14 Best SuperCartoons Alternatives To Watch Old Cartoons

SuperCartoons Alternatives: Cartons are for kids! Fortunately, this is not always the case. Of course, there is some truth to it; animated shows are often intended for children. Today, however, this model is being challenged on all sides. With a rising market for adult cartoons – pioneered by shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy – adults may be able to enjoy animated series just as much as kids. And, every now and then, it might be entertaining to revisit our childhood cartoons.

They don’t make cartoons the way they used to. I’m not sure how old you are, dear reader, but I grew up during the golden period of animation. Yes, I’m referring to shows like Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo, as well as all of the popular cartoons starring classic characters like Porky Pig, Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse (before he was merely a mascot for Disney), Wile E. Coyote, and Tom and Jerry. All of the timeless masterpieces.

I’d be lying if I claimed I never got sentimental about these shows. When I watch an episode of Scooby-Doo or Looney Tunes, I am instantly transported back to my childhood home. I’m a kid again, sitting on the rug with a bowl of cereal, giggling uncontrollably while Road Runner throws Wile E. Coyote down yet another cliff or under yet another anvil. It doesn’t get much better than that.

A lot of free cartoon streaming sites are aimed exclusively at children, but every now and then, I run across a unique site that features plenty of content from my childhood. Sites like SuperCartoons, on the other hand, are not just amusing for the odd nostalgic journey down memory lane; they also make it simple for me to share my favorite childhood shows with my own children.

I can’t tell you how much joy it causes me to see my son’s face light up when he sees Bugs Bunny or the Tasmanian Devil. The fact of sites like SuperCartoons is a blessing. I love being able to revisit my own childhood while also passing on the gift of superb animation to my own children.

Of course, today’s cartoons are a long cry from the classics. And I, for one, long for the days when cartoons were just that: cartoons, rather than CGI computer graphics or live-action remakes that blur the borders between animation and reality. Instead, cartoons should be hilarious, absurd, and full of creativity. This is why sites like SuperCartoons are ideal for those of us who are still children at heart, as well as our own children.


Super Cartoons’ site is really simple to navigate. When you arrive at the home page, you’ll see a sky-blue backdrop with moving clouds softly bordering the top of the page. It’s not the most visually appealing streaming site I’ve ever seen, but it feels suitable given the content it features. It gives Super Cartoons a true air of lively fun, and I always love it when a site’s design features the content in some manner.

Aside from that, Super Cartoons is rather well-organized. A site menu bar at the top of the page allows you to view SuperCartoons’ videos using a variety of filters. Select one of the following options: Home, Cartoons, Characters, Studios, or Series. This allows you to browse SuperCartoons net as broadly or as narrowly as you choose. The one major feature that it glaringly lacks is a search box, which would allow you to type in a specific term and not have to click through page after page to find what you’re searching for.

When you click on a video, an integrated JW Media Player displays the content of your choosing. It’s a simple setup, and other videos will appear above the player. Click full-screen mode to immerse yourself in the content, or reduce it to access more information and watch further videos. Each video is accompanied by a description that includes a summary, studio and character credits, and an overall rating (given by fellow SuperCartoons users).

I believe that the site’s design might be made to make it more immersive. For example, I’d want to see the design more closely mirror that of, say, Netflix – or even YouTube – to offer a more fluid experience of all the videos available on the site. But, for what it is, SuperCartoons gets the job done… with minimum ads and no payments or memberships required, to boot.


It might not be easy to find true history on free streaming sites like SuperCartoons. The developers of these sites are pretty anonymous, and much of how the sites came to be is kept under wraps. The one thing I know for certain about SuperCartoons net is that it has been in existence since 2012, according to the website. The fact that SuperCartoons net has been free for over a decade is particularly amazing. And here’s to SuperCartoons lasting another decade (and beyond! ), since it’s a fantastic library of some of the most vintage (and difficult to find) animated content of all time.

