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How to Fix the OBS Not Picking Up Mic 2022

You may read this guide to fix the OBS Not Picking Up Mic issue effortlessly.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an open-source video recording and live streaming app. It is now one of the top free video recording and live-streaming programs. However, several users have recently claimed that their OBS mic needs to be fixed, which hinders their experience with the software.

If you are likewise one of these troublesome users, there is no cause for alarm. Now that you have found this post, you may quickly and efficiently resolve the OBS Not Picking Up Mic issue. This essay will direct you toward the most effective solutions to this issue.

However, before examining the problem’s solutions, let’s explain why OBS not picking up mic in Windows 11/10.


Reasons For OBS Mic Is Not Working

The following may be the reasons behind the OBS microphone not working problem.

  • No permission to use the microphone.
  • OBS is on mute
  • Your microphone isn’t the default audio device.
  • The exclusive mode is active
  • Out-of-date audio driver
  • Issues with the OBS audio settings.
  • Random bugs or missing OBS files.

The list above of common causes for OBS microphone not working 2022 to help you fix the issue effectively. So now, let’s consider the solutions to this issue.

Working Fixes for the OBS Not Picking Up Mic Windows 11,10

You can use the following techniques to resolve the OBS not picking up mic 2022 on Windows 11/10.

Fix 1: Give microphone access to software

Your PC should allow OBS permission to access the microphone. Due to the absence of microphone access in the software, the OBS mic may not work. Therefore, perform these steps to grant the required permissions.

  • Invoke the settings panel by using the keyboard shortcut Windows+I.
  • Choose the setting for Privacy on your computer.

  • Afterward, pick Microphone from the pane on the left, choose Change, and turn the Microphone access for this device toggle on.
  • Allow apps access to your microphone.

  • Next, check whether the issue is resolved or the OBS Studio mic is not working.

Fix 2: Unmute the OBS

When the OBS is muted, the microphone will not work. Therefore, below are instructions on how to unmute the OBS to resolve your issue.

  • Right-tap on the taskbar’s speaker icon to Open Volume Mixer.

  • Please tap on the OBS speaker icon to unmute it.
  • Confirm whether the issue has disappeared or the OBS not picking up mic Windows 10.

Fix 3: Set microphone as your default audio device

If your microphone differs from the default audio device, the OBS Studio mic may not work. Consequently, you may follow the steps below to make it the default and resolve the issue.

  • Right-tap the speaker icon on the taskbar and choose sounds from the on-screen menu.

  • Select Recording from the top menu, right-click the space and Show Disabled Devices.

  • Right-tap your microphone and Enable it.

  • After enabling the microphone, right-tap on it and choose the Set as Default Device option.

  • Lastly, tap on OK to confirm the changes.

Fix 4: Turn off the exclusive mode

Exclusive mode prevents the microphone from connecting to OBS using chat apps like Skype. Therefore, you can follow these instructions to disable exclusive mode to resolve the Windows 11 microphone not working reddit issue.

  • Right-tap the speaker icon and open sounds.
  • Choose the Recording tab, right-tap your microphone, and pick Properties from the context menu.

  • Under the Advanced tab, find & uncheck the option to Allow apps to take exclusive control of this device.
  • Tap on Apply, then OK to confirm the changes.
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  • Try to use microphone on OBS to check whether the software is picking up mic on Windows 10/11 or not.

Fix 5: Update the outdated audio driver (Recommended)

The outdated audio driver is almost always the cause of problems, such as the OBS Not Picking Up Mic. Consequently, updating the driver is one of the most recommended solutions for this and many other issues.

You may update drivers automatically and flawlessly using the professional program Bit Driver Updater. The Bit Driver Updater software downloads and installs driver updates with a single click, backs up and restores drivers, accelerates the rate of driver downloads, and provides several additional advantages.

The URL to download and install this software is provided.

The obsolete drivers are displayed on the screen within a few seconds of downloading and installing the Bit Driver Updater app. You may now pick the Update All button with a single click.

You can select Update Now to update only the audio driver. Experts recommend replacing any outdated driver for optimal PC performance.

Fix 6: Check the OBS audio settings

A Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature in OBS allows voice recording only when you hold its hotkey. Therefore, when the PTT function is enabled, the OBS may not detect the microphone on Windows 11/10. Additionally, you can disable this function by following the instructions below.

  • Launch OBS and select Settings from the lower-right corner of the OBS window.

  • Choose Audio from the left pane.
  • Find & remove the checkmark from the option to Enable Push-to-talk.

  • Select Hotkeys from the left.
  • Delete the Push-to-talk key.

  • Choose Apply and OK to make the changes.
  • Check if the OBS mic needs to be fixed.

Fix 7: Install OBS again

OBS may have undiscovered random errors, or a few essential files may be missing, leading to the OBS Studio mic not working issue. Reinstalling OBS may help resolve this issue. Therefore, below are instructions on how to reinstall it.

  • Invoke Settings panel (you may apply the Windows+I shortcut command).
  • After that, choose Apps from the options present on your screen.

  • Find and select the OBS Studio and tap on the button to Uninstall it.

  • Now you can reinstall OBS from its official site.
  • At last, launch the OBS app and check whether the OBS microphone is working or not.

Fix 8: Send log files to OBS support for analysis

If the workarounds above don’t resolve the issue with the OBS Not Picking Up Mic, you may email the log data for investigation. Here is the detailed approach for completing the task.

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  • Launch OBS and select Help from the menu present at the top.
  • Select Log Files from the Help menu and tap the Upload Last Log file option.

  • Tap on the Copy URL button.

  • Go to the OBS Analyzer web page.
  • Paste the URL you copied earlier and tap on the Analyze button.

  • Follow the OBS support’s instructions to drive the OBS not picking up mic issue away from Windows 11/10.

OBS Not Picking Up Mic Issue Fixed

In this article, we discussed how to resolve the OBS microphone not working issue. You can troubleshoot the problem using the solutions provided above.

If it is impossible to test all of the solutions, you can update the drivers with Bit Driver Updater to resolve this and many other issues immediately. And for additional troubleshooting suggestions, keep up with this blog.

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