19+ Best Task Management Software For Windows To Try

Task management refers to keeping a list of work that must be methodically completed in the future. With increasing probabilities of a business-modeled environment, schedule management becomes crucial in facilitating the avoidance of forgetting or overlooking a task. Task management software refers to a tool for managing all tasks in a prioritized schedule using a prioritization system. Some may believe that maintaining job management is a challenging task in and of itself. But it’s quite simple. Due to the boon of technology, it is really simple. An abundance of task management software is available for Android and Windows PC; if you are a Windows PC user with a duty management issue, Bang On! This article is the one you are searching for.

Why Is Task Management So Important?

Well, schedule management serves your best interests. Everyone in the modern world is running behind time. Everyone is engaged in tasks. Sometimes it takes work to complete on time. Without good task management, you may miss a deadline that you cannot afford to miss. Therefore, project management is required to save your important schedule, track tasks, establish deadlines, ensure a more equitable division of labor among team members, and timely completion of tasks. Assignment management tools aid in executing an idea from the moment it is conceived.

Why Scheduling Software?

Using pen and paper to manage a task is the simplest method. However, sometimes it is impossible to have pen and paper with you at all times and in all places in place to jot down an impromptu plan. It is also pricey. Even 15 to 20 years ago, personal job managers would retain schedule notes for their bosses. Not to worry! You are not required to hire a personal manager. A variety of project management software can serve as your task manager. Some of them are free to use, while others are subscription-worthy.

19+ Best Task Management Software For Windows

Android users are lucky to find a variety of schedule management software on the Google Play store. However, Windows PC users may need help locating suitable duty manager software. Notably, the number of duty roster software for Windows is significant. Therefore, you only need to choose which is better for your needs. Listed below are the top 19+ work planning software options for Windows in 2022.

1. Wrike

Task Management Software

The presence of Wrike at the top of the list may surprise many individuals. However, unlike Todoist, it can manage tasks at individual and business levels. If you are a creative person who uses a Windows PC, Wrike is the best free software for task management you can use. Wrike is one of the most popular Windows project management software due to its milestones, progress tracking tool, workflow status, file sharing with peers, and ability to assign several people to a single task. In addition, it’s completely free to use. With its premium features, you may have access to many more intriguing project management options.

2. Todoist

Task Management Software

If you’re seeking the best free planning software for your Windows PC, consider Microsoft Project. Todoist is the preferred choice of many. Its super-classic user interface is very captivating. Todoist is the best choice for managing tasks on an individual basis. Using this app for event management, you may effortlessly manage your personal and small business tasks. It has amazing features, such as awarding points for accomplishing tasks and establishing daily or monthly goals. Progress graphs and a speedier alerting system will convince you to retain this free engagement software for Windows. This work management software is free, but its premium features, such as task collaboration through email and automated backups, will simplify life.

3. HiTask

Task Management Software

You may question why HiTask is included on this list despite needing Windows software features, a Kanban board, and workflows. With features like file storage, time tracking, a reporting system, and Email task creation, this online job planning tool for Windows is an intelligent option. If you choose its premium feature, you can access unlimited storage, granular task permissions, and calendar synchronization tasks. The layout of HiTask’s dashboard is the coolest on our list of task management software for Windows. It also likely offers the best time tracking tool. It may create reports on time spent. If you are seeking a solution to your workout planning problem and have unrestricted online access on your PC, HiTask may be the tool you need.

4. ClickUp

Task Management Software

Click Up is the best choice if you’re looking for a construction oversight tool for a large enterprise. It is capable of doing numerous tasks simultaneously. ClickUp, unlike any other daily work management software for Windows, can complete more efficient project management with Task dependence, Correct time tracking, mind mapping, authorization, etc., as well as many other fascinating features such as collaboration tools. Google and Air nub, two titans of the commercial world, employ this project management tool with delight. One of the best features of ClickUp is the capability to immediately assign tasks based on submitted comments. This tool’s templates can be modified at your discretion. There are several templates for doing so. ClickUp, like the first two work scheduling software on the list, is free to use. However, its premium features enable a great lot more to be done.

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5. Accelo

Task Management Software

The reason Accelo prevents it from ranking higher on this list is. There is no free plan. However, with its subscription, it’s one of the best Windows list management software. The best feature of Accelo is its capacity to show overdue tasks automatically. You may enjoy features such as monitoring estimates, billing, and invoicing, among others. You can interface with security software, Google Drive, Outlook, and many other apps. Its feature to show a real-time snapshot of budgets and roll-up facts might be beneficial.

6. Trello

Task Management Software

Trello is the best online Kanban app project management tool for PC users. If you’re searching for a task list app for the PC, Trello is the best option. Trello’s Kanban board is easily customizable, setting it apart from other Windows list management software. Its premium plans include a collection for teams, onboarding help, limitless integration, etc., and many additional features. Unfortunately, there is no software for Windows users; however, Android and iOS users are supported. Nevertheless, Trello’s online project management tool for Kanban tasks draws users and causes them to select Trello.

7. ProofHub

Task Management Software

ProofHub is the equivalent of a jack-of-all-trades on this list. This comprehensive task management software for Windows is a popular choice among users. It provides control over your team, task, project, and communication. It has a file-sharing feature, an integrated chat app, Gantt charts, a proofreading tool, a customizable workflow, and real-time collaboration. ProofHub also features a custom report generator. It has a list to be the best to-do list software on this list. ProofHub, like Accelo and Taskworld, does not provide a free plan. Its monthly subscription fee is $89, which is quite expensive, but it offers an infinite user capacity.

