12 Best SD Card Formatter For Windows 10/8/7

Well, You may want to format your memory card for a variety of reasons. For example, you may want to restore a faulty SD card to make it work like new, or you may want to make more space for storing important files. However, the majority of users prefer to format memory cards simply because they want to convert the file system from one Format to another in order to benefit from faster writing speeds. Therefore, we carefully selected the 12 best SD Card Formatter Tools for Windows 10 after testing a dozen programs to ensure an easy and successful formatting process.

Note: All data stored on the internal/external device will be erased during the formatting process. As a result, it is strongly advised that you backup all of your files/folders before using any of the tools listed below to format the SD Card.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of memory card formatting tools:

12 Best SD Card Tools Formatter For Windows 10/8/7

SD Card Formatter Tools for Windows that you can use in 2021.


1. Windows File Explorer

SD Card Formatter For Windows

Well, If you don’t want to install any additional SD Card Formatter Tool for your Windows 10 system, you can format memory cards using the built-in Windows File Explorer. It provides a convenient way to complete the task – simply connects your SD Card to the computer using a card reader. Once successfully connected, navigate to My Computer and select your attached SD Card > right-click on it and select Format. Don’t forget to check the “Quick Format” box. Then, finish the procedure by clicking the Start button!

2. SanDisk Repair Tool

SD Card Formatter For Windows

SanDisk RescuePRO is a data recovery tool designed to recover images, videos, documents, and other files from SanDisk memory cards. It is available in three variants. The Standard version can recover data from large SD cards up to 256 GB in size and supports the most common file formats. The Deluxe edition supports up to 1 TB SD cards as well as additional file formats. Finally, the Deluxe Commercial version has the same features as the regular Deluxe version but can be used commercially. SanDisk RescuePRO includes a useful SD card imaging utility that you can use to create an image of your SD card for later Recovery.

3. EaseUS Partition Master

SD Card Formatter For Windows

Well, EaseUS Partition Master is an excellent program that provides comprehensive hard drive management and troubleshooting solutions based on Windows Disk Management and Windows Command Prompt.

The Format feature of EaseUS Partition Master is one of its most popular. Users can easily use the format option to fix a variety of problems with SD cards and USB flash drives. HDDs, SSDs, and other types of storage devices There are both free and paid versions of the tool available. You can use any of the editions that suit your needs!

4. USB Disk Storage Format Tool By HP

SD Card Formatter For Windows

The formatting tool was initially designed to only work with the company’s flash drive. However, the program was later improved and became one of the most recommended software for formatting any storage media such as SD cards, hard discs, USB flash drives, and so on. No matter what brand you’re using. Further, HP’s USB Disk Storage Format Tool is a handy Windows application with a simple interface that allows you to quickly perform tasks like formatting memory cards or creating a bootable DOS startup disc.

5. Recoverit by Wondershare

SD Card Formatter For Windows

Well, Recoverit by Wondershare is a versatile data recovery software that supports micro SD, CF, and SDHC card recovery. Using its Quick and Deep Scan algorithms, it can recover files from lost, deleted, RAW, or inaccessible partitions.

Further, When recovering files from a large SD card, you’ll appreciate the ability to pause the scan and recover any files that the software has already located. Also, You can preview all files to ensure that you’re only recovering what you want.

6. SD Memory Card Formatter

SD Card Formatter For Windows

Here’s a freeware utility for formatting memory cards on Windows 10. Not only that, but the application also aids in the repair of storage devices such as memory cards, flash drives, and hard drives to resolve a variety of errors. So, what distinguishes this tool from others? The program, on the other hand, is designed to work with almost any type of memory card. It comes with a straightforward dashboard from which you can easily execute multiple tasks. Both Windows and Mac users can use the SD Card Formatter.

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7. Disk Drill SD Card Repair Tool

SD Card Formatter For Windows

Disk Drill is a feature-rich SD card repair tool that can perform a full scan of a corrupted SD card and recover all data from it in a matter of seconds. It supports all of the file systems commonly used to format SD cards, including FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.

Disk Drill can usually recognize failing SD cards that are no longer readable by other applications or devices. Its sophisticated scanning algorithms can examine the internal structure of corrupted SD cards and recover all damaged files.

Because Disk Drill prioritizes usability over performance, you don’t need to understand how SD cards work to recover corrupted data from them. Instead, simply download Disk Drill for Windows or Mac, install it on your computer and begin the recovery process.

8. Stellar Recovery

SD Card Formatter For Windows

This micro SD card repair software provides professional-grade data recovery capabilities as well as the ability to handle all types of data loss situations, such as drive formatting, file system corruption, file deletion, and more.

Stellar Recovery can recover data from regular SD cards, CF cards, hard drives, optical media, and USB flash drives in addition to micro SD cards. In addition, you can use its disc imaging feature to create a complete backup if you want to be extra cautious when using it to repair a corrupted SD card and recover files from it. The Premium version of Stellar Recovery can repair corrupted and distorted photos and videos, but it is significantly more expensive than the Professional version.

9. RecoverRx

If you’re looking for a memory card formatting tool that allows users to recover important files as well as Format the device, your search has come to an end! It is an excellent application that supports USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, Pen Drives, SSDs, and other storage devices. The useful program has an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to thoroughly scan storage devices for files that can be recovered. These files include photos, documents, audio, and videos, among other things. The SD Card formatter utility is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and macOS X 10.7 or later.

10. Rufus

Rufus is well known for formatting devices (USB flash drive, SD card, hard drives), creating bootable USB with its easy-to-use user interface, making this a popular utility – easy, simple, and functional whenever your device requires it.

11. Recuva

Well, Recuva is one of the best free file recovery software tools available. It’s simple to use and as effective as any other freeware or paid file recovery software on the market. Recuva has a free and premium version, but the set of features behind the paywall differs slightly, as data recovery is unlimited in both.

The premium software also allows you to create a backup using a virtual hard drive before making any changes, allowing you to undo any unintended negative consequences.

12. IObit Undelete

Another good option for free SD card data recovery is IObit Undelete, which focuses on usability. Also, One of its main advantages over the competition is that it’s free to use regardless of how much data you need to restore. This allows you to recover anything you need without worrying about exceeding your storage limit, and you can restore large files that other programs would charge you for.

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Wrapping Up: SD Card Formatter For Windows

We discussed the 12 best SD/Micro SD Card Formatting tools in this post to make your life easier when working with memory cards. EaseUS Partition Master is our top recommendation because it not only assists in formatting multiple storage devices but also in managing a variety of disc and partition management options. Furthermore, the application aids in the formatting of a write-protected SD card, making it the best tool on the market. So, what is your recommendation for the Best Windows SD Card Formatter For Windows? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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