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12 Best Petrol Pump Management Software You Can Use

There isn’t a single fuel station business that wouldn’t profit from the features provided by petrol pump management software. Like any other business, a petrol pump requires assistance that allows for the automatic execution of specific activities. Consider automatic report production, meter reading, accounting activities, etc. And there is a plethora of petrol pump management software to pick from to capitalize on the benefits of automation. A petrol pump solution serves numerous departments, from backend chores to inventory management, sales, and marketing.

12 Best Petrol Pump Management Software

Let’s look at the best Petrol Pump Management Software you can use.



The SOFTGUN software is a one-stop solution for petrol pumps, with users in over 25 states. It addresses the main areas where a petrol station needs assistance, such as meter-dip reading, counters billing, credit billing, analytical reports, financial statements, etc. This best petrol pump software is Windows 8 and touchscreen compatible. For example, you may make cash memos more quickly by using the touchscreen memo. In addition, SOFTGUN has several key features, including payroll, asset management, and tanker movement.

2. Petroman

Petroman is a well-designed petrol pump software that can help you become more professional. For example, it aids in the maintenance of the tank and pump opening and shutting meters, dip, density, cash and credit accounts, etc.

3. Petrol Pump Accounting in Tally

Petrol pump Tally input simplifies the day-to-day activities of petrol pump management. Tally is used entirely to design the solution. ERP9 includes a dip reading meter, customer billing, vehicle billing, online payment gateways in India, and the creation of car sales invoices. Tally petrol pump software includes features like analytics and an audit trail.

4. Petro Genius

The product Petro Genius comes true to its name. This petrol pump management software includes both general and advanced features. Some of the broad areas in which the software assists include accurate meter reading, lubricant sales, and petrol evaporation loss testing. Moving on to some particular features, the software enables graphical report preparation and report analysis from several aspects such as bill wise, item wise, etc. Furthermore, the software includes CRM software features such as bulk SMS delivery, reminders, etc.

5. PetroSoft

Petrosoft is a comprehensive petrol bunk software that deals with and gives analysis reports on petrol bunk purchases, sales, GST, profit/loss, credit customer billing, staff sale cash flow transactions, and cash collection on shift closure as daily rate adjustments.

6. LePetro

LePetro assists in managing a petrol pump, including accounting and inventory. This software is adaptable and works with all versions of Windows. LePetro is available in two versions: regular and professional, and both are user-friendly. Its inventory management feature helps record petrol and other commodities such as CNG, engine oil, motor oil, and other fuel items. Furthermore, the software has automated backup and a solid security mechanism.

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7. Oilex Petrol Pumps

The Oilex petrol pump management software aids in the management of numerous aspects of a petrol pump business. With its ‘simple billing,’ ‘customer management,’ and ‘labeling’ modules, you may manage back-office operations smoothly. Its item management tool allows you to verify a customer’s financial history and set a credit limit for him or her accordingly. Furthermore, the access rights feature of this best petrol pump software provides security. You may provide your staff role-based access.

8. Alomart Petrol Pump Software

Alomart petrol pump software is a web-based software that may be customized for petrol pumps. It is a DOS-based system that is completely safe thanks to password security. In addition, there is the option of laser printing and inkjet printing.

9. PumpCount

PumpCount software is a full petrol pump software that includes accounting, billing, and inventory management as essential features. The software handles everything from entering journal entries to keeping ledger accounts to creating financial statements. In addition, you may use its inventory management module to profit from automated machine reading and dip computation.

10. Petro ERP

Petro ERP is a petrol pump management software for Windows. Inventory, accounting, stock loss, voucher input, billing, and other tasks are aided by the software. You may use it to set credit limits for clients and calculate the amount owed to each of them. Furthermore, the petrol pump software is entirely secure and offers automated data backup for additional convenience.

11. HiTech Petrol Pump Software

The HiTech petrol pump software is an automated accounting system with various analytical features. HiTech for petrol pumps may help your business develop quickly by streamlining accounting operations. Its sophisticated analytics capabilities for petrol pumps to aid in the automation of business accounting.

12. Pumpmate

Gaba Program’s Pumpmate is a full petrol pump management software. The software gives you a variety of credit client billing choices, such as party-based, vehicle-based, day-based (15 day billing), etc. Its comprehensive inventory module records the amount of petrol received and sold. Still, it also offers different stock valuation methods such as LIFO, FIFO, WA, etc. This software does not simply have the features listed above. They go above and above. To get a taste of all its tools and modules, merely add the appropriate one to your basket.


If you are on a tight budget, another option is to use free petrol pump software. With us, you may compare various petrol pump software online.

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