Top 7 WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps For Android Devices

WhatsApp, initially developed as an immediate messaging app, has become a vital tool for numerous users. The app now offers numerous modes of communication, including voice & video calls, text messaging, and more. If you frequently use WhatsApp to conduct video calls with family, friends, or coworkers, you may have felt the need to record the calls. For legitimate reasons, WhatsApp does not permit users to record audio calls. Due to WhatsApp’s inability to record audio and video calls, third-party apps must record video calls initiated from your account. Thus, if you are interested in recording WhatsApp video calls, this guide to WhatsApp video call recorder apps for Android may greatly assist.

Top 7 WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps For Android Devices

The screen recorder app is required to record WhatsApp video calls. Several Android screen recorder apps on the Google Play Store are compatible with WhatsApp and can easily record video calls with voice. The best WhatsApp video call recorder apps for Android are listed below.

1. Video Call, Screen Recorder

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder

Screen Recorder, Video Call is an Android app that enables the recording of video calls. It operates as a screen recorder and captures all content displayed on your mobile device. It supports recording and storing WhatsApp video calls directly to an SD card. A Video Call Screen Recorder has the advantage of being able to record the internal voice of the caller. Although Video Call, Screen Recorder is a practical app, it does possess a few limitations. The app may occasionally malfunction while conducting a video call, and the internal audio voice may occasionally fail to record.

2. Screen Recorder – Video Editor

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder

Previously known as Screencast-O-Matic, Screen Recorder – Video Editor is an award-winning screen recorder app for Android that can also record WhatsApp calls. This ad-free app supports facecam and audio video recording. Predictably, what? Despite the app’s free nature, your recorded videos are not watermarked by Screen Recorder – Video Editor.

3. AZ Screen Recorder

WhatsApp Video Call Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a free, dependable, high-quality Android screen recorder that can record WhatsApp video calls. It is a highly regarded Android screen recorder app that can capture video calls from WhatsApp and other apps. Once downloaded, AZ Screen Recorder adds a floating icon to your mobile device’s display. Recording your Android screen is possible using the floating icon. To commence screen recording during WhatsApp video calls, one must first engage in the call. In addition to the video, AZ Screen Recorder can record the sound of your entire video call.

4. Videoshow Screen Recorder

Videoshow Screen Recorder is a Google Play Store app with the highest rating for screen recording. The app captures the screen, records the game, and does more. Additionally, this can be used to record WhatsApp video calls. Videoshow Screen Recorder contrasts with alternative WhatsApp video call recorder apps for Android in terms of user-friendliness and a more streamlined interface. In addition to video calls via WhatsApp, Videoshow Screen Recorder can be used to capture screenshots, record live performances, and display tutorial videos. The app’s premium edition includes capabilities for video modification.

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5. WA Video Call, Screen Recorder

Although less well-known than the other Android WhatsApp video call recorder apps on this list, WA Video Call, Screen Recorder is an excellent app for recording video calls. This Android app for screen recording also works with video call screens. The app can record video calls from well-known apps like WhatsApp, Zoom meetings, and Messenger. Likewise, the video call recording quality is excellent. We enjoyed the app’s ability to record audio-accompanied video with the ability to halt and recommence the recording at any time.

6. Video Recorder For Whatsapp Vi

Video Recorder For WhatsApp Vi is a screen recorder app for Android that can record high-quality incoming and outgoing calls. It works with every social networking and instant messaging app that supports video calling, which is excellent news. To record video calls via WhatsApp, you must activate the app’s screen recording feature before the commencement of the call. Each video call recording was in the Video Recorder For WhatsApp Vi App folder.

7. XRecorder

An excellent Android app, XRecorder (also known as Inshot Screen Recorder), enables the capture of crystal-clear screen videos and screenshots. XRecorder, similar to the Videoshow screen recorder, records gameplay videos primarily. YouTubers also use the app to record and distribute smartphone HD video tutorials. When recording WhatsApp video calls, XRecorder can record the sound, but the recording may only sometimes be successful. XRecorder can record videos from Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Signal, and other social and instant messaging apps besides WhatsApp video calls.

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Every WhatsApp video call recorder app for Android mentioned in the article was freely downloadable from the Google Play Store. So, these are some of the best Android WhatsApp video call recorder apps to record WhatsApp video calls. Share any additional methods you may be aware of for recording video calls on WhatsApp in the comments section.

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