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15+ Best Online Collage Maker Free To Try

Online Collage Maker Free To Try:¬†You may not have searched for the best online collage maker on Google since it is easy, and most mobile devices come equipped with photo collage makers. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make more unique and appealing collages? Using a free collage maker, you can make your collages more noticeable and garner more responses on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Collages are a creative collection of many images. It is a work of art made by affixing photos, clippings, or extraordinary things to a surface. You may also name it “Photomontage.” It is one of the most prevalent techniques to organize pictures within a restricted space.

A photo collage may help you manage your pictures and make them more attractive to your audience. Now you may make virtual collages. There is no need to download any software or apps. There are several free photo collage makers available online. These easy-to-use online photo collage makers may help you select the best moments from your photographs. In today’s article, we’ll learn about the 15+ best free online collage makers to manage your photos.

Some Tips To Make A Better Photo Collage

Make out these expert tips for creating even better photo collages. I am aware that creating a photo collage is easy, but making a quality photo collage is difficult. These tips may prove useful.

Consider Composition

It is the first consideration while making a photo collage. The photo collage should combine the rule of thirds, one-point perspective, and ratio composition.

Select A Theme

You must next select a theme for your photo collage. Consider including color, depth, and other qualities of your subject when choosing a theme. A photo collage with a central theme is more attractive than a simple photo collage.

Use Contrast To Create Tension

Utilizing contrast is one of the most effective ways to make a realistic photo collage. In addition, choosing the optimal contrast for a photo collage may make it more visually appealing.

Work With Patterns And Textures

Examine the patterns and textures of your photo collage as well. However, never combine patterns and textures in a visually off-putting way.

Play Around With Color

A color combination is essential for enhancing the visual appeal of a photo collage. You seek the assistance of color graders to determine the optimal color scheme. You may experiment with colors to create the best photo collage.

Use Free Collage Makers

A collage maker can reduce your workload by utilizing a free online photo. In addition, it may assist you in making the best photo collage to manage your pictures in the best and most attractive time.

Use Duplicate Photo Finder

Nobody enjoys duplicate viewing photos. Before making an image collage, you must sort duplicate photos. Duplicate photo finder and cleanup can help you sort your duplicate images. Your collage will be a unique one.

Use Photo Recovery Software

After an effort, your collage may be gone. However, utilizing the best Photo Recovery Software will assist you in a difficult time. This will reduce your burden and preserve your collage for a long time.

15+ Best Online Collage Maker Free

Now, let’s manage the 15+ best free collage makers for managing your pictures. I’ve compiled a list of 15+ photo collage makers that, in my view, are the best. Read the article carefully and select the one that best meets your needs.


1. Fotojet

Fotojet is an outstanding free collage maker. It allows you to make the ideal photo collage. It has a huge and varied collection of templates and layouts. This photo collage is free. You may quickly create various photo collages and make a beautiful collection of your pictures. It is user-easy. Fotojet might be required without registration. They possess a wide collection of resources. Text may be added to your collages. There are several shapes available for selection. More than 500 clip artworks are available to fill space. This easy-to-use, free online photo collage maker contains some simple editing tools. You may add pictures from your device’s storage or Facebook, or you can choose a stock photo from their collection. You may pick from over twenty backgrounds to make the beautiful appeal of your collages.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the best online collage maker available today. It requires you to create an account before you can use it. It is a free collage maker with a professional degree of quality. However, the interface is so easy that anybody with little photo understanding can make appealing photo collages. Adobe Spark is completely free to use.

It provides access to millions of designs and templates. Adobe is widely recognized as the industry leader in photo editing, and Adobe Spark lives up to the company’s reputation. As a result, you may create magnificent photo collages in minutes. As previously noted, Adobe Spark is a professional-level tool; therefore, you will have access to the most helpful editing tools.

You can add messages and change fonts from a huge collection. The templates will motivate you to make fascinating and magnificent photo collages. Moreover, your work will be saved if you are logged into the account. Therefore, you may work on them at any time. Adobe Spark is, in my view, the most user-friendly and high-quality free online photo collage maker available.

3. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is widely recognized as one of the best stock photo websites. However, few are aware that Shutterstock has an excellent collage maker. It is completely free of charge. You will be required to use an account to log in. However, you are not asked to verify the email. You have access to the full capabilities of Shutterstock. There is no doubt about the quality of Shutterstock’s stock images. It may be used for collage making. The collage maker includes the best and most advanced editing tool available. You may make your image and picture collage using the provided tool. If you seek the best collage maker for professionals, you should use Shutterstock without hesitation.

4. Canva

Canva is the best free online tool for making photo collages. It offers millions of template templates. Each design and layout is unique and suited to a variety of layouts. You may select templates based on your photograph’s theme, type, and occasion. All of the designs and templates are hypnotic. It is the best free online collage maker in originality and awe-inspiring designs and layouts. You must sign up to use this free online collage maker. You may sign for Canva with your Google or Facebook account. The procedure is really easy. You will enjoy using Canva to create photo collages. When making a photo collage, it is my first choice.

