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How To Activate PS Vue On PS4, TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV

If you enjoy PlayStation Vue programs, this article will help you with PSVue login and PSVue activation at PS VUE, an over-the-top internet TV service based in the United States, maybe installed on a variety of devices. PS Vue offers a single PSVue login that can be used to access all PlayStation streams on any device. To continue watching all PlayStation stations on your smartphone, go to and input your PSVue activation code, which was produced via the PSVue application based on your and PSN ID. 

PSVue Login Devices

You may check in to PSVue on the following objects with your PSN ID to enable PSVue streams on the device. 

  • PlayStation 4 
  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Apple TV 
  • Roku Players & TV 
  • Android TV 
  • Google Chromecast 
  • iPhone/iPad iOS 
  • Android 

If you have at minimum one of the devices mentioned previously, you may use your PSVue PSN ID and log in to activate PSVue on it. On PS4

PSVue channels on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PS4 Pro require both a PSN ID and a PSVue login. 

  • From the “TV & video areas,” install and launch the PlayStation Vue app. 
  • Using your PSN ID, log in to your PlayStation Vue account. 
  • PlayStation channels will begin to stream. 
  • PSVue guest login for two PlayStation 4s 
  • Launch the PS Vue application on your computer. 
  • As a guest, log in to your PS Vue account. 
  • Take note of the PS Vue license key that appears on your screen. 
  • Go to and type in the code that appears on your screen. 

To begin streaming, wait a few seconds. On TV

You’ll be requested to input your PSVue Roku registration key at, and here’s how to do it. 

  • In the Roku “TV & movies” area, look for PlayStation Vue. 
  • To see the activation code, open the app. 
  • Go to in your browser. 
  • PSVue login or PSN ID are both valid ways to access your PlayStation Vue account. 
  • Choose Roku from the lists of available devices. 
  • On your Roku TV and media device, enter the activation code. 

To start broadcasting PS Vue on your media players, follow the screen instructions to complete the activation at Setup

To activate PSVue on an Apple TV, users must go through the steps below to generate an Apple TV PSVue activation code. 

  • On your Apple TV, go to the Apple Store. 
  • Install “PSVue” or “PlayStation Vue” on your TV by searching for it. 
  • On your Apple TV, look for the PSVue activation code. 
  • Go to in your browser to get started. 
  • Log in to Ps Vue with your PlayStation Network ID. 
  • Choose Apple TV as your device of choice. 
  • Enter the code for activation. 
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The get going button will now display, and you’ll be invited to activate the chosen device by following the instructions on the screen. On Chromecast

By going to and selecting Chromecast, you may activate your PlayStation Vue membership on Chromecast and other devices. First, however, you may activate PSVue on Chromecast using the PSVue login [ID] by following the instructions here. 

  • From the Playstore, get PS Vue for your Chromecast. 
  • Link to the same WiFi connection as Chromecast while using the Vue app. 
  • Using your PSN ID, log in to your PS Vue account. 
  • To participate, click the casting symbol on your Chromecast. 
  • Select a show to cast using Chromecast by scrolling through the list. 

You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite PlayStation Vue shows on a larger screen once the casting is complete. 

PSVue Login On Amazon FireTV

Here’s how to install PS Vue for Amazon Fire TV, check the access code, and use the program to activate Vue programming on Amazon TV. 

  • Go to the Amazon Store on your TV. 
  • Look for PlayStation Vue and download it. 
  • Keep a record of the activation code. 
  • In your browser, go to 
  • Use your PSN ID to log in. 

The PlayStation Vue material will then be available to watch on your Amazon TV at any time. Not Working

The steps outlined above should help you get your PS Vue membership in shape and enable you to watch on your preferred devices. However, if your PSVue login or Vue isn’t working, there are a few things to consider. 

  • The PS Vue license key is about to expire. 
  • You don’t have a subscription that is active. 
  • Also, you should be on the same WiFi network as Chromecast to use PSVue on Chromecast. 
  • You may possibly be unable to login in to activate due to a bad internet connection. 

Reset PSVue Login

If you can still recall your PS Vue email address and password and are having issues getting into your PSVue profile with your PSN ID, you may try and fix it to refresh your password. 

  • Visit on your browser. 
  • Click on “I’m having problems signing in.” 
  • Enter the email address you used to sign up for PSVue. 
  • Select send email from the drop-down menu. 
  • Log in to your email address and click the “Forgot your password?” link. 
  • For your account, make a new PSN login. 

To troubleshoot your user name and password, you’ll need to recall your PSVue email address.

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