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12+ Best PS4 Power Supply You Can Use

The best PS4 power supply will prevent typical issues. However, the piece is susceptible to power surges, power outages, and other power bugs. The power surge is located at the rear of the console. It features a few USB ports in addition to the power output. It must collect power from the cable and adjust the voltage so that the PS4 receives exactly what it requires. For example, if you are charging devices on the PS4, the power supply will deliver the extra electricity required. The power supply converts alternative current (AC) to direct current (DC) (DC). It protects against electric shocks. Consequently, picking an appropriate power regulator to power your PlayStation 4 and USB devices is essential. Specifically, if the unit failed, you would want to replace it with the best possible PS4 power supply.

Power Surge Regulator Specifications For The PS4

Let’s have a look at the PS4 power surge specifications before continuing. The PS4 Fat (the original model), PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro differ. Note that various models have different wattages, hertz, ports, and power supplies for ports. Noting the required specs for your console will save you from making a costly error while purchasing. PlayStation consoles provide a model number with the power output. The number looks like “CUH (number).” Find the model, as certain power supplies are exclusive to these numbers. If not, the piece will not fit. In particular:

1 – The model numbers for the PS4 Fat are CUH-10xx, CUH-11xx, and CUH-12xx. 

2 – The model numbers for the PS4 Slim are CUH-20xx. 

3 – The model numbers for the PS4 are CUH-70xx.

12+ Best PS4 Power Supply You Can Use

We provide Amazon links to the best PS4 power supply options. You would be able to find the necessary replacement for the Fat, Slim, or Pro models. These are sourced from many brands, some of which are authorized Sony suppliers. It means that choosing a suitable one may take time and effort.

1. Sony N14-240P1A PS4 Power Supply

PS4 Power Supply

The N14-240P10 is available for CUH11 series models, such as the CUH-1115A. Make careful to verify the console’s model number. Specifically, this is one of the most often purchased power supplies for the PS4 Fat model. It may be due to the material’s distinct texture.

2. Sony ADP-200ER PS4 Power Supply

PS4 Power Supply

Sony supplies the original replacement for the CUH12XX series, the N14-200P1A. So, for instance, the 1215b and 1215a, common retail models, may find this piece. In terms of technology, it offers 100-240V wattage, 50/60Hz, and a 12V output. These are the specs for a 500GB or 1000GB PS4 Fat. Lastly, the brand conducts pre-shipment inspections on all components to assure quality control.

3. Colorgo ADP-240CR PS4 Power Supply

PS4 Power Supply

The Colorgo power supply is the most common model. It is unique to the CUH-1100A series and CUH-11 series. (PS4 Fat models). This model has 250 wattages, 50/60 Hz, and an internal 4-pin connector. You or a technician would connect the power supply to the motherboard using this pin. Lastly, the model has high-quality internal components and is simple to install.

4. G-Dreamer ADP-240CR PS4 Power Supply

PS4 Power Supply

The next PS4 Power Supply option is by G-Dreamer, which is presently compatible with the latest PS4 Fat models. This means the CUH11XXA and CUH-11XXB series. The model has a 4-pin connector and the exact voltage and frequency your model requires. Finally, the dimensions are ideal if they correspond to the model numbers.

5. HongLei ADP-200ER PS4 Power Supply

PS4 Power Supply

We suggest the Hong Lei model for CUH-1215A and CUH-12xx series from the models above that do not fit on your console. It means that it is compatible with the latest PS4 Fat models. This power supply incorporates quality materials and circuitry for enhanced performance. It also provides a longer duration. Technically, it features a 100V-240V input, 50/60Hz, and 12V output. So it will exactly fit the console’s specs.

6. Usoline911 ADP-240AR Power Supply For PS4

PS4 Power Supply

Usoline911 is the brand of the next available option. This model of the original PS4 is dependable. It is simple to install and has a long lifespan. This unit has an output of 12V, 50/60Hz, 100-240V, and 100-240V. It features a 5-pin connection, making it compatible with the CUH-1001A and CUH10 series of 500GB PlayStation 4 Fat models. Some of these devices are reconditioned, similar to the one you can find on Amazon. This is a gamble; sometimes, it works flawlessly, but other times it fails.

7. Sony N15-160P1A PS4 Slim Power Supply

PS4 Power Supply

There exists an approved replacement for the PS4 Slim’s PSU. It is the Sony N16-160P1A model. This item is robust, constructed of premium materials, and has a sturdy chassis. Furthermore, the quality of the item will last for many years. Lastly, it is compatible with the CUH-2015A and CUH20 model series.

