Best Photo Editing Software (Beginners & Pro Photographers)

In 1860, President Abraham Lincoln’s portrait was modified to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Scratching, scraping, painting, etc., were performed manually. Few individuals had these abilities.

However, technological advancements have made this more accessible. As a result, photo editing software is available to everybody, whether they are professional photographers or want to enhance their random photos.

Adobe Photoshop is one of photographers’ most popular PC photo editing software. People are so accustomed to it that it has now become a verb. However, numerous other photo editing software will complement your photography talents and transform an ordinary image into something extraordinary.

10 Best Photo Editing Software for PC

1. Muvee Wedding Studio

It is a specialized photo and video editing software for wedding studios. It can serve as a photo enhancer and a slideshow creator for weddings. Muvee Wedding Studio offers eleven easy-to-use presets that will instantly improve the appearance of your images.

Muvee Wedding Studio photo editing software employs two of the most powerful photo and video editing tools on the market. Using this photo-editing software, you can create cinematic trailers using images and movies.


  • Using the image analysis and correction capabilities of the magic fix feature.
  • It eliminates dark circles, improves the complexion, eliminates freckles, and enhances facial characteristics.
  • It will correct weary eyes and alter the skin tone of the persons in the photos.
  • Adjust the pictures and videos’ brightness and contrast.
  • Replace backgrounds in images with relative ease.

Key Feature: This software can be used to enhance not only the appearance of people in a picture but also the background. In other words, you can illuminate a dark monastery, adjust the contrast of photos taken at sunset or sunrise, and beneath disco lights.

2. EZ Mask

EZ Mask is an image masking program that allows you to extract any object from an image, including smoke, reflections, and hair detail. It is an intuitive, interactive image masking tool capable of extracting any image object.

It is effective even with smoke, delicate hair detail, and reflections. Besides, it determines the value of transparency for every image pixel. Additionally, this best photo editing software for Windows 10 conducts blue or green splash suppression.


  • Enhances the mask with the refine mode.
  • It allows for stroke-based masking and blue or green spill suppression.
  • Encourages the use of color correction, position, rotation, and scaling tools for the foreground layer.
  • Obtain an exhaustive corrector for hues and places.

Key Feature: EZ Mask improves edge color estimates to prevent image fringing and aids in creating flawless composites.

3. Photo Selection Software

It is one of the top-notch photo editing software for PC explicitly built for photographers and photo studios. It will assist them in taking their clicks to the next level. Users can upload photo albums and access and edit them from any location.

The cloud-based nature of Photo Selection software makes it easier for users to access it from anywhere. As a result, this best photo editing software for PC free download is accessible from numerous platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, etc.


  • You can quickly emphasize a specific image.
  • It allows for the scaling and watermarking of numerous photos.
  • Not just images but even albums can be uploaded for editing.
  • Images are automatically scaled.
  • Panel is password-protectable.

Key Feature: One of the best advantages of the software is the ability to allow clients to comment or make suggestions on images (s).

4. Movavi Photo Editing Software

It is among the best photo editing software online for removing undesired and random elements from a photo. Movavi Photo Editing Software is an intuitive photo editing software for restoring outdated photos, boosting image quality, eliminating undesirable items, and changing backdrops, among other things.

Movavi photo editor is excellent for both seasoned and novice photographers and designers. In addition, Movavi photo editing software allows adding text to an image.


  • Enhances color and contrast with a single click.
  • Remove visual noise, cracks, stains, and straighten folds from antique images.
  • Inserts image captions, titles, and other text.
  • Creates a collage by mixing various photos and their constituent parts.
  • Create presentations and eliminate redundancies.

Key Feature: Movavi Photo editing software’s background modification function is a savior. You can take a photo in any region of the planet by teleporting to that location.

5. Karizma Albums

Are you seeking the Free Online Photo Editing Tools? The intelligent photo editing software Karizma Album was designed for pros and amateurs to help them build distinctive photo albums. The KARIZMA album software is a user-friendly app for creating digital albums. One can select from the available templates, tools, and embellishments. Additionally, users can edit these templates. They can establish their titles and participate in different initiatives.


  • Enables flawless album design with auto alignment module.
  • Facilitates the creation of a one-of-a-kind collage using automatic collage tools.
  • Creates an album with attractive blending and fading effects.
  • Auto-resizing and splitting of photos are possible.

Key Feature: It is an excellent program for creating any photo album style, from classic black and white to contemporary color.

6. Adobe Photoshop CC for Team

Adobe Photoshop CC is used for image editing and composition. In addition, it can be used for advanced picture analysis. Photoshop is the editing software for the world’s artists, designers, and illustrators. The tools for retouching, masking, and layering are the best on the market. As a result, it has become a de facto industry standard for picture editors and designers.


  • Reduces noise and halo effect with the intelligent sharpening filter.
  • Saves the photo to Creative Cloud for straightforward and speedy sharing.
  • At once, select vector masks, multi-shape, and path.
  • Imports color swatches from HTML and SVG files directly.
  • Add paragraph borders to make your text more aesthetically pleasing.