5. Photo Collage

Photo collage is one of the most straightforward online photo collage makers. You will enjoy using this collage maker without a doubt. I’ve used it to create photo collages, and it has never let me down. It is quite easy to use. It has a vast collection of templates. Registration is not required. And it’s a free online collage maker. There are several short keys relevant to the site. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you will find the site more accessible.

You may add as many images as you like to a collage. I would recommend maintaining the number between 15 and 12 pictures. The grid view may be used to arrange pictures. You may choose the resolution of your collages. There are several handy photo filters available. You may add text to your image collage. It provides an adequate collection of fonts and styles for text options. Images may also be edited on the move. Use Photo collages to make beautiful collages.

6. Befunky

Befunky is a free online collage maker. It is the only free online collage maker with the best and most original templates and layouts. You may create and embellish photo collages. Befunky features both a free edition and a paid one. The premium edition has more unique features and greater access to Befunky’s full capabilities. The free version is likewise of good quality. To utilize it, no registration or sign-up is required.

Befunky includes an extensive collection of templates and layout presets. In addition, you get access to their collection of stock photos. There is an integrated photo editor. It might enhance the quality of your pictures. You can resize images. Remove or add a backdrop to the college. On the edit, one may add a translucent or textured background. Using the photo-to-art function, you can transform any image into a work of art. Alternatively, you may make the image into a cartoon using a photo-to-cartoon tool. Create an outstanding photo collage using Befunky, a free online collage maker that allows you to upload an infinite number of photos.

7. Photojoiner

Photojoiner is a free online collage maker. It is an easy-to-use tool that can create beautiful photo collages. It is entirely free of charge. There is no need to register or sign up. The interface is as easy as possible. You do not need to be an expert to make collages with our free photo collage maker. Using Photojoiner, you can complete a photo collage in about two or three minutes. Photojoiner allows you to create a Facebook cover. Photojoiner features several practical layouts. You may make a collage horizontally or vertically, and there are an infinite number of templates to meet your demands. Never before has made collage been so easy. Open Photojoiner in your computer browser and enjoy the genuine amusement of collage making.

8. Fotor

Fotor is next on the list. It is a free online collage maker. To utilize it, you are not required to sign or fill out any forms. It is quite user-easy. You may select from various image collage styles to make an attractive photo collage. Fotor is a simple, daily photo collage maker. It is possible to add layers, effects, and stickers. The online picture collage maker can effectively utilize HDR images. Also, remember that you may add text to your collages. It includes an extensive collection of fonts and styles. The layouts and templates of the photo collages are distinct and will undoubtedly attract the spectator’s attention.

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9. piZap

PiZap is a free online collage creation maker. You may make amazing photo collages with piZap. To use piZap, you must log in. It is a simple procedure. You are just required to provide a username, email address, and password. No email confirmation is required. As long as you are logged into the online photo collage maker, your changes and work are saved on the server in time for you to save unfinished work and complete it later. It is completely free. There is a pro edition without advertisements, but I don’t believe it’s necessary. The free version is sufficient for your needs. It is quite user-easy. No unnecessary complications. You are provided with rudimentary editing tools, much like a simple Paint tool. You may add text and adorable stickers to a photo or collage. Use piZap for free photo collage making if you have no trouble logging in.

10. Photovisi

Photovisi is an easy and free online photo collage maker. It is easy to use. Photovisi features the widest collection of available collage templates. Photovisi’s collage-making procedure is so easy that even a fifth-grader can make an attractive photo collage. No registration is required. This pop-up-free, futuristic site is certain to make you smile. Photovisi allows you to create an endless number of photo collages. You will lose your mind upon discovering how many templates they provide. You are not required to reuse the same collage template. This free online collage maker allows you to make e-cards. There are other additional tools and editors on Photovisi, but you may be required to sign or pay the price to access them. You will find our online collage maker to be practical and handy.

11. Postermywall

Postermywall is an excellent website for creating photo collages. You do not need to sign to create a photo collage, but you must sign to download completed photo collages. There is a free version, although it cannot be considered entirely free. If you wish to download your photo collage in HD or high quality, it will cost you $2.99 each and much more for 4K. You may only download photo collages with a maximum resolution of 1000 1000 for free. Other than that, it is the best photo collage maker available. If you want to pay, your money will not be wasted because they provide photo collages of the best quality. The premium edition includes professional editing tools. Downloads are unlimited in 4K quality and beyond. The free version is also extraterrestrial. The extensive collection of designs and layouts will effectively meet your demands. This remarkable free online collage maker may make your photo collages more appealing.


