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Best 20 Reseller Apps For Selling & Online Shopping

If you wish to establish a home-based business, you’ve come to the correct place. Register as a reseller and start a business with no initial investment. Yes, that is correct. You can earn money from the convenience of your own home by reselling apps. With gratitude to the Internet and social media revolution, reseller apps have advanced beyond our greatest expectations. You need not search for an appropriate marketplace to buy or sell your products. Instead, let’s delve into this article to learn about Reseller Apps for Online Shopping and Selling.

Who’s A Reseller?

A reseller is a company or individual who acquires and sells goods and services to earn a profit from each transaction. For example, a retailer buys goods from a wholesaler but sells them only at a marked-up price. In contrast, a reseller makes a significant profit by purchasing many goods. Each link in the reselling chain will profit from the ease of the items’ resale, from the manufacturer to the merchant to the consumer. Resellers may increase the price of the items they resell or add value by combining related prices or repackaging. By repackaging their products, partnering with expedient shipping companies, and establishing a reasonable pricing structure, resellers provide their items with unmatched value, increasing sales.

What Are Reseller Apps?

Reseller apps are online marketplaces where users can display their products and communicate with people in their vicinity who are interested in purchasing them. Additionally, purchasers can negotiate prices to arrive at a final price acceptable to buyers and sellers. Finally, it is a secure website that requires no personal information from users. This evolution is only possible because individuals know the numerous capabilities of resale apps. Meesho, Shop 101, and Olx are examples of well-known reseller apps.

How To Start Reseller Business Online?

Before launching an online reseller business, consider a few things.

Select The Best Kind Of Reselling Business For Yourself

You can purchase items at wholesale prices & resell them at a profit, or you can refer your sales to wholesalers and earn a commission. Therefore, it is critical to streamline your business processes and find the best suit.

Determine Industry

Knowing the specifications of your products will help you advertise them more effectively in the e-Commerce business, which has evolved. Investigating the implications of industries, market developments, and inflation on your company would be best. It’ll give you an idea of how much various items and services cost, as well as customer service, policies, and restrictions. You can inquire about the products and their terms and conditions with your vendors.

Determine Company’s Market & Target Audience

You must be aware of your customer’s preferences. What delivery method will you use to send them the goods? What is your definition of referrals? Or by developing a presence on the Internet? How much will it cost you to deliver things to customers?

Research About Competition

Well, your new reselling firm will be more profitable if fewer competitors exist. Find a niche, then do something different that destroys the competition. Numerous suppliers refuse to allow resellers into their market because it generates an all-encompassing price war. Therefore, it is critical to conduct research and make plans. Conduct some research to determine the prices of your competitors. What will set apart your new reseller company from the competition? How will you make your firm more profitable? One of the top online resale companies is selling cosmetics and fashion products.

Check To See If The Business Is Profitable

The subsequent step is to determine whether your reseller business is viable based on the type of reseller business that is appropriate, current market trends, your competitors, and product information. Starting a business that cannot be successful is a good use of time and money. It is critical to anticipate the firm’s financial analysis and future. Do you wish to know the cost of a website? What method will you employ to distribute your product to customers? If required, how much will affiliate marketing cost? How much would advertisements cost? What will be the outcome? How much money will you make?

Begin Reseller Business On The Internet

The final stage is to establish your reselling business after incorporating all the information and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the business. The incorporation of the company is simple and can be conducted online. To start an internet resale business, set up a website and buy a domain after incorporation. You can locate a domain on a free website and purchase it for free or at a low price to process online orders. After confirming the availability of your suppliers, you may add all products to your website and commence selling.

Things To Remember Before Selling On Reseller Apps

Remember the following things to make a profit and earn a reasonable margin from reseller apps.

Recognize What Market Needs

It would be best to determine your niche market demands and then decide how a mobile app can deliver the solutions your clients need. Remember that you are providing a marketing solution as opposed to software features.

Avoid Saturation

It would be best if you had a competitive advantage to add your name to the stack to benefit you. So ask yourself these questions to assess your market position.

  • Can you provide your services at a lower cost than your competitors?
  • Are you doing things differently, or are you providing a completely new service?
  • How can you hope to attract customers if your solutions need to be updated and well-established?

Get To Know Your Niche

And every competent marketer must understand the client’s industry to produce high-quality goods. Therefore, choosing a vertical with which you are already familiar is best. Certainly, you can experiment with something completely different, which is sometimes the best option. However, you are adding to your burden if you must master a completely new type of business from scratch before you can start making progress.

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Recognize The Platform Preferences Of Vertical

Understanding what is prevalent in your niche gives you an advantage over the competition. Small discourse with your customers via sales calls and correspondence lets you better understand your vertical. Next, determine the usage patterns of your desired niche. This niche may adhere to different trends than the majority of the population.