8. Taskworld

Task Management Software

Taskworld is nearly identical to Trello. You chose Taskworld over Trello because it has the same user experience as Trello but a greater lot of features. Similar to Accelo, it has no free plan. Taskworld’s distinctive features include an email delivery system for given tasks, recurring tasks, a direct messaging option, and more.

9. Quire

Task Management Software

If you ponder, “What is the best online work management tool?” The correct answer is Quire. Quire argues that dividing tasks into smaller tasks makes them more efficient. Its built-in conversation feature is quite enjoyable. Quire, like Trello, offers an excellent Kanban board management plan. However, unlike Trello, Kanban Board’s business task manager is integrated with a “nesting” tool. Quire is an excellent option if you search for an online tool to manage your to-do list.


Task Management Software

What is the best Windows-based project tracking tools designed for individual use? The answer is uncomplicated. It’s Anything. Unlike other work and time management apps on this list, allows you to mix events and tasks in an option that best suits you. In addition, it contains all the additional features required for problem management software. However, the software needs to be higher on this list since most features are not available on its free plan.

11. Easynote

Unlike other task manager software on this list, Easynote focuses on collaboration. As its name implies, it offers the most user-friendly interface to alleviate your concerns regarding job planning. It offers more than fifty predefined templates. Unfortunately, Easynote is overly easy to use. Because they are unwilling to invest time in training collaboration, more than 17,000 businesses around the globe use Easynote. With the ‘Any Search’ option, you may do any search. With Easynote’s live updates and real-time notifications, you no longer have to worry about participating in collaboration with your team.

12. Flow

Flow is the best paid task management software for Windows for project managers. It features an efficient navigation system for switching between individual and project tasks. In addition, this tool allows the creation of workgroups. One disadvantage is that it is undoubtedly not the free tool you seek. This one supports both public and private projects. If you have Flow, you may also have the best project tracking tool. Flow is among the best online project management software with a timeline that can be dragged and dropped.

13. TaskQue

TaskQue is the most effective task management software on our list. It can delegate a task to the next available team member. TaskQue is the task management software for comparable works for all teams if you are seeking one. With features such as Automatic Task assignment and Workflow Management, it is the best job manager for teams working on similar tasks. This Windows job management software lacks time tracking capabilities. However, the majority of its features are free. A premium subscription gives you access to special rights and greater storage space.

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Suppose you are searching for a duty distribution tool for Windows that addresses project management, marketing, CRM & sales, remote work, software development, and human resources in a unified place. is, therefore, the ideal online task manager for everybody. Although Android users have access to a duty delegation app, Windows PC users must use Monday as their online work planner. Monday’s capacity to manage several tasks quickly, along with its limitless whiteboard space, may convince you to use it. However, just as we say, “another dismal Monday at the office,” the only unpleasant aspect of this online duty discharge software is that there is no free plan!

15. Basecamp

With its resource allocation and forecasting capabilities, Basecamp is a unique online tool for undertaking planning. Basecamp, like Quire and Teamwork, allows you to divide your tasks into smaller subtasks. There are additional search filters and an intelligent alerting system. You may also construct a task-specific to-do list in Basecamp. It is reliable and one of the oldest mind mapping software toolkits available. It features apps for nearly all platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

16. Teamwork

Are you searching for work management software to enhance your organization’s project management? Or are you looking for Windows time planning tools that allow you to avoid unproductive meetings? Teamwork is your best project management tool because it integrates with Gmail, Dropbox, and cloud storage. Teamwork, like Quire, allows you to divide your objective into smaller parts. It has a sub-task planning system that allows you to prioritize tasks easily. You may manage your tasks with its powerful function planning system by predicting time, assigning tasks, establishing due dates, and configuring privacy settings.

17. Slack

Slack is a jack of all trades in this list as business planning software for Windows. Started as an alternative to email, Slack is currently one of the most popular event planning software. In addition, it offers a remote work feature and financial service, media creation, and engaging pupils in a task. In the education industry, Slack can link your whole school with a collaborative approach to remote learning. With Slack, You have an automated publishing procedure, quick production, a video calling facility, and smart to-do list management.

18. Things

Things in the list of task management software for Windows may be a major surprise for everybody. This tool’s one-time price of $49.99 is an excellent value. Isn’t it? The Things planner charges a one-time fee for access to its special feature. Along with its other amazing features, Things includes the unique feature of picking a daily primary emphasis. Why are Things so low on the list while having all the same amazing features as every other web-based job manager tool?

19. Asana

Asana is an additional online job management tool that is highly successful for small team tasks. With this tool, time tracking may be added. Asana makes managing larger projects difficult, but its premium features include Google SSO, an unlimited dashboard, and custom fields. Asana guarantees that you will fulfill your deadlines efficiently by incorporating time tracking into your tasks.

20. Hubstaff Tasks

As with any other job manager software, Hubstaff has a tool for creating features. However, its unique clarity and deliberate simplicity make it different from the rest. Hubstaff employs an agile methodology, which has been shown to provide superior results. The best aspect of Hubstaff is that it is completely free for all tasks up to five teams. Therefore, smaller businesses might use Hubstaff for their planning needs. It also offers a 60-day “Money Back Guarantee.”

Final Words:

You have several options for managing your tasks with task management software for Windows. First, you must select the best option. If you are not certain that the event planning tool you’re considering subscribing to will meet your needs, you should not upgrade to a premium subscription. Before committing to a paid subscription, you may always sample the free plans provided by many job-designing tools. Therefore, the following is a list of the “19+ best scheduling software for Windows in 2022” Read attentively and select yours. Make it easy to complete your tasks.

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