12+ Best Photo Viewer Apps For Windows

We prefer to seek simple yet innovative solutions when forced to use the same default photo viewer on Windows, which has limited functionality. Although there are various photo viewer apps for Windows, you may need clarification on which is the best. However, you may relax as I have collected a list of Windows’s 12+ best photo viewers and their most notable features.

12+ Best Photo Viewer Apps For Windows

Top Photo Viewer Apps For Windows to try in 2022.

1. IrfanView

Photo Viewer Apps

IrfanView is a compact, simple, and powerful photo viewer for novices and experts alike. It supports several image formats and is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista. In addition, it has significant features such as thumbnail preview and quick directory view. Other fascinating IrfanView features include:

1 – You can edit the image’s color depth, apply effects, put a watermark, and use the paint feature.

2 – Screen capture, print, email, and scan capabilities are available for the selected photo.

3 – It supports IPTC and Multipage TIF editing.

4 – Slideshows, batch editing, and Exif data modification.

5 – Rotation/cropping of JPG files without quality loss.

2. ImageGlass

Photo Viewer Apps

ImageGlass is an open source image viewer for Windows that features a simple and organized user interface. Since the photo viewer does not include advertisements, it is incredibly convenient. In addition, this app’s numerous features make it one of the best photo viewer apps for Windows. Find it below.

1 – It is an extremely lightweight and adaptable app.

2 – It supports over 80 distinct image formats, including raw images, SVG, HEIC, and GIF.

3 – You can switch between pictures.

4 – The title bar reveals the image’s entirety.

5 – Its contemporary user interface enables the customization of themes.

6 – With the advent of a new feature, users of Windows 10 and later may now share images.

3. Picverse Photo Manager

Photo Viewer Apps

Picverse Photo Manager is a tool that improves your photo viewing experience in various ways. This allows you to view photos and manage a digital image album. In addition, it is a must-have photo viewer due to its automated organization feature, which combines Facial Recognition with Geolocation. Check out the most notable feature below.

1 – It can create an individual album by identifying a person’s face, similar to Apple and Google photos.

2 – Automatic creation of album albums depending on location and date.

3 – Standard editing techniques, such as color correction and image enhancement, are supported by AI technology.

4 – It supports several image formats, both compressed and uncompressed.

5 – Image backgrounds are simple to edit or delete.

6 – Using AI, restore old photos.

7 – Images are shown in full-screen mode.

4. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

Photo Viewer Apps

If you are looking for a professional photo viewer and manager, then ACDSee photo studio ultimate is perfect. Its rapid switching speed and customizability provide the best experience. MS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 are supported. Additional amazing ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate features include:

1 – The support of SVG files, HEIF files, GoPro, raw images, and high ISO formats.

2 – Facial detection, location data, and facial recognition are included.

3 – Professional photo editing and layered editing tools.

4 – Existing images can also be backed up using the cloud access feature.

5. jAlbum

Photo Viewer Apps

jAlbum is a highly convenient online photo viewer for Windows. This Photo Viewer app allows you to easily create and organize online photo albums by dragging and dropping images. This jAlbum is distinguished because it will automatically process images in bulk and generate web pages online.

1 – It can save a large number of images in its album.

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2 – You may put a watermark to safeguard your photos.

3 – It organizes your images into a hierarchical folder based on the date and geolocation of image capture.

4 – It permits the uploading of photo albums to your website or any other website on the Internet.

6. 123 Photo Viewer

Photo Viewer Apps

123 Photo Viewer is a frequent replacement for a pre-installed image app. It features a straightforward UI and is simple to use. You may also play animated photos at various speeds, view each frame, and save them if desired. Other appealing features include:

1 – It supports up to five mosaics.

2 – Choose from over forty collages to arrange your photos.

3 – The batch processing features include changes to format, name, resolution, and watermark.

4 – View the GIF images one frame at a time.

5 – Edit the photos using different blur filters, color tweaks, etc.

6 – It supports several photo formats, such as PDF, JPEG, RAW, animation, etc.

7. FastStone Image Viewer

Photo Viewer Apps

FastStone is one of the rapid and straightforward photo viewer app for Windows. This app allows you to accomplish numerous fundamental tasks, such as removing red-eye and creating an audio slideshow. In addition, you can view and edit the majority of common image formats. Notable features include the Image Magnifier, Full-screen Mode, Special Effects, and exceptional editing tools. In addition, you may find the following features interesting:

1 – The “save as” option allows users to save in various image formats.

2 – Almost a dozen photo resizing photos to consider.

