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How To Find And Kill The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring may be one of the most accessible games similar to FromSoftware Soul to date, but that does not mean it is easy. You will perish in this game, which still contains plenty of challenges. Fortunately, despite the difficulty, you can employ plenty of strategies and insider tips to get a head start, take on the Lands Between, and emerge victorious. The Sleeping Dragon (Elder Dragon Greyoll) is one of the finest methods to acquire many runes early in the Elden Ring. If executed properly, it will require little to no fatalities or battles. This is not your typical agricultural tutorial, but it is a wonderful way to get a head start on your quest to become the next Elden Lord in the early part of the Elden Ring.

Should You Kill The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring?

Players of Elden Ring are divided as to whether or not the Sleeping Dragon should be killed, but based on the information that has been uncovered thus far, it will not affect the game negatively and will not halt any quest lines. If you want some runes and a head start on your new character, taking down this enormous dragon won’t result in any detrimental narrative complications.

What You’ll Need To Take Down The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring?

You will need a few things to make the voyage as rewarding as possible, even though the fight will be relatively easy to win and will only take time and fortitude to kill this enormous dragon if done right. First, head to the shoreline located immediately south of the first site of grace you will encounter in the Elden Ring. A Gold Pickled Fowl Foot can be found here. Runes obtained from defeating enemies will be increased by 30% for three minutes thanks to this consumable. You will only receive about 50,000 runes if you don’t activate this immediately before slaying the Sleeping Dragon.

The dawn star is the next item to make the fight take less time. Having relatively easy access to it early in the game, this is an early weapon that can be used to deal hemorrhage damage. You will ultimately come to cross a damaged carriage after crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice. Run in and grab the weapon while avoiding the enemies. You are now ready to take the next step in your attempt to defeat this enormous dragon that is in your possession.

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The Sleeping Dragon Location In Elden Ring

Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring

You are ready to go to the Third Church of Marika once you have obtained all the necessary equipment. Head to the shrubbery behind it once you arrive, and you’ll find a conduit that, when activated, will lead you to the Caelid area. If you take this area early in the game, you will perish because it is extremely difficult. Fortunately, you can avoid the majority of the enemies and make a run for the dragon with little effort.

Travel south, cross the bridge, and ride past the enormous dragon patrolling it to avoid getting hurt. If you are using Torrent, you should be able to navigate this section without taking any damage. You will find a site of grace just outside the entrance to Fort Faroth; therefore, take a moment to rest here and prepare for the next conflict phase. Fortunately, despite the size of Dragon Greyoll, this is different from your average boss fight.

It’s time to fight the sleeping dragon now that everything is ready. Obtain your morning star (the great bleed weapon we acquired earlier); you may be required to wield it with both hands, depending on your class. With that ready, head to the dragon’s side and begin assaulting; it won’t fight back, though it will take some time.

Although the morning star does not deal much damage per strike, it occasionally inflicts hemorrhage damage during combat, which will take a significant amount of the dragons’ lives. Ensure that the dragon’s head remains detached; doing so would rouse it. Use the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot when the dragon is on the verge of death and before you deliver the fatal strike. You will receive 97,000 runes and five Dragon Hearts as compensation.

After accomplishing this, hasten to a site of grace and rest up before using the newly acquired runes. Before using the runes, don’t attempt to fight anything in the path. With that done, you can now take on the rest of the Elden Ring with enough runes to customize your character however you like, giving you a significant advantage in the game and making even the most challenging enemies marginally more manageable.

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