrackMyFone also allows you to view the sender’s name and contact information. It also provides access to media on the mobile phone. Similar to XNSPY, it offers a text alert system. It will notify you whenever a certain term appears in an SMS, so you don’t have to search through them manually.

5. Blurspy

Blurspy helps you to spy on SMS messages online without access to the target phone. It is a very effective spy text SMS tracker that helps you track text messages and call histories. Blurspy makes it simple to record calls and the surrounding area. The app allows users to capture live displays for free. In addition, the app allows for camera snapshots. It is one of the best apps for hacking text messages without physical access to the target phone. It logs the device’s location. Also detectable are Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype.

6. SpyEra

SpyEra is another fantastic text tracker. This fantastic tool allows Android and iPhone users to intercept text messages online without the target phone’s permission. This app was originally designed to spy messages, but it has gained more features and become more helpful. It helps parents to control and track the safety of their children. SpyEra records all sent and received messages, including those that have been erased. It contains a control panel that displays all the gathered information from text messages in a single report. You may also create a list of words that will alert you when your child receives particular text messages.

7. GuestSpy

GuestSpy helps you to intercept text messages without access to the target phone. It is an excellent app for tracking SMS and phone calls. GuestSpy helps you to track messages sent and received. It features GPS tracking, internet history tracking, and multimedia file access. It provides complete remote control without the target phone. You may view the address book and calendar. Facebook and WhatsApp allow you to read instant messages.

8. MobiStealth

MobiStealth enables online SMS spying without access to the target phone. The app is designed to enable modern parents to keep track of their children and employers to prevent the leakage of safe corporate information. You may read both incoming and outgoing messages. iPhone and Android smartphones are supported. You can track your child’s GPS position. It also lets you track your workers’ emails and online surfing history. With MobiStealth, you may track and capture images on the target device. It is designed to present all the pertinent information necessary to inform your child and employee. MobiStealth can also efficiently record calls and surroundings. It is among the most effective SMS trackers online.

9. SurePoint Spy

SurePoint Spy is a text tracker that enables online SMS spying without access to the target phone. This app may track teenagers, employees, and your spouse. SurePoint Spy is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. SurePoint Spy has GPS tracking and more tracking features. It is easy to track your spouse’s text messages.

10. The TruthSpy

TruthSpy is an SMS spy app that allows you to control the target device without physical access. It is an outstanding online spy text SMS tracker for tracking a target device’s SMS and call logs. The TruthSpy is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. You can also view the sender’s name and mobile person number along with the text messages.

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11. Phone Spying

Phone Spying is the best app free online to intercept text messages without the target phone. It is a cost-free app. You may use it on both Android and iOS devices to spy on your husband. It offers a GPS tracker, call recording mode, and other important features, making it an excellent spy app.

12. Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy

Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy is a great app for tracking your children, spouse, and employees. You may intercept text messages without the target phone for free online on Android and iPhone. With Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy, you’ll save money and time and receive instant results. It is one of the best text trackers we’ve tried for $29.99. You will receive all of the information in a single, well-organized report. In addition, you may track social media networks.

13. PhoneSpector

The PhoneSpector app is surprisingly quick and reliable. PhoneSpector operates invisibly and transmits all text messages and call logs from the target phone. You can track your child’s or spouse’s mobile activity using PhoneSpector. It may serve as your reliable text SPY partner.

14. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is essentially a free online SMS spy without the target phone. You will be required to pay once, after which it will be free or available for the time. It’s one of the best SMS trackers due to its sophisticated design and reliable features. Compatible with both Phone and Android app devices. It has been on the market for around eight years, and its users’ confidence in it continues to grow. Highster Mobile requires less than 45 seconds to install and begin using.

15. IKeyMonitorTM

The iKeyMonitorTM mobile app is a text spy device. With iKeyMonitorTM, you may remotely track SMS, Calls, and other phone activities without possessing the target device. You may also record phone calls and check the websites your child visits. It is an excellent app for parents to track their children’s activities.

16. Spy Fone

The Android app Spy Fone intercepts text messages without the target phone. The app is easy and free. Using this app, you may track the mobile phones of your children and other family members. This app grants full access to the target phone even when the phone is not physically present. Spy Fone can remotely track Gmail accounts, message messages, and call histories, among other things. You may also disable undesirable apps on the target device using Spy Fone.

17. AppSpy

With AppSpy, it is free to hack text messages without physical access to a phone. It allows you to manage the messages on the target control. This app is available for free on the Google Play store. Messages and phone histories can be seen remotely.

18. SpyHuman

SpyHuman SMS spy online without a target phone is only compatible with Android smartphones. It is a call tracker and recording device. It can aid in tracking text messages. SpyHuman contains a GPS tracker, allowing you to track the device. It is an excellent app for spying on your spouse.

19. Spyier

Spyier is one of the best online spy text SMS trackers for spying and intercepting text messages. This app allows users to track any phone or tablet. Protect what is most safe for you. Spyier allows you to track calls, text messages, GPS positions, and many other things. The app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

20. Spyine

Spyine is an online spy text SMS tracker. It is among the best Spy trackers because of its essential features and user-easy alternatives. You may use this app to track and protect a loved one.


Will The User Of The Targeted Device Be Aware Of The Surveillance?

Certainly not. All software operates invisibly at all times. Therefore, it renders you nearly invisible and untraceable.

How Will I Obtain The Software?

Well, the company from which you purchased the software will provide you with detailed instructions on how to download and install the software. The instructions will also provide information on how to utilize the software.

Do I Need Physical Access To The Target Phone To Install The Software?

Technically speaking, yes. Connecting the target phone to the spy app requires only a single time and a few minutes.

What Exactly Is Jailbreak?

Apple consistently emphasizes device security. The manufacturer employs a closed world paradigm that restricts access to the administrator account. Jailbreak is the process of removing the barrier created by Apple and manually accessing the administrator account. It is only feasible with iOS-modification-capable software.

Should I Jailbreak My iPhone?

Yes. It is a basic procedure that may be completed quickly.

Will The Software Function In My Nation?

It depends on the software and the supplier in your area. Also, support for an area varies between apps.

Can I Intercept Text Messages Via Wi-Fi?

No, because Wi-Fi does not transmit standard text messages (SMS). Therefore, it is impossible to intercept Wi-Fi traffic.

Is It Illegal Or Legal To Intercept Messages?

In the majority of the United States and many other laws, it is illegal to listen to or read the conversations of others without their consent. Globally, there are several laws against cyberstalking. Spying implies illegal surveillance, which is also a violation of a person’s privacy. So it is also an offense. However, the providers of these Spy apps or text trackers promote their goods to keep your child safe and track staff. This is illegal so long as the parent’s child is 18 years old. And for employers to have the employees’ express approval.

The Bottom Line:

Intercepting messages from others has gotten far less difficult. Spying and tracking SMS on a device other than the target phone is possible. Before spying with an SMS tracker, you must read all the security details and other associated setups with attention. Now you can keep your child safe while keeping an eye on your husband. I hope it solves a number of your relationship issues.

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