Experience On The Desktop And Mobile

Unfortunately, there is no SuperCartoons APP available right now. Of course, from a smartphone standpoint, this would considerably improve the user experience (for obvious reasons). Having said that, the site is pretty well adapted for mobile browsers. In fact, is one of the nicest mobile experiences I’ve ever seen among free streaming sites. Scroll down the list of titles and click on whatever you wish to see without being bombarded with ads or a clumsy design. works nicely on any device, whether a desktop computer, iPhone, Android, or tablet.


I’ve previously covered most of what has to offer, but let me go over it again in case I missed anything. On Super Cartoons net, you will only find the finest of the greatest, the vintage animations. Freely watch free cartoons from our youth, such as Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Donald Duck, Tasmanian Devil, and more.

SuperCartoons’ home page says that it contains over 1,000 cartoon clips. I hate to be the guy who is always searching for something to complain about, but I believe that this archive might be greatly enlarged. In addition, I’d like to see Super Cartoons net offer more shows from other networks, as well as a wider range of time periods. For example, the most recent cartoon on SuperCartoons most likely aired in the 1970s. And it doesn’t even feature any full-length episodes or movies.

Super Cartoons net might be even more awesome if they added a few newer shows (maybe some from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s), as well as a few feature-length presentations. However, I appreciate that doing so would create a copyright headache and possibly risk the entire site.

Suggestions For SuperCartoons That I Have

For starters, I’d love to see SuperCartoons create a good app. The site’s architecture and the type of old content it features, I believe, would lend itself nicely to the app market. However, considering the nature of the site, this is quite unlikely. That being said, as I previously stated, I believe SuperCartoons would benefit greatly by increasing their lineup of shows. As of now, the site is relatively specialized. I’d want to see their product line increased. Perhaps a pricey upgrade would make this.

Is SuperCartoons Safe?

Is SuperCartoons Safe? Yes, SuperCartoons is a safe website that you can use to watch old cartoons online free.

Is SuperCartoons Legal?

Is SuperCartoons Legal? Yes, SuperCartoons is a legal website that you can use to watch old cartoons online free.

14 Best SuperCartoons Alternatives – Sites like SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons Alternatives – Sites like SuperCartoons to watch old cartoons online free.


1. Disney Junior

SuperCartoons Alternatives

Disney Junior is first on our list of the best SuperCartoons alternatives to watch old cartoons online free. It is a good website where you may watch many types of cartoons without having to pay a fee or sign up for a subscription. This website’s user interface has likewise been kept simple; you may watch your favorite cartoons here. If your favorite cartoon is not displayed on the home page, you may find it by clicking on the search icon.

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2. Cartoon Network

SuperCartoons Alternatives

Cartoon Network offers all cartoon content as well as a variety of web-based online games geared for kids. The nicest thing about this website is that it has an easy interface and provides a wonderful user experience. In addition, the site is free of pop-up ads, allowing children to watch the cartoons without interruption. Overall, one of the best SuperCartoons alternatives to watch old cartoons online free is Cartoon Network.


3. CartoonsOn

SuperCartoons Alternatives

One of the best SuperCartoons alternatives to watch old cartoons online free is CartoonsOn. This website offers a large selection of your favorite cartoons. Despite the fact that all of the cartoons on this website are quite popular, this website has over 50,00,000 users worldwide. On the website’s home page, you’ll notice a slew of popular cartoons. All cartoons are available in HD video quality, which you can watch on any Android or tablet device. This website’s user interface has been kept very simple; you may search for any cartoon you like.


4. CartoonCrazy

SuperCartoons Alternatives

Another website that offers a wide choice of anime cartoons is CartoonCrazy. CartoonCrazy is especially well-known for its English-dubbed anime. This site provides users with access to a wide collection of the most recent anime. This website’s user interface is also fairly simple and well preserved, allowing the user to watch anime and cartoons in excellent definition without paying any subscription fees.


5. YouTube

SuperCartoons Alternatives

If you want to watch old cartoons online or videos online, YouTube is the sole platform where you can receive different types of cartoon videos and all types of videos for free. Moreover, you may watch any video on your mobile phone. Moreover, YouTube allows you to watch and download videos for free, making it the finest video platform in the world.