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8. Flowering ADP-200ER PS4 Power Supply

The next model for the PS4 Fat console family that we recommend is made by the Flowering brand. It is compatible with series CUH-12XXa and 12xxb (like the 1215b or 1215a). These are the latest models of the PS4 Fat. They are shorter than their predecessors; therefore, they cannot be used with older devices. It has a wattage of 100-240V, 50/60Hz, and a 12V output. Lastly, the organization guarantees that all items will undergo quality inspection before shipment. Therefore, it makes it easy for customers to return defective or incorrect products.

9. G-Dreamer 160R PS4 Slim Power Supply

The following PS4 Power Supply option is also extremely common. G-Dreamer offers the 160R model for CUH-2015A models and the CUH-20 series. It replaces the ADP-160R and N16-160P1A models in particular. As for technical characteristics, they have a 100-240V voltage range and 50/60Hz frequency. This unit, however, is not sealed. Therefore, it is likely to fail if you have recurrent bug infestations at home, such as ants or roaches.

10. Tangxi ADP-160ER PS4 Slim Power Supply

Tangxi Store is the best and most popular PS4 Power Supply option for replacing a PS4 Slim power supply. A model is available from the supplier for CUH-21XX models. This unit is constructed to a high quality. For instance, it is comprised of high-quality ABS materials. In addition, the structure has wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and a completely sealed unit for protection against dust, moisture, and insects. Regarding technical specs, it includes 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 12V output, and dimensions ideal for the PS4 Slim “2000.”

11. Hilitand N16‑160P1A PS4 Slim Power Supply

The N16-160P1A model from Hilitand matches the original PSU’s performance and stability. Specifically, this piece is compatible with CUH-21XX models, such as the ubiquitous CUH-2115. It has strong materials, resistance to wear and corrosion, and a sturdy chassis. The installation procedure is quite exact. The unit has intuitive instructions.

12. Gxcdizx ADP-160CR PS4 Slim Power Supply

The next option also suits CUH-20XX models (like the 2015A PS4 Slim). Nonetheless, this option is a “disassembly portion.” It means that the piece originated from a faulty PS4; therefore, it may be worn and scratched. However, because of this, you are guaranteed that the piece will fit the PS4 Slim without difficulty and work correctly.

13. Sony ADP-300CR PS4 Pro Power Supply

This model is compatible with the PS4 Pro CUH70 series, including the CUH-7015B. Unfortunately, based on what we’ve observed on Amazon, the shipment of this unit leaves much to be desired. So, instead, we recommend you purchase it at a store. However, there is another option with the improved shipment. Nonetheless, as an approved Sony replacement, it will deliver the PS4 Pro’s specs, dimensions, and timeframe.

14. Sony N15-300P1A PS4 Pro Power Supply

An original replacement PSU is the best option for a PS4 power supply. That is the N15-300P1A model from Sony’s online shop. It is compatible with the CUH-7115 and 71X series of models. However, this is also a disassembly unit removed from faulty devices. It means that it may have scratches. Sony does not recommend replacing the PS4 Pro’s PSU to resolve YLOD or motherboard issues. This requires a more extensive repair.

PS4 Power Cable Acquisition

Last but not best, you should get a new power cord. It is possible that a power supply damaged the cable or vice versa. Regardless of your PS4 model, here are three cables we recommend:

1 – TPLTECH Store PS4 compatible power cord. 

2 – Amazon’s Basics PS4 compatible power cord. 

3 – Corporate Computer PS4 compatible power cord.

The PS4 Power Supply Issues

Common PS4 power supply issues exist. Identifying problems with the unit is difficult, as a multimeter is required. For example, if the PS4 does not power on, but the LED light on the cable’s regulator is lit, the supply may be at fault. Frequently, a technician would diagnose the problem, requiring you to search for a replacement model. Extra knowledge will assist you in acquiring the item you want at a reasonable price instead of overpaying for inferior replacements. Nevertheless, the following are common causes of supply failure:

1 – Dust, dirt, moisture, insects, rust, and similar may cause internal shortages. 

2 – The power management chip fails after a power surge or outage.

3 – The faulty power cord has fried or otherwise compromised the power supply.

Should You Change The PSU On Your Own?

We only recommend changing the PS4 PSU yourself if you are a trained technician. You can instead take the console to a repair shop.

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