3 – Compatible with multiple-screen setup and viewing and touch interface.

8. XnView

You should also check XnView, a free and versatile photo viewer with a tabbed interface and the ability to manage many images concurrently. It includes different viewing choices as well. For example, you may view it in full screen, thumbnail, slideshow, and filmstrip modes. XnView is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. In addition, XnView provides a photo viewer with extra features, including:

1 – It supports more than 500 images for viewing and around 70 formats for storing.

2 – It is possible to compare Images, find duplicate Images, and rename and convert batches.

3 – It supports XMP, EXIF, and IPTC metadata.

4 – A single interface for playing a slideshow and adjusting its orientation.

9. PhotoDirector 365

PhotoDirector 365 is a highly effective photo editing tool. With this great tool, you can edit your images artistically and transform them into works of art using sophisticated color settings and stunning visual effects. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Similarly, it supports 64-bit for Windows 7. In addition, check a look at its other notable features listed below.

1 – You can create images with razor-sharp clarity using Ai-powered De-blur, Defringe, and Defog.

2 – It features excellent correcting algorithms, flawless retouching, straightforward layer editing, and the highest quality layers.

3 – You may find over 1900 distinct visual effects.

4 – You may also obtain more than 4,000,000 free, high-quality images.

10. Honeyview

It is one of the best option fast and free photo viewer apps for Windows. Honeyview’s ability to rapidly show photos saved as compressed files is an interesting feature. In addition, its basic user interface makes it convenient for users to view images. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, and Vista as freeware. Moreover, some notable features of Honeyview include the following:

1 – It supports various image formats, including RAW, animated GIFs, and archive files.

2 – Images in EXIF format can be seen in JPEG format.

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3 – You can customize the software’s color scheme.

11. digiKam

DigiKam is another excellent option for quickly managing your digital photos. It includes trustworthy editing, managing, and sharing tools for efficiently organizing your photos. Compatibility with Windows 7 and Later is supported. Here are some of digiKam’s most notable features.

1 – You can compare your photos, create collections, and share them.

2 – It allows you to search your collection of images by date, time, geolocation, labels, and facial recognition.

3 – It supports over a thousand RAW camera formats.

12. Nomacs

Nomacs is one of the excellent photo viewer apps for Windows. It is free, open source, and packed with features. Due to its small weight, its performance is swift. This tool’s intuitive user interface will simplify your experience. In addition, you may alter a picture’s opacity and transparency with this image viewer. Nomacs contains the following notable features:

1 – It displays image information, including thumbnails, histograms, and metadata.

2 – The software also supports MS Office and zip files.

3 – It is a convenient program for PSD (Photoshop) images, RAW images, and other standard image formats.

4 – Synchronization feature that enables simultaneous viewing and editing of numerous images.

5 – Images can contain notes, file filters, and pseudo-color effects.

13. Pictureflect

If you’re searching for a free and straightforward photo viewer apps for Windows 10 and 11, Pictureflect is perfect. With a hidden menu, you may display photos on fullscreen without clutter. Additionally, you may choose a color and personalize the background. In addition, you can check further compelling features listed below.

1 – It supports several image formats, including DNG.

2 – You may do simple edits to your image, like cropping, applying filters and transition effects, altering the image type, etc.

3 – This app is made using the UWP framework.

4 – Photos may be viewed in full-screen mode.

5 – The slideshow feature is provided (manual and timed).

14. Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is a quicker, lighter, and more fluid photo viewing tool. Due to computing technology’s emphasis on efficacy, it is possible to view an image instantly. In addition, its user-friendly design and features purport to deliver a superior photo viewing experience. Additional features of the Apowersoft photo viewer include:

1 – It performs well on older operating systems as a lightweight app.

2 – You may also edit numerous photos simultaneously.

3 – It is convenient to view lengthy images.

4 – It supports cloud service and allows you to share pictures on social networking sites using photo URLs.

5 – You may capture screenshots of the content on the screen and view PDF files.

15. Google Photos

Google Photos is highly popular on mobile apps, but you should pay attention to using it on your computer. The desktop app is available for Windows 7+. Your Google account allows you to back up and keeps an infinite number of high-quality images. You may also effortlessly share your image albums. Find the incredible features of Google Photos below.

1 – It will automatically back up your images on your smartphone.

2 – It provides 15 GB of free storage space.

3 – You have access to your photos while offline.

4 – It organizes your images in an album with facial recognition and geolocation capabilities.


This is the list of the best Photo Viewer Apps for Windows that you can use in 2022. So please let us know if you know other good Photo Viewer Apps for Windows. And have an excellent day.

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