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‘No Results Found’ Error In Windows Search? How To Fix

When the Windows search app fails to return any search results, “No results found” is shown. Typically, the warning would occur if you attempted to access a file, folder, or program that was absent from your PC. However, the search tool cannot find the desired files on the computer.

How To Easily Fix ‘No Results Found’ Error In Windows Search?

Examine For Updates

Check your PC for updates that need to be installed before continuing. Updates must be installed to keep your PC in peak condition. The official Microsoft team provided this solution, and it has helped several users with the “No results found” problem. Here are your options:

1 – To launch the Windows Settings dialogue box, press Win + I.

2 – Choose Windows Update from the panel on the left.

3 – Click the icon labeled Check for Updates on the right side.

4 – Install each available update that is still pending, one by one, once the scan for updates has concluded.

5 – Restart your PC and check whether the “No results found” problem resolves when using the Windows Search tool.

Open Windows Search Service Again

As previously stated, the Windows Search service must function for you to use the app without facing problems such as “No results found.” Restarting the Windows Search service is an effective method for resolving any issues this app may be experiencing. Detailed instructions are as follows:

1 – To open the Task Manager, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

2 – Locate the SearchUI.exe file by selecting the Details tab.

3 – By right-clicking SearchUI.exe, select the End process option.

4 – Whenever a confirmation prompt appears on your screen, select End Task.

5 – Close the Task Manager panel, then open Run by pressing Win + R.

6 – In the Run window, enter the command services.msc and press the Enter key.

7 – Find and right-click on the Windows Search service.

8 – Select Properties from the contextual menu.

9 – In the Properties dialogue, click the Stop button.

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10 – Press the Start button following a brief delay.

11 – Ensure that the Startup type is set to Automatic.

12 – Click Apply > OK to preserve your changes.

13 – After completing the preceding steps, use Windows Search to see whether the “No results found” error has been fixed.

Rebuild Search Index

Consumers also found rebuilding the search index from scratch a beneficial solution, as the problem may have affected it. To proceed, please follow these steps:

1 – Open Run by pressing Win+R.

2 – Type “control” into the Run window and click the OK button.

3 – Change the View by category setting to tiny icons in the Control Panel window.

4 – Select Indexing Options from the list of options provided.

5 – Select Advanced in the Indexing Options window. This requires administrator privileges.

6 – Next, press the Rebuild button and wait until the process is complete.

7 – When finished, click OK to see whether the “No results found” error has been fixed.

Perform Search And Indexing Troubleshooter

Well, you can run the Search and Indexing troubleshooter if a problem stops the Windows search from functioning. Here is how to use it:

1 – Press Win + I to open the Windows Settings window.

2 – Choose System and then Troubleshoot in the next window.

3 – Select Other troubleshooting options.

4 – Find the Search and Indexing troubleshooter and click the Run button to the right.

5 – Delay till the troubleshooter-solver has finished its operation. If an error is found, it will offer you relevant fixes. Select Apply this repair in such a case.

6 – The troubleshooter should allow you to resolve the “No results found” error permanently.


We hope the above fixes have helped you fix the “No Results Found” error in Windows Search. Well, these expert-recommended fixes have been gathered from suggestions made by technical specialists on various troubleshooting forums. Let us know if you’ve any questions or suggestions in the section below.

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