6. ToonJet

SuperCartoons Alternatives

One of the best SuperCartoons alternatives to watch old cartoons online free is ToonJet. It is a traditional cartoon site where you may watch all of your favorite cartoons online at any time. To watch any cartoon on the ToonJet website, you do not need to sign up. Although you may log in and sign up, signing up with a free membership on the ToonJet website gives you access to ToonJet’s expanding cartoon community as well as all of the additional features, such as ToonJet’s Free Newsletter! Create Your Own ToonJet Profile Post Comments, Send Shouts, Send and Receive Messages, and Participate!


7. Animeflavor

SuperCartoons Alternatives

Animeflavor is a goldmine for anime fans. On the site, you may watch all types of anime, both new and old, in full HD resolution. You can watch a large selection of anime here; click or touch on your favorite anime, and there you are… watch your favorite anime. At the top of this page, there is a search box where you may type in the name of your favorite anime and watch it for free.


8. 9Anime

SuperCartoons Alternatives

The 9Anime is one of the best anime streaming websites that you can use to watch anime online. This anime website has a large selection of cartoon shows. To find your favorite anime, you may search by letter name A to Z or by clicking on the search button. Users may also download and install the 9Anime app on their Android phone to watch endless HD video quality anime for free. Despite the fact that this website is present on the internet under several domain names such as,,,,,,, and


9. AnimeShow

AnimeShow may perhaps be the finest anime streaming website. All types of popular anime and new anime episodes are accessible in excellent video resolution on the site. You can find a large variety of Animated Anime Videos here, including -Mieruko-chan, Tesla Note, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and many more. This website’s user interface is good. So if you like to watch anime, then you should also check out this website.


10. OtakuStream

OtakuStream is another well-known anime streaming website. Well, It provides its users with features such as Latest Anime and Popular Anime. In addition, the user may employ features such as bright and dark themes. This anime streaming website contains a large choice of free anime to watch. All of the anime on this page are dubbed in English, and you can also search for your favorite or favorite anime here. Although there is no need to subscribe or sign up to watch any of the anime on this website, the website does allow users to log in and register.


11. Masterani

The Masterani website is a prominent online anime streaming site in the United States and the United Kingdom. Users may view a large selection of animations and cartoons on this website. This website’s user experience is highly appealing, and there are no third-party adverts on the site, so the user interface is very simple and easy to use. It most likely offers practically all of the popular current and most seen anime to its users.


12. KissAnime

KissAnime is a fantastic portal that offers a wide range of anime shows. Viewers may watch these anime online as well as download them for free from the site. KissAnime offers videos in a variety of resolutions, from 480p to 1080p, for a variety of genres such as Action, Drama, History, Shoujo Ai, Comedy, Devil, Romance, Samurai, Supernatural Shonen, and more. The nicest thing about our site is that we update anime episodes on a regular basis. The majority of the anime shows on KissAnime are Japanese. However, because they contain English subtitles and dubs, they are still appropriate for worldwide viewers.


13. GoGoAnime

You can watch a tonne of anime for free on GoGoAnime. The website is made specifically for Chinese anime, although all of the anime and cartoons are available with English dubbing. Users may watch Full HD High-Quality videos on the site. In addition, new anime episodes are added to the site on a daily basis. This site’s user interface has been made to be both easy and good. GoGoAnime provides users with access to a massive library of thousands of anime episodes at the same time. You are free to watch the anime whenever you want.


14. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is last on our list of the best SuperCartoons alternatives to watch old cartoons online free. It is an anime streaming website with a massive library of animations where you can watch episodes of various anime categories for free. In addition, you may watch any anime for free. Although the developer has included some third-party ads on this site, this ad is needed for the site to function at all times. However, you will not be bothered by this ad when watching anime.


Final Words: SuperCartoons Alternatives

In this post, we shared with you sites like SuperCartoons, where you can download and watch your favorite cartoon online free. We have provided you with a list of all the SuperCartoons alternatives that may or may not operate properly after a time. The obvious cause for this might be that the website has been relocated to another domain. If you want to watch old cartoons online free, all of these sites like SuperCartoons have them. However, bear in mind that the developer must pay a lot of money to effectively operate these sites so that you may see third-party ads on these sites. Ads may appear regularly when streaming, so keep this in mind as well.

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