The online collage maker VISME is a major player in photo collage making. To begin creating a photo collage, you can select from tens of thousands of templates and designs. It can hold around 10-15 images per photo collage. Each design is vibrant and will undoubtedly appeal to your designs. You may alter the photo collage’s words and other features. There are more than one hundred fonts to pick from. In addition, you can resize and reset your images. To use VISME for making image collages, you must sign up for a free account and log into it. VISME enables its users to download the best quality downloads. You may print the image on photo paper or make a wall-mounted photo frame.

13. Smilebox

Smilebox is the place to go if you seek a free online collage maker with unlimited photo storage. It is a flexible online collage maker. You are required to create an account or log in through Facebook. Unless you choose to upgrade to the premium edition, it is optional to verify the email address. Smilebox’s well-designed website will put a smile on your face. It is an intuitive and well-thought online image collage maker for the benefit of all users. Smilebox’s ability to add music to your collages and make video collages is a major feature. In addition, it offers a variety of photo collage templates and editing tools. Have fun making photo collages with Smilebox.

14. Bannersnack

Bannersnack appears in our list. It is a free photo collage maker available online. Similar to many other online photo collage makers, registration is required to utilize this website. It will prompt you to create an account using an email account or your Facebook credentials. In addition, you are required to verify the email address. Signing up is, of course, free. Bannersnack offers a choice of unusual themes to satisfy your preferences. The design is intuitive, and all options are well-organized. There are several collage templates available. Bannersnack allows you to import your photos to make a collage and any photoshop (.psd) file. Our free online collage maker makes adding photos and other shapes equally easy. It is an all-encompassing platform for photo collage making and editing. Using Bannersnack will unquestionably find to be captivating.

15. Picmyna

Picmyna is a simple, free online photo collage maker. It is easy to use, and registration is not required. You may create an unlimited number of photo collages on our site. The site’s design is quite simple and of high quality. It is a free collage maker. Your photo collage is available for free download in 600px x 600px quality. You must pay around $2.99 for a high-resolution picture for each download. And the premium download contains no watermarks. You may display and brag about your photo collage to your friends if you download a premium, high-quality jpg image.

16. PixTeller

PixTeller is a simple and free online photo collage maker. You must register to utilize this service. There is no need to verify the email. It is one of the best photo collage makers I’ve encountered. The layouts and templates are fascinating. Your photo collages may be saved in png, jpg, or PDF format. Few online photo collage makers provide such flexibility. It is simple to create a collage on PixTeller using any camera app. PixTeller does not require any special skills to create a photo collage.

17. Ribbet

Ribbet is a professional online photo collage maker. It is mostly editing software. This is advantageous since you can edit and make a collage in the same location. The Ribbet editing tool provides various templates, filters, and other designs. To utilize the online photo collage maker, you must allow flash. You may download the PC software. It is compatible with all operating systems. You may need to create an account to enjoy full use of Ribbet’s services. I should mention that it is a professional tool. Therefore, you will need to have some understanding of photos. You will find it the best photo collage maker when you use it.

18. Montagesphoto

Montagesphoto is a free online photo collage maker. It’s a 100 percent free online photo collage maker tool. It is an easy site to work. The photo collage can contain 100 images without difficulty. Few collage makers permit you to do so. It features unique templates and great designs. It also has many themes from which you may select to make your image collages more appealing. Montagesphoto is accessible without registering or creating an account. Its distinctiveness and potential to include 100 photos in a single photo collage are unparalleled.

19. IPiccy

IPiccy is a free photo collage maker that enables you to make beautiful collages. You are not required to log into any account. This free photo collage maker provides various tools for enhancing your images and editing your photo collage. They have quite a few attractive layouts. You must enable the flash player in thing to edit and make a photo collage. Utilize iPiccy to create stunning photo collages.

20. PhotoFancy©

PhotoFancy is the next on our list. The superior free online collage maker performs the task of making a photo collage with ease. It will make you in creating a unique and beautiful photo collage. The PhotoFancy website is free. Making a photo collage and downloading it are both free. The editing interface is beautiful and well-thought. The organization of all essential tools. Because there are several pre-designed templates, it is easy to make photo collages. It’s a fantastic free online picture collage maker.

21. Promo

Promo is an additional exceptional Collage Maker for preserving your memories. With this simple and interesting tool, anyone may appear professional. It offers the ability to resize images for publication on any platform or social media site. In addition, it offers several Free Collage Templates for advertising your product, event, or business. Promotion is really simple and useful. You may add images, text, and stickers to convey your emotions. It takes a few minutes to create a beautiful collage from your images. All of Promo’s features are designed to surprise your unique other.

The Bottom Line:

This advice can make you in creating the best photo collage possible. These photo collage makers are worthwhile, as I have tried them all. Choose from any of the free photo collage makers listed above. After creating the collage, you may save the image to any online photo storage service. It will assist you in maintaining your memory for a very long time.

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