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Best 10 Websites For OTP Bypass Generator

You can now avoid sharing your personal information using certain websites and apps and bypass OTP verification. The websites for OTP bypass generator options are enumerated in this article, along with a step-by-step guide on how to use them.

What’s OTP Bypass?

Let’s start by comprehending what an OTP is. When attempting to access a website or app, an OTP is frequently required. This OTP is a One-Time Password you receive via SMS or phone call on your phone number. This password is used to authenticate your phone number and identity. OTP bypass is the process of rapidly bypassing this OTP verification stage to access any website or app.

OTP bypass involves false OTP verification when accessing any website or app. Users can protect their original OTP details and avoid phishing emails with OTP bypass. With OTP bypass, you can visit any website without fear of the spam emails that typically follow. With OTP bypassing, you’re not required to disclose your actual number or identity and are free to peruse without restriction.

What’s The Need For Free OTP Bypass Generator?

Everyone knows the significance of OTP verification, particularly for financial transactions. Therefore, why would someone require an OTP bypass generator? First, examine the most common justifications for requiring an OTP bypass generator.

  • Avoid unsolicited promotional calls and messages.
  • While using the Internet, enjoy your privacy.
  • Create multiple social media accounts.

The OTP bypass generator provides you with a transient phone number for OTP verification, allowing you to enjoy the services of any website or app without hassle. This is quite helpful for preventing unsolicited emails and other communications from any app or website.

How To Bypass OTP Verification On A Website Or App?

Let’s get down to business and understand how to bypass OTP verification to access a website or app. First, let’s be explicit that bypassing OTP verification does not eliminate the need to complete the OTP verification phase. You will not use your phone number during the verification procedure. You may instead use a temporary, disposable, or rental number to receive the OTP.

No matter what country you are in, many websites offer transient and rental phone numbers that work on any website or app. In addition, numerous websites provide free phone numbers for OTP bypass that can be used to register for social networking sites like WhatsApp. These websites offer support and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and enable you to choose phone numbers from various countries.

Bypass OTP Verification Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide on bypassing OTP verification and gaining access to any social networking site, website, or app. It is a straightforward procedure enabling you to bypass OTP verification and browse freely without sharing personal information.

  • Use your browser to search for and launch any disposable number website.
  • There are many options for phone numbers from various countries, each with its country flag.
  • Pick a number from your chosen country.
  • Next, copy the picked number and enter it on the website or app you wish to bypass the OTP.
  • Once complete, the website or app will send an OTP to your designated website number.
  • Return to the disposable number website and click on your selected number.
  • Check the unanswered SMS messages on the disposable number to locate your OTP.
  • Copy the received OTP and paste it into the required website or app.
  • You’ll successfully be able to bypass OTP verification upon clicking submit.

How To Get A Free Indian Number For OTP Bypass?

To obtain a fraudulent Indian number for OTP bypass, visit the website of any disposable number provider, such as Receive Free SMS, Felix Merchant, or Text Magic. When you access the OTP bypass generator website, you can view many numbers from various countries along with their respective flags. Select an Indian number starting with +91 to bypass OTP verification. Then, enter this India disposable number to bypass OTP verification on any website or app.

Best Websites For OTP Bypass Generator

Although numerous websites provide free disposable numbers, they need to work better. Therefore, we have evaluated and compiled a list of the best websites for OTP bypass generators to make your life easier.

Receive Free SMS

The website gives multiple free disposable numbers from countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. You can access its app through the Google Play Store.

Felix Merchant

Felix Merchant offers paid app and website-specific phone verification services. To buy an impermanent number, select any platform, such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc., add the number to the cart, and proceed with the payment. The pricing of phone numbers begins at 153.18 and varies by app.

Text Magic

Text Magic allows you to select temporary local phone numbers from 25 countries worldwide, including Australia, Denmark, Finland, etc. You are only required to pay for outbound messages; receiving incoming messages is free. India’s OTP generator pricing varies by country. For example, sending text messages to the United States will cost you 3.06/- per message.

Receive SMS Online

This website provides public and private virtual numbers from more than 20 countries. You can buy private virtual numbers via email, WhatsApp, or Skype. In addition, they accept numerous payment methods, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and WestUnion.

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Free Receive SMS Online

This impermanent number provider website allows you to bypass OTP verification by selecting a free public number from 200+ countries. Depending on the country, you can also contact them to buy a private number, starting at 536.11/- per month.


Proovl enables you to test receiving SMS for OTP verification for free by providing transient public numbers on its homepage. However, you can also request pricing information for SMS receiving and transmitting services powered by 1017 networks that span 212 countries worldwide.


SMS Online provides free bogus phone numbers for OTP bypass from various countries. The website continually updates the number list and provides fresh numbers. In addition, you can subscribe for free to their newsletter and receive updates when new numbers are added.

Receive Online SMS

The website provides free disposable phone numbers for bypassing OTP verification from apps such as WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, and Uber. No registration is required to access these phony numbers.

It is a unique website that only provides Indian numbers for OTP bypass now. However, it provides one free and two paid packages of phony private numbers, starting at 499/- per year with a 7-day trial period.

Currently, the website of the temporary number provider supports 24 countries, including India. You can select a free public number or rent a private number and pay based on usage.

The website of the false number provider offers a completely free SMS receiving and transmitting service. Nevertheless, you can access your received messages for the next seven days, after which they disappear.

Android Apps For OTP Bypass Generator

The best OTP bypass generators will also work on your Android phones, but you can install transient number-generating apps on your device. So let’s examine them and understand what they have to offer.


Next+ provides a transient phone number that can be used to bypass OTP verification. The Android app for bypassing OTP also provides free, unlimited incoming & outgoing calls and SMS to any phone number. In addition, it is free, with no concealed fees, contracts, or obligations.


Formerly known as Voopee, Vippie provides virtual mobile numbers from over 60 countries. The app enables free audio and video calls to Vippie numbers. But you can buy minute-based plans or pay using the app to connect with other phone numbers.


textPlus only provides US numbers that can be used to bypass OTP verification on any website or app. Additionally, it provides free unlimited messages, incoming calls, and app-to-app communications.

OTP Bypass Different Methods

There are two methods available for bypassing OTP verification. You can access any website or app using any of the methods below. Let’s understand them in detail.

Use Disposable Number

Disposable number-providing websites allow you to pick a number. This will allow you to bypass OTP verification and access any app or website without revealing your phone number. Check for OTP on the Disposable Number Select website after submitting the selected number of any country, and you’re ready to go.

Use VPN Number

Download a VPN of your choice and select a country for this method. Now, identically to the first method, visit a website that provides disposable numbers and use them to receive OTP from any website or app. Again, you will be able to bypass OTP verification successfully.


Can I Bypass OTP?

You can bypass OTP verification by using free, disposable phone numbers. In addition, you can access any website or app without sharing your true contact details.

How Can I Bypass OTP For Free?

By inputting a disposable phone number into a website or app, bypassing OTP verification for free is possible. Instead, paste the disposable number into the website or app to receive an OTP on that number.

What’s The Best OTP Bypass Generator For Indian Numbers?

The top OTP bypass generator websites for Indian phone numbers are listed below.

  • Receive Free SMS
  • Felix Merchant
  • TextMagic

Indian Number OTP Bypass APK

The websites that provide OTP bypass APK are listed below.

  • Proovl
  • TextLocal
  • Esendex

Which Are The Best OTP Bypass Credit Card Generators?

The finest credit card generators for OTP bypass are CCardGenerator and GetCreditCardInfo.

Which Websites To Get Fake Number For OTP Bypass In India?

To bypass OTP verification in India, websites such as Free SMS Online, Felix Merchant, and SMS-Online provide phony Indian numbers.

Which Are The Websites To Get Free OTP Bypass India Number?

To bypass OTP verification in India, search for websites such as or to obtain free impermanent OTP bypass numbers.


Well, you can bypass OTP verification without revealing your website details to protect your privacy while using any website or app. This will prevent unsolicited marketing messages and provide an additional contact number. You can now navigate anonymously and bypass OTP verification in a few straightforward steps.

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