Selling On Reseller Apps Advantages

The prospective advantages of using a reselling platform or app are as follows.

  • It affords you additional opportunities to market and sell your products.
  • Reselling platforms offer reduced marketing costs when compared to other sales channels.
  • In addition, it creates new opportunities for international sales – Online marketplace growth has been seen in homeware, pets, fashion, and athletic items.
  • Customers appreciate them because they make comparing prices and items from a single source easy.
  • Being a part of a reputable online marketplace establishes trust between you and the buyer, and unbiased evaluations of your products and services may instill confidence in prospective customers.
  • They enable new trading relationships with merchants and suppliers within and across supply chains.
  • They increase transparency by providing open access to availability, prices, and inventory levels.
  • They also enable round-the-clock operations, eliminating differing foreign trading hours’ time constraints and difficulties.

Selling On Reseller Apps Disadvantages

The following are the disadvantages of using a platform for reselling.

  • Each transaction on a marketplace may incur a commission fee, the amount of which differs from site to site. Therefore, understand the market’s price structure before you sell your products there.
  • Internet retailers may set specific terms and conditions for how you can communicate with customers.
  • There could be restrictions on how your company can promote its online presence in the marketplace.

How To Make Money Through Reseller Apps?

Reseller Apps make it easier for resellers to buy and sell products for profit.

  • When you obtain a reseller app and become a reseller, you’ll have access to the best product reseller apps from reseller companies or online purchasing and selling sites.
  • These free reseller apps assist you in making money by letting you buy and sell items from branded reseller product catalogs. In addition, you can set your profit.
  • Most reseller apps include reselling guidance and training apps to assist you in developing a reseller business strategy.

Best Reseller Apps

The best Reseller Apps are.

1. Elanic

Elanic is a community of women who need more clothing despite having a complete inventory. This app enables resellers to sell their used clothing online to address this issue. In addition, the app handles logistics and safely delivers your product to the buyer’s doorstep.

2. Meesho

Meesho is one of the largest reselling platforms allowing small businesses and individuals to start online storefronts. It has over 15 million downloads and a 4.5 rating on Google Play. On the Meesho reseller app, a seller can earn a high commission and profit on every product they sell, and if they meet their weekly sales goal, they will receive a cash incentive.

3. Shopee

Shopee does not impose any additional fees or deductions on resellers. Therefore, all of your earnings are placed directly into your purse. The registration process on the platform can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes and a few simple steps.

4. GlowRoad

GlowRoad is a platform for reselling with over 1 lakh high-quality products and 100 wholesale categories. It has nearly 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.5 stars. It has a reputation for on-time delivery. Their categories range from clothing and cosmetic products to home décor, cutlery, and furniture.

5. OLX

OLX is one of the most significant online marketplaces for used goods. It makes it simple to ship unwanted items, whether you are a seller or just an individual who discovers them around the house. You can communicate with the buyer via in-app messaging and calling to discuss pricing and delivery terms and conditions.

6. Yaari

Yaari is a well-known social commerce platform that allows sellers to create a business and earn money by reselling products on prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Here, you can sell various superior-quality branded items at competitive prices. Simple returns and hassle-free delivery are also provided.

7. LetGo

LetGo is a marketplace for selling used and pre-owned goods. With a 4.3 rating, over 110 million downloads, and high consumer confidence, it has become the most popular online marketplace. It strongly supports local and regional companies. In addition, compared to other reselling apps, it offers purchasing areas at reasonable prices.

8. Mercari

You can sell used and new stuff on Mercari, which is known as a flea market app. People who have used this app to sell items have raved about how easy it is. In addition, they offer 24/7 customer service and free transportation, significantly increasing their customer base. Sellers must include a product image, price, brand, condition, and shipping cost.

9. 5miles

5miles is a reselling platform for urban businesses in particular. It encourages local businesses to provide superior customer service. On this platform, you can easily evaluate prices and items to locate the best nearby reseller. With 4.4 stars and 5,000,000 downloads, it’s become a popular option among users. Sellers can easily sell furniture, home accessories, antiques, electronics, and more.

10. Shop101

Shop 101 is now one of the best free reseller apps available. Offering an Internet store in minutes offers modest or home-based business owners zero risk on social media. They have over fifty million four-star rated resellers. In addition, it offers its users multi-language options and rebate offers, which add to the app’s appeal.

11. Quikr

The Quikr app gained popularity as the leading marketplace for used electronics, furniture, clothing, and automobiles, among other items. It has a 4.3-star rating and over 10 million downloads due to its on-time delivery and doorstep service. In addition, this platform for reselling has greatly simplified the renting and selling of real estate.

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12. OfferUp

OfferUp is a trustworthy app for resellers with more than 10 million installations and a 4.5-star rating. It offers incentives to sellers who consistently provide excellent customer service. Additionally, they permit buyers and sellers to provide feedback on concluded transactions. Finally, to ease their actual identity, sellers can link their accounts with Facebook.

13. CarWale

It is a platform that only provides access to sellers who have been verified. It has a 4.60 rating because it offers many affordable vehicles with the most convenient payment options. Since it offers you a platform to buy and sell a variety of automobiles, CarWale gained popularity in a brief time. In addition, it provides users with specialized instruments for evaluating the current market price.

14. ZyMi

Because of its genuineness and ease of use, ZyMi is regarded as one of the best free seller apps. Sellers can establish their online store for free and sell products in minutes. In addition, they receive a commission from sales. As a result, you can sell tens of thousands of high-quality branded clothing items using the platform.

15. Cartlay

This app is renowned for reselling current trends. They have over 50,000 downloads and a rating of 4.4 stars. One can share their products on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, making selling simple. In addition, buyers can receive their stuff in two days thanks to its expedited shipping option.

16. Amazon Seller Marketplace

Amazon’s Reselling platform is a concealed treasure in reselling apps. Well, it has a rating of 4.4 and has been downloaded over 5 million times. Moreover, they have a large customer base due to their exceptional features, including a simple return policy, expeditious shipping, and high-quality products.

17. Facebook Marketplace

With this platform for reselling, you can list your product for public viewing on and off the Facebook app. In addition, it allows you to advertise your products in public and private groups in which you participate.

18. Hi Boss

Hi Boss is comparable to Meesho and GlowRoad regarding authenticity and dependability. With this software, you can sell popular, high-quality items at factory prices while resting at home and making no investment. In addition, they authentically care about their customers, offering free shipping and a COD option to make them pleased.

19. ResellMe

This app enables you to sell in ResellMe groups, where new buyers join daily based on the group’s popularity. You can even create your group and sell products to others. In addition, the app connects you directly to the consumer, allowing you to negotiate directly.

20. Shopmatic

In addition to reselling, Shopmatic offers business intelligence tools that enable sellers to categorize sales-related data. Furthermore, the platform enables you to make it safe and secure from Shopmatic and even handles the logistics requirements.


What Are The Reseller Apps Benefits?

A resale app can provide several advantages.

  • No investment is required to start a business.
  • You can sell a variety of things.
  • No prior experience required.
  • Work in a serene and stress-free atmosphere.

What App Is Best For Reselling?

Each app for reselling has its own set of advantages, so the platform you choose will depend on your business requirements.

  • For selling without fee – Facebook Marketplace.
  • For selling handmade and vintage items – Etsy.
  • For selling clothing – Meesho.
  • For selling home goods – Mercari.
  • For selling heavy goods – eBay.

Is Meesho A Reselling App?

Meesho is the most popular app for reselling because it enables individuals to earn money online through a unique and simple method. It also offers weekly rewards and incentives to entice buyers and sellers to use this remarkable reselling tool.

Does Meesho Sell Fake Products?

You must be your judge if you choose Meesho as a platform to buy something. There are numerous sellers adding products to their catalogs. Before choosing the catalog, you must consider the customer rating and the seller’s reputation.

How To Use Meesho Reselling App?

Well, how to make the most of this reseller app.

  • Explore the vast products in the ‘For You’ section and all category landing pages.
  • View the tutorial videos available in the Help section.
  • Provide your bank information to receive margins.
  • Create a company logo and business card.
  • Create a community on Facebook and WhatsApp, and then start sharing products.
  • Initially, establish a minimal profit margin and grow your customer base.

How To List Products On Meesho?

As a seller, you can list your products on the Meesho app. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Meesho Seller Panel, please visit the official website and fill out the app. For Meesho seller registration, a GST Number, a PAN Card, and a Business Account are required.

Is It Possible To Resell Apps?

You can also resell apps, but you must first decide what your niche market requires. Then, you must decide how a mobile app may deliver the solutions your customers require. Remember that you are providing a marketing solution as opposed to software features.

Is Amazon A Reselling App?

Sell on Amazon is a program offered by that enables you to list and sell your products. Then, you can either deliver the product to the consumer and confirm shipment yourself or allow Amazon to fulfill the order through FBA or Easy Ship. After deducting Amazon’s fees, the funds will be deposited into your bank account.

The Bottom Line:

Due to the abundance of options available on the Play Store, finding the best app for reselling can take time and effort. However, all the above-mentioned best reselling apps have excellent ratings and reviews and are extremely easy to use. You can confidently use the resale apps, as we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best ones to buy, sell, and earn with. Set up your reselling business using these apps, and you’ll be on your way to a new level of success in no time.

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