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Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization Error In Windows 11? How To Fix

Have you ever had a Windows problem that states, “Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization”? If that’s the case, it might not be very reassuring! This common problem happens when you attempt to edit a setting, and the computer alerts you that your IT staff has locked it. It might occur for a variety of causes.

1 – Your company or school may have provided you with a managed account.

2 – Viruses and malware may block access to system settings.

3 – You have installed third-party apps that alter Windows settings.

If you run across it, we’ll tell you how to quickly and efficiently address the “Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization” issue.

Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization Error In Windows 11? How To Fix

Reboot PC

The first action you might take to fix the “Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization” Error in Windows 11 is to restart the computer. This will assist in clearing RAM, temporary files, cache, and any transient issues and hiccups that may have occurred. Try to change the settings without opening any files or apps after your computer reboots.

Update Windows OS

Microsoft is aware of the compatibility issues and defects that develop globally. To fix these errors and issues, it frequently releases updates. Therefore, always keep your Windows operating system updated to avoid most errors and issues. Below are the steps to update the PC.

1 – To open Windows Settings, press Win + I simultaneously.

2 – Select Windows Update from the list of options on the left.

3 – Select the “Check for Updates” button on the right side.

Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization

4 – Install each pending update one at a time by selecting the Download & Install option and rebooting the PC.

Modify Settings Of Diagnostic Data

Microsoft upgrades and improves Windows using the data on your device. If some Diagnostics & Feedback options are deactivated, this error may appear. To fix this, you must change these settings. Here’s how you do it.

1 – To access the Settings menu on the keyboard, press Win + I.

2 – Choose Privacy & Security in the left-hand window.

3 – Choose Diagnostics & Feedback from the Windows Permissions section on the page’s right side.

Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization

4 – Turn on the “Send optional diagnostic data” setting.¬†

5 – Close the Settings window and reboot your computer after completing the procedures.

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Make Changes In The Local Group Policy Editor

The Windows Local Group Policy Editor is an excellent tool for managing your settings. The Windows Professional and Enterprise editions are the only ones that provide this capability, though. The “Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization” Error in Windows 11 may be fixed using the below steps.

1 – Hit Win+R to open the RUN box.

2 – Type ‘GPEDIT’ into the text field and press Enter.

3 – The Local Group Policy Editor opens up. You must navigate to the following setting, which is listed below.

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Data Collection and Preview Builds

4 – Once you’ve reached the previously specified path in the left panel, locate Accept Diagnostic Data in the right panel and right-click it.

Note: Allow Diagnostic Data will be titled Allow Telemetry if you use Windows 10.

5 – Choose the EDIT option from the contextual menu.

6 – A new window will emerge in which you must select the Enabled button.

7 – Select “Send Optional Diagnostic Data” from the drop-down menu in the Options section.

8 – Locate the OK button in the bottom right corner and click the Apply button.

9 – Check if the issue has been addressed by rebooting Your PC.

Make Changes Via The Registry Editor

The next approach to remedy this error is to use the Windows Registry Editor. It is advisable to take a backup of your Registry before making any changes. These are the steps.

1 – Hit Win + R to open the RUN box, then type “regedit” and press Enter.

2 – If the UAC prompt appears, click the Yes button.

3 – Go to the following path after the Registry window is open.


4 – On the Registry Editor’s right panel, locate the Wuserver key.

5 – Right-click on the key and select Delete from the context menu that appears.

6 – Reboot The Computer, and You Will Be Able To Make The Settings Changes Without The Error “Some Settings Are Managed by Your Organization” On Your Windows 11 PC.


We hope the solutions help you fix the “Some Settings Are Managed by Your Organization” error on your Windows 11 PC. Tell us which tactic worked for you. If you’ve any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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