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Best 8 Free Sleep Tracker App To Try

Free Sleep Tracker App To Try: Well, how many hours do you sleep daily? As suggested by healthcare experts, it is crucial to be in the sleeping mode for at least 7 to 8 hours. Lack of sleep can result in various negative consequences, including heart difficulties, weariness, and daytime drowsiness. Now the issue is how to know whether you’re sleeping adequately or not. Well, the best sleep tracker apps for free are the solution.

The most effective sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch provide an accurate depiction of your sleeping pattern. In addition, they let you know your Rapid Eye Movements, sleep disruptions, and many other critical insights using sound, heart rate, movements, wake time, and bedtime as inputs. Therefore, without further ado, let’s examine the well-researched collection of the top paid and free sleep tracker apps to help users improve their sleep quality and avoid associated issues.

Best 8 Free Sleep Tracker App

The following are the best Apple Watch sleep trackers to help you manage your sleep effectively.

1. SleepScore

Sleep Tracker App

SleepScore ranks first on our list of the best sleep tracker apps for several reasons. For instance, it employs sonar technology to monitor your sleep. Sonar waves precisely measure respiration and other sounds to determine sleep patterns. In addition, it is one of the best sleep trackers for iPhone that provides a score for your sleep. The score aids you in setting better goals for sleep improvement.

2. AutoSleep

Sleep Tracker App

AutoSleep is a popular and well-liked sleep tracking app. As the name suggests, without any special direction, the app automatically offers input to track your sleep. All you need to do is give these permissions. An ad-free experience makes for its sleek user interface. Based on your sleep duration and quality, the app generates a readiness score indicating your preparedness.

3. Sleep++

Sleep Tracker App

Next, we’ve Sleep++, one of the best free sleep tracker apps well known for its clean and simple design. In addition to its uncluttered interface, we particularly liked its straightforward reports.

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4. ShutEye

Sleep Tracker App

Well, here is a list of the best sleep tracker apps you can use for free with ShutEye to track your sleep. Using artificial intelligence, the ShutEye app recognizes, calculates, and analyses the microphone‘s recorded data to determine your sleep condition. This app is accurate.

5. SleepWatch

It must be noticed when considering the best sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch. SleepWatch’s automatic collection of data from the watch, accurate analysis, and clear presentation of the analyzed data are its most appealing characteristics. However, this app also monitors sleep-disrupting behaviors, including late-night snacking and alcohol consumption.

6. NapBot

A relative newcomer to the App Store, NapBot has quickly established itself as one of the best watch sleep trackers. Several factors led to the success of this app. For instance, the NapBot app provides a calendar tab for a detailed overview of your daily sleep patterns. In addition, you can tap on any day of the week to obtain information such as heart rate and sleep phases.

7. Sleep Cycle

Let us now consider the Sleep Cycle. It is now one of the best free sleep tracker apps you may use to maintain your sleep patterns in check. It analyses noises like as snoring, coughing, and talking to provide a more accurate depiction of your sleep quality.

8. Pillow

Skipping Pillow isn’t an option when discussing the best free sleep tracking apps for the Apple watch. However, besides all standard features, such as automatic sleep cycle analysis, the Pillow offers numerous intriguing features.

The Bottom Line:

This post familiarised you with the best sleep tracker apps accessible for free. Use the app that satisfies your needs to monitor and improve your sleeping habits. If you find some other app that the above selection of the best free sleep trackers for iPhone/Apple watch needs to be included, you may suggest it in the comments area.

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