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Samsung Smart TV Not Connecting To WiFi? How To Fix

Do you need help with Samsung Smart TV not connecting to WiFi? Check out this page to understand the many tips and tricks to fix the issue. Smart TVs are a terrific way to view entertainment and can easily connect to WiFi. Smart TVs are thus the most popular option nowadays. WiFi networks are speedier, but they can occasionally experience connectivity issues. Sporadic Samsung smart TV interface flaws might result in a variety of problems. For example, smart TV network settings issues might create WiFi connection problems.

How To Easily Fix Samsung Smart TV Not Connecting To WiFi?

Here are some troubleshooting tips that you may use to fix WiFi problems on your Samsung Smart TV.

Restart WiFi Modem

To achieve this.

1 – unplug the WiFi modem from the electrical outlet.

2 – After a few seconds, reconnect it and turn the power back on.

3 – Check whether you can connect to the internet after connecting the WiFi to the Samsung Smart TV.

Restart Samsung Smart TV

Restarting a Samsung TV may be done in one of two methods. First, unplug the TV from the power source. Then, wait one minute before reconnecting the cord to the power supply. Then, wait for the TV to power on. To restart your Samsung smart TV using the second method, press the Power button on the remote.

1 – Verify that the TV is on.

2 – Press and hold the Power button on your remote until the Samsung Smart TV logo appears on display.

3 – Wait until the TV connects to the WiFi network.

Connect Samsung Smart TV To 2.4GHz Network Bandwidth

To the 5GHz network bandwidth, do not connect. Instead, connect to the 2.4GHz network, which has been found to provide faster Internet connectivity.

Avoid Connecting Many Devices To The Same WiFi Network

WiFi modems restrict the number of devices connected to them for network sharing. If you are experiencing network issues with your Samsung Smart TV, you should ideally disconnect other devices connected to the same WiFi network while using the Smart TV. Alternatively, connect the TV to a different WiFi network.

Check That You’re Using Correct Password

You must enter the password carefully the first time you connect your Samsung smart TV to the WiFi modem. Then, click the checkbox next to the password field that reads “Show Password” to make the password visible.

Set Correct Date And Time

Always set the right date and time in the router and TV settings.

1 – Navigate to the TV’s settings.

2 – Select General > System Manager > Time.

3 – Click Clock Mode under Clock.

4 – Change it to Manual if it’s set to Auto.

5 – Then, enter the appropriate day and time.

Change Name Of The TV

At your place, do you have many TVs with the same name? Network issues may appear on the TVs when linked to the same WiFi network. To make the connection with the WiFi modem easier, change the name of one of the TVs.

1 – Navigate to System Manager in the Settings menu.

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2 – Click the Device name and enter a new name for it.

3 – Restart the TV.

Place WiFi Router Closer To The Smart TV

According to Samsung, the TV and router should be placed 15.2m apart. This improves the Smart TV’s connectivity and network coverage. In addition, to improve connectivity, you may put a wireless booster between the devices to increase the Samsung Smart TV’s WiFi reception.

Use Smart Hub Connection Test For The Smart TV

It is a function within the Samsung Smart TV settings that automatically identify and fix any technical issues.

1 – Navigate to the Settings menu, then select Support > Device Care.

2 – Go to Self-Diagnosis and click.

3 – Choose the Smart Hub Connection Test after that.

Reset Smart Hub Of The Samsung Smart TV

Well, this will reset the Smart Hub settings, uninstall all installed apps on the TV, and delete all stored accounts.

1 – On your Samsung Smart TV, navigate to Settings > Support > Device Care > Self-Diagnosis.

2 – Choose Reset Smart Hub. 

3 – Confirm the reset by entering PIN 0000.

Change DNS And IP Settings Of Samsung Smart TV

1 – Navigate to the Settings menu and select General > Network.

2 – Click Network Status > IP Settings. 

3 – Configure the IP settings to acquire automatically.

4 – Go to the DNS Settings page. Change it to Manually and enter the DNS if it is set to Get Automatically.

5 – If DNS Settings is set to Manually, change it to Automatically.

Reset TV Network Settings

When you reset the network settings, any issues will be eliminated, and all settings will be reverted to their normal values.

1 – Reset Network may be found under Settings > General > Network.

2 – To confirm, click Reset.

Remember that you must re-add the WiFi settings after resetting the smart TV network settings.

Re-Add WiFi Network

You must thus remove the WiFi network settings from your TV and re-integrate it.

1 – Navigate to the Settings menu and select General > Network.

2 – Select the Wireless option under Open Network Settings.

3 – Click Manage Saved Networks after that.

4 – Click Delete after selecting the Network.

5 – To re-add the same network, repeat the preceding procedures. (1-2)

6 – Choose the same WiFi network (ensure the modem is turned on) and enter the password on the wireless connection screen.

Perform Factory Reset On TV

If the previous tips and tricks aren’t working, the Samsung Smart TV must be factory reset.

1 – Navigate to Settings > General > Reset

2 – To confirm the reset, you must enter the default PIN 0000.

WiFi networks, apps, profile customizations, etc., will all be removed upon factory reset. You must set everything up from scratch once you turn on the TV after the reset.


That’s all the troubleshooting steps you need to fix the Samsung Smart TV not Connecting to WiFi. Try each one individually to determine which one works best. If there is another method to fix this issue, please share it. Let us know in the comments.

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