8+ Best Song Identifier Apps For Android You Can Try

Looking for the best Song Identifier Apps For Android? Then this article is for you. With the introduction of smartphones into our life, it has been impossible to ignore the need to know what song is playing on the radio, TV, or in our neighborhood. Today, our smartphones can tell us the title and performer of the song we’re listening to in a matter of seconds, and we should appreciate the apps that recognize songs for this. Several apps accessible on the internet can identify songs from our Android smartphones. You may use such apps to identify the songs playing around you effortlessly.

8+ Best Song Identifier Apps For Android

This post will list the best Android apps for recognizing songs. So, let’s look at the best song identifier apps for Android.


1. Beatfind

Song Identifier Apps For Android

Beatfind is perhaps the most straightforward song identifier app on this list. You’ll notice a prominent icon in this app, and tapping it will find the recognition of songs you wish to find. The app also preserves a history of all songs it has previously identified. Beatfind may also link to other platforms like YouTube and Spotify to display lyrics.

2. SoundHound

Song Identifier Apps For Android

SoundHound was founded in 2005 as a music recognition system and has expanded its technology into other sectors. Users may use the app to identify songs. Once identified, users can play them or watch the video clip. Users may also link SounHound to Spotify to identify lyrics and add songs to playlists.

3. Musixmatch

Song Identifier Apps For Android

Musixmatch is an app you should not overlook if you use Spotify frequently. It not only recognizes the songs but also shows the lyrics. Musixmatch offers the best user interface compared to the other song identifier apps for Android. The app is free to use, and it integrates with a variety of major music streaming apps such as Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.

4. Google

Song Identifier Apps For Android

The Google Android app also allows us to find items by inputting text or expressing anything aloud. It also can identify music. To identify any music using the Google app, open the search engine, leave our Android’s microphone to listen to the music, and it will give us additional information about that song in a few seconds.

5. Genius

Song Identifier Apps For Android

Genius is a great Android app that allows you to identify the song you desire quickly. The app’s user interface is rather simple, and it isn’t overloaded with extraneous functionality. It shows the lyrics after recognizing a song. On Android, the app is completely free to download and use.

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6. Shazam

Song Identifier Apps For Android

We are all aware that Shazam is the most well-known app for recognizing songs, and hence it is the most popular song identifier app on the list. Shazam allows you to identify songs in seconds, follow their lyrics in real-time, buy the songs, listen to full songs, watch videos, and much more.

7. Music Recognizer

After downloading and installing the Music Recognition app for Android, you must utilize it for events such as live shows, clubs, and so on. The app will recognize and give you the song and artist’s name within seconds. To begin, Music Recognition requires access to your microphone. Nevertheless, music Recognizer is one of the best music recognition apps available on the Google Play Store.

8. WhoSampled

If you enjoy music as much as I do, you will undoubtedly enjoy using this app. It detects the songs and shows the available samples, covers, and remixes for the identified song. However, to unlock all features, you must purchase the app’s premium edition. The premium edition costs $9.99 per year.

9. Song Detector

Despite its lack of popularity, Song Detector can recognize popular songs. To identify a song playing around you, open the app, and it will play it for you before telling you the name of the song. When it recognizes a song, it shows you a preview of the song and gives you a choice to watch the music video on YouTube.

10. Chord ai

Chord ai, on the other hand, is not a song identifier. It employs artificial intelligence to provide you with the chords to any song automatically and consistently. It’s a whole distinct app designed just for musicians. When unusual chords are played, it’s an excellent tool for learning or transcribing the intricacies of a song.

Conclusion: Song Identifier Apps For Android

These free song identifier apps for Android make it simple to identify songs. I hope you found this material useful! Please share it with your friends as well. Also, please let us know in the comments section below if you know of any more similar song recognizer apps.

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