Key Feature: Editable rounded rectangles are one of the software’s distinguishing characteristics. It is a lifesaver for individuals who wish to export shapes in CSS format to another Adobe program. And you may easily adjust and alter the shape in the future.

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7. Magix Memories Manager

It is both a photo & video editing software. You can crop photos, add special effects, add music to a photo album or movie, and do further operations. Users can organize, edit, and add soundtracks and design components, among other capabilities. Photo Manager and Movie Edit Pro are offered to edit photos and videos.

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The Magix memories manager is compatible with all picture and video file types. Organize, edit, and add sound effects and visual features to image and video files.


  • Edits any video, whether from a DSLR or a Blue-Ray print.
  • Magix Memories Manager contains 1500 qualified templates.
  • It modifies the photos’ brightness and contrast.
  • Red-eye removal, noise reduction, and removal of undesired elements from an image.
  • Combine up to eight individual pictures to create panoramas.

Key Feature: The ‘Panorama effect’ is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this photo editing program. Therefore, it is possible to combine separate photos into a single image.

8. Alien Skin Exposure X4

It is a creative photo editor online with innovative tools for bringing photos to life. Exposure is one of the best picture editing programs, having assisted numerous photographers in bringing out the best in their photos.

It features potent organizing capabilities, an intuitive layout, and speedier performance. In addition, AlienSkin Exposure X4 editing software facilitates the use of filters and complex nondestructive layers.


  • Displays all image information by leveraging highlights and enhancing shadows.
  • It has fully customizable light effects.
  • Perspectives that are distorted or tilted can be rectified using transformational methods.
  • Correct the white balance and reduce the noise.
  • There are histogram transform tools for color and black and white editing.

Key Feature: In addition to photo editing features, it gives file navigation tools so that you can quickly discover the image you’re looking for. It enables you to copy an image from a camera card and store it with a tag, rating, or keyword.

9. Chaos Group PDPlayer

Chaos Group PDPlayer is a professional picture sequence reader and player that allows viewing high-resolution, high-dynamic-range images in conventional file formats. This best photo editing software free delivers seamless HD quality image playback. Users can simultaneously build and edit multi-layered compositions in real-time.

You may also grade colors on layers. Use its straightforward interface and features to collaborate with remote teams. HDR, OpenEXR, RLA/RPF, DPX, and TIFF are 32-bit industry standards that preserve brilliant image details.


  • You can create multi-layered compositions and make real-time modifications to an image.
  • This best free photo editing software for Windows 10 permits color adjustments on separate layers.
  • Annotation tools allow for communication with remote teams.
  • Extract composite layers from files with many channels, such as OpenEXR and VRIMG.
  • Easily combine layers in Chaos Group Pdplayer and export to Adobe After Effects.

Key Feature: Its “smart integration” function is the software’s defining characteristic. It may be smoothly integrated into any workflow using command-line and scripting capabilities.

10. CC Lightroom

Adobe’s Lightroom CC is another photo editing software designed for professional photographers. It permits non-destructive editing by editors. In addition, it assists in improving or altering various components of the image.

Moreover, this best photo editing software for beginners is one of the most popular options among professional photographers. It also permits picture editors to decompress or compress photos according to their needs. Besides, it enables photo editors and designers to compress or decompress pictures based on their needs and preferences.


  • Get features like HDR capture & batch editing.
  • Obtain immediate access to Adobe Stock and faster imports.
  • Provided are a camera, lens, and file support.
  • There are preset production and web-sharing tools.
  • Enhanced search functionality with Adobe integration.
  • Available is a photo-sharing function with split toning.
  • Retouch images using novel previews.

Key features: Lightroom CC’s most important feature is the capacity to edit on many platforms. The cross-platform editing capability enables users to move their work across many devices smoothly. Besides, Lightroom CC photo editing software for PC also allows uninterrupted work in the event of a hardware breakdown. It is an expert photo editing program.

Key Features of Photo Editing Software for PC

Given below are the best features that every photo editing software for PC should have.

Color Correction: You can use colors to get the viewer’s attention.

Edit Shapes & Sizes: Enhance the visuals of any image by manipulating its shape.

Add Design Elements: Users can organize graphics, divide images, & create tables with a photo editor for PC.

Adjust Brightness & Contrast: Users can adjust the brightness & contrast of the image to gain the viewer’s interest.

Noise Reduction: Any image’s noise can be reduced by decreasing the pixel size.

White Balance: It allows you to adjust the color and lighting of an image.

 Exposure Adjustments: This program makes adjusting the light exposure of an image possible.

Crop and Resize: Photo editing software free download makes it simple to modify the proportions of an image.

Background Removal: Backdrop Removal allows you to remove the background from a photo and isolate the topic.

Extracting Subjects and Elements: The best photo editing software allows you to extract a subject or element from an image easily.

Photo Masking & Layers: This feature allows users to hide or reveal parts of an image.


These were the best photo editing tools for amateur and professional photographers and editors. It is crucial for both professional photographers, editors, and freelancers. The year 2022 is when you should also experiment with these photo editing software for PC.

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