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Peacock Free Trial: Peacock TV is NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming video service that will compete with Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO Max. This service, named after the iconic NBC logo, provides 13,000 hours of live TV, movies, and shows. To have full access to the greatest content, you must pay a charge. This contains Universal movies and live coverage of the Olympics in Tokyo. Peacock Premium costs $5 per month.

Peacock debuted in the United States last year and will be accessible in the UK and Europe through Sky and its streaming service Currently. It was previously only available using a VPN in these countries. The best part is that it is free of charge. The best news? It is free of charge. Continue reading for more details on Peacock TV. We provide free trials and advice on how to find the Peacock app.

Is There A Free Trial For Peacock?

Peacock TV offers free trials to subscribers. This is the most effective method. This free trial is available on any device. Previously, Android users were restricted to a 3 month trial period. You may now use your Smart TV, mobile device, or game console to log in. The current free trial period lasts 7 days.

You may use the app’s premium features for free during your trial. Peacock is one of the numerous streaming services vying for consumers’ attention. It might be fairly hard to pick from many streaming options and pay monthly fees. A free trial is an excellent chance to try one of them out. Peacock provides a free trial period.

NBCUniversal owns Peacock, which provides streaming access to hundreds of TV shows and movies. This includes classics such as The Office, Cheers, Law & Order: SVU, and This Is Us, and contemporary shows such as Law & Order: SVU. Live sports, Peacock Originals, and Peacock Originals. Users of Peacock can access any or all of the content by joining up for one of three plans, one of which is free.

Consumers may sign up for the free Peacock version via the Peacock app or website. They have access to tens of thousands of hours of library content, including movies, daily news, and sports programs. Ads will periodically appear while you are watching content.

Peacock Premium Premium and Peacock Premium PLUS cost $4.99 and $9.99. Consumers may sign up for streaming services for free for 7 days. Peacock Premium Plus has ads, and Peacock Premium Plus does not. In addition, users have access to live sports such as the Premier League, Sunday Night Football, the Tokyo Olympics, Peacock Originals such as Girls5eva and Rutherford Falls, and next-day access to current NBC shows and many more titles from the library.

After the free 7 day trial period, consumers will be charged a monthly price. Consumers have the option to cancel their Peacock accounts at any time. Peacock may be seen on any device, including a computer, Roku or Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV. It is also compatible with game consoles such as the PlayStation. Peacock is now exclusively offered to consumers in the United States.

Peacock Subscription Plans

Here are some of the free shows available on Peacock TV:

Free Plan

Peacock TV is a completely free service. It is possible to watch a range of movies, shows, and sports for free. Sign up with your email address to access free access to this service account.

Peacock Premium

A month’s subscription costs $4.99. Before you pick this plan, you will have a 7 day free trial. Everything accessible on the trial plan will also be available in this plan. The only difference is that you can stream more content than you could with a free account. Every day, new episodes are released, as are new movies and TV shows. The possibilities are limitless. However, like the free version, this plan includes ads.

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Peacock Premium Plus

This plan is similar to the basic premium plan. However, there are no ads. In addition, you may now watch movies and TV shows on your smartphone while offline. The upgrade costs $9.99 in total.

How To Get Peacock Free Trial?

To enjoy the highest Peacock TV quality, you must subscribe to a premium subscription. If you’re not sure, begin with the free 7 day trial. Here’s how you use it:

1 – Navigate to the Peacock TV website

2 – Scroll down until you reach the “Upgrade for More” button.

3 – Next, select “Discover Peacock Premium.”

4 – You may then create an account. To accomplish this, you must have an email address and an 8-character password.

5 – You must now agree to the terms and conditions policy.

6 – Select ‘Create Account.’ 

7 – Enter payment information. You can enter your debit or credit card information and your PayPal details.

8 – Finally, select Pay Now to begin your trial.

How Do I Watch Peacock TV?

Well, the NBCUniversal streaming service is accessible via the official website – Peacocktv.com – or the Peacock app. The app is accessible on Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV 4K; Google platforms and devices like Android TV devices Android, and Chromecast with Google TV and Chromecast built-in devices; Roku devices like the Roku Streambar and selected LG, Vizio, and Samsung smart TVs; and Amazon Fire TV devices such as Fire TV (2nd Generation and higher), Fire tablets (OS5 and higher), and Fire TV streamers such as those with the Fire TV Stick with 4K Or Fire TV.

Are you a gamer? The Peacock app is available for Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, including the Series S, Series X, Series S, and Sony’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 5. In a nutshell, Peacock is available on practically every streaming device imaginable. The NBC, on the other hand, is not satisfied with its accomplishments. They agreed to provide 15 new apps to Fire TV devices, including NBC, NBC News, NBC Sports, Bravo, and Telemundo.

How To Cancel Peacock Free Trial?

After completing your trial, you will be confronted with the tough task of choosing a decision. Do you wish to continue the trial going or cancel it? If you decide to become a paying member, select one of the aforementioned plans. If not, you can continue on the free plan if you don’t mind the commercials. However, if you decide to end your trial, follow these steps:

1 – Navigate to the Peacock TV site. 

2 – Login. 

3 – Starting from the upper-right corner, click on your profile in the upper right corner.

4 – From your account page, select ‘Change plan.’

5 – Choose the “Peacock Free” option. You will be sent to the free plan.

Please keep in mind that you must end your trial before it ends. You will be charged for the first month’s chargeable service if you do not.

FAQ: Peacock TV

Is Peacock Free?

Peacock TV provides a free plan; however, ads are supported, which means you will be interrupted by ads in between shows. To enjoy ad-free watching, sign up for either Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus, which come with a free trial.

Can I Watch Super Bowl 2022 On Peacock?

Yes, all Peacock premium subscribers will be able to watch the 2022 Super Bowl. You may start your Premium Free Trial by going to the Peacock website.

How To Get My Peacock Free For 3 months?

To obtain a free 3 month trial of Peacock TV, go to Peacock TV, enter your email address, and select the plan you want.

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