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12 Best Online File Converter You Must Try

In daily life, it is necessary to convert a file. However, when time is limited, it is tough to determine which file converter to employ. Furthermore, not all are fast and free. If you want to convert files as quickly as I do, you must utilize the online file converter since it requires no installation. You may effortlessly convert your file in two or three steps. In today’s article, I will discuss the 12 best tools to convert any file online.

12 Best Online File Converter You Must Try

Suppose you have a packed schedule. You must convert files quickly and easily. This article will provide an excellent method for effortlessly converting all file types. There is no installation necessary. In addition, the majority of my recommendations are free.


1. Online Convert Free

Online convert free is the best and most recommended file converter tool for beginners and experts. This tool is so popular because the converted files are of superior quality. With this tool’s aid, you can convert your file or folder into a format of your choosing. This tool may be used for video, image, audio, presentation, and spreadsheet creation, among many other apps. Even more impressive is the ability to perform the duties of audio converter for music, document converter, online ebook converter, and archive converter. With the aid of this tool, you may convert your image to text in a Word document that is fully editable.

2. CloudConvert

CloudConvert supports all file types, including video, audio, ebook, PDF, and many more. As a user, you will get access to over 200+ formats. It provides a high level of data security. You’ll fall in love with its robust API and superior interactions. The finest process of this tool is that neither installation nor downloading is required. It is free to use and operates online. It began functioning in 2012, and since then, millions of users who anticipate undertaking secure conversion processing have utilized this tool. They guarantee comprehensive protection for your files by denying access to any third-party organization to your folders and files. A further aspect of this online converter process is its robust API, which allows for app-specific integration.

3. is a simple online converter that can convert Audio, Video, image, ebook, and other documents. This powerful tool has several uses in your daily life. First, Online software can be utilized without the need for a download. Second, the user may access the productivity tool via desktop computers and mobile devices. Third, the software for converting formats is free.

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4. PDF Converter

Next, we have the PDGF Converter tool for you! This free converter allows you to have your files converted to PDF or PDF files converted to other formats. There are no restrictions on file conversion. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, MAC, Windows, and Linux.

Before beginning the conversion process, you must identify the format you wish to convert your file. After that, you must follow the tool’s conversion instructions. It provides access to software that supports the conversion of several file types, including PowerPoint, pictures, Excel, Word, ODG, JPG, TIFF, PPT, DOCX, DOC, XLS, and many others.

Due to the user-friendly and uncomplicated layout, navigating is significantly simplified. You must log in to the site and start the processing. This free converter does not need to establish an account or perform any installation. On the servers, the entire process of file conversion is performed. You may use it on your tablet, computer, or smartphone.


Zamzar is an expert and convenient solution that makes file conversion simple. There are only 3 steps required to convert any file. The procedure involves uploading the file, selecting the desired format, and converting it. It permits limitless conversions with a specified waiting period. The professional features allow you to convert up to 2 GB of files. The developers may also convert Python, Java, Node.js, C#, PHP, and Ruby with this tool.

6. is an all-encompassing personal solution. This UI is likewise simple yet structured. You must discover the streamlined user interface of the conversion platform as a user. The one-click solution simplifies your life. The abundance of resources strikingly shapes a man. This app requires no installation. is free.

7. is an extremely user-friendly and simple file converter for all file types. Currently, it can convert video files up to 250 MB in size. A link to download the converted file will appear in your browser when the conversion is complete. This online file converter employs the same three steps to convert files: uploading the file, selecting the format, and obtaining the converted file.

8. is among the most reliable free online file converters. It facilitates the online conversion of media files from various formats. It is a free tool that facilitates all forms. The market for conversion tools is thriving. The converter tool may be installed as a Google Chrome Extension or Mozilla Firefox Extension. There are Android and iOS apps of the app.

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9. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint represents the simplicity of education. In addition to the study materials, it gives users other additional options. Among these is online file conversion. You can convert your image, document, audio, and video to the format of your choosing. It’s free and can convert up to 1 GB of files without charge. However, the app requires more processing time than other file converters.

10. is among the most popular online file converters. It supports over 2,560,00 talks in over 300 distinct formats. has no impact on your PC’s storage space because all talks occur in the cloud. It is among the best OCR software for PCs that is compatible with several other devices. The free options allow you to convert up to 100 MB.

11. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert supports an astounding 8,700 different conversion options. Therefore, you should visit this site if you have a unique one. You can convert up to five files at once, but they must all have the same file type. After uploading a file, the output format drop-down menu will automatically adapt to offer appropriate formats. Click Convert after completing the conversion, and click Download to obtain your file. You may convert archive, document, ebook, audio, image, presentation, vector, CAD, and font file formats using FreeFileConvert.

12. FileZigZag

FileZigZag is a free online email-based file converter similar to Zamzar. It supports audio, image, video, and archive file formats. First, upload your file, choose the output format, input your email address, and select the Convert button. Then, follow the link provided in the email to acquire your converted file. After converting your file, FileZigZag provides you with a few options to consider before sending it to your mailbox.

Wrapping Up:

Choosing the correct platform makes file conversion extremely easy. Some online file converters offer unlimited free file converter, while others give restricted services. The first three series of this article are the greatest options for a user like you, based on my experience. Therefore, you may select any of them and bookmark (Ctrl+D) the page for future reference.

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