Top 11 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android Users

Historically, PDF readers have been an exceedingly complex niche. They are either used to create and complete forms in the workplace or to read ebooks on the tablet. In either of the two scenarios, this form of app frequently generates the most issues. Today, we rank the best PDF reader apps for Android that are currently available on Google Play, along with a select few EPUB ebook readers.

Top 11 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android Users

We have, therefore, compiled a list of the best PDF viewers that are ad-free, lightweight, quick, and light readers. While not all meet these criteria (quality is paid for in almost everything), they are undoubtedly the highest-quality options for reading documents on tablets and mobile devices.

1. Librera Reader

PDF Reader Apps Android

Consider Librera Reader if you are looking for a free and lightweight book-reading app for your Android device. The app supports numerous book formats, including PDF, EPUB3, MOBI, FB2, DJVU, FB2.ZIP, TXT, and RTF. Implementing the relatively lightweight Android app requires 15 MB of storage space. It can be used to read PDF documents effortlessly. Additionally, you have the ability to modify the theme, accent color, text size, and more.

2. ReadEra

PDF Reader Apps Android

ReadEra is the official Android app for offline and free book reading. Despite its relatively low popularity, ReadEra offers extensive support for diverse document formats. It is simple to read documents in ReadEra, including PDFs, EPUBs, Microsoft Word, and Kindle formats. Our favorite feature of the free app is that it does not display advertisements. Additionally, the Android PDF reader app operates offline and does not require registration.

3. PDF reader

PDF Reader Apps Android

Despite its lack of popularity, the PDF reader app from TOH Media remains one of the most effective and lightweight PDF reader apps available for Android. You can create new PDFs, edit existing PDFs, and more using a PDF reader. The app displays and navigates to PDF files stored on the device automatically. In addition, it has zoom-in/out capabilities for effortless PDF perusing.

4. Foxit Mobile PDF

PDF Reader Apps Android

Foxit Mobile PDF is an outstanding PDF client that enables many operations. One can annotate texts, access standard or password-protected documents, and more using Foxit Mobile PDF. Due to the customized redistribution and readjustment of the text, it adapts quite well to the small displays of smartphones, despite being an exceptional tablet reader. A premium software version provides access to additional features, including editing text and images within PDF files.

5. Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF Reader Apps Android

Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is the most popular PDF reader on Android (more than 100 million downloads) and desktops. When we talk about Acrobat Reader’s features, we should mention that it allows you to add a signature, complete forms, and take notes in PDF. Additionally, Dropbox and Adobe Document Cloud are supported. The paid subscription allows you to add new features, like exporting documents to alternative formats.

6. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is an all-in-one PDF reader app on the Google Play Store. This app enables users to read, annotate, sign, and share PDF files. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor has the advantage of synchronization with OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The PDF editor allows you to emphasize and delineate text when discussing features.

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7. Google Play Books

Google Play Books serves as an alternative to the Kindle offered by Amazon. A book purchased from the Play Store can be read from any location. Not only is it cost-free, but we can also add EPUB and PDF books of our choosing to the app library and read them anytime, just as we would any other book we purchased in a store. It is also capable of audiobook compatibility and text reading in various languages.

8. WPS Office Suite

WPS Office Suite is an Android-optimized office suite designed in the same fashion as the renowned Microsoft Office, which is owned by the tech behemoth Microsoft. We can create PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents (.doc,.docx). This PDF reader resembles the Google Viewer in that it is straightforward, quick, and user-friendly. Over one hundred million users have downloaded it from Google Play.

9. DocuSign

Consider DocuSign if you are in the market for a PDF reader app designed specifically for business purposes. Predictably, what? DocuSign can handle many document-related tasks, including populating and signing PDFs. Access to a few additional features requires a monthly subscription at $25; the app is otherwise free.

10. One Read

All Document Reader, also referred to as One Read, is among the best PDF reader apps for Android that can access any file format on your device. You can effortlessly view PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, and TXT files, among others, with One Read. It features a specialized PDF reader that opens and views PDF files and provides simple PDF-sharing capabilities, the ability to zoom in and out of pages, and the ability to browse to a specific page. The PDF reader app is incredibly user-friendly and operates independently of an active internet connection.

11. EBookDroid

EBookDroid is one of the best free PDF reader apps for Android mobile devices. EBookDroid’s extensive file format support includes AWZ3, XPS, PDF, DjVu, FictonBook, and DjVu, among others. Additional Android PDF reader app features include the ability to customize the layout, add annotations, highlight content, and more.

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These are, then, the best PDF reader apps for Android. I sincerely trust that this article was beneficial to you. Additionally, please share it with your peers. Comment below if you know of any additional PDF reader apps for Android that fall into this category.

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