17+ Best News Apps For Android You Can Use

News is an essential component of entertainment. Important news apps on the Internet have altered the lifestyle. You are now better updated about all types of news. There are many news stories, but choosing the best one is difficult. All newspaper apps cannot be installed. Therefore, we have compiled the best Android news apps to make you happier. Today, we will cover the 17+ Best News Apps for Android as a source of entertainment.

17+ Best News Apps For Android You Can Use

There are several newspaper apps, but none of them give accurate information. This post lists the 17+ best Android news apps. These apps were picked based on their popularity, amount of installs, downloads, and reviews.


1. Flipboard

News Apps For Android

Flipboard is one of the most prestigious news apps for Android and smartphones. Over one million people use this amazing news app to access their favorite news. It collects news, popular stories, debate, and significant breaking news. Flipboard is recommended to spend time on Flipboard to obtain the report. It is good to see that you are interested in this newspaper app. Flipboard enables you to read stories published by the best publisher. In addition, you may collect stories from many sources and create them in a magazine.

2. Google News

News Apps For Android

The Google News app is an intelligent app that provides the latest news. It can handle your selected story. The Google News app provides the whole context and provides everything by emphasizing several views. It offers high-quality content from any reliable content. The Google News app includes a variety of news types, including sports, entertainment, gossip, and politics. Since this app is an international hub, more than a million people have given it favorable reviews; however, some people find its local news bothersome.

3. CNN Breaking US & World News

News Apps For Android

The CNN Breaking news app is another excellent news app that provides accurate information. It shows you what is occurring in the rest of the world. You may create a personalized alarm system to be informed without becoming overwhelmed. This app enables you to watch CNN, CNNi, and HLN TV anywhere at any time. The CNN news app provides in-depth coverage of breaking world news. It provides US people with video on demand and live TV. To access limitless watching, you must sign in with a satellite or cable provider in the United States.

4. BBC News News Apps For Android

The BBC News app for Android is among the best news apps available. This is a division of BBC News. This app provides authentic and reliable news from the BBC and other journalistic networks. In addition, it provides BBC news, BBC radio, and more BBC galleries. The critical features are featured articles, tailored news, major news, video, audio, and stories. It can direct you to the latest and most relevant news. Videos are accessible over 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Other popular BBC news features include offline functionality, font customization, linked stories, and related topics.

5. Reddit

News Apps For Android

Reddit is a safe network with over 100,000 communities. It can ponder, discuss, laugh, and go deeper into topics that are important to you. Reddit is a free platform where anybody can read, evaluate, and share important news articles. Using this app, you can effortlessly communicate with the online group. Reddit users may join debates, add photographs, and naturally submit stories. This app frequently refreshes its content to the benefit of its user base. It is one of the most helpful social sharing apps for news enthusiasts.

6. FeedlyNews Apps For Android

Every day, one thousand individuals use Feedly on their Android smartphone or tablet. With Feedly, managing your blog, YouTube channel, and publication is simple to utilize news more effectively. People utilize Feedly to read blogs, keep up with the news, and monitor keywords. It is capable of connecting over 40 million feeds. It allows you to discover feeds in a single location. Feedly integrates with Facebook, Buffer, Twitter, Evernote, and Onenotes. It thinks that minimalism facilitates speed. Therefore, it is among the best news apps for Android.

7. The Guardian

News Apps For Android

The Guardian is one of the most reliable and accurate breaking news apps. It provides access to news on politics, business, and sports. This app delivers breaking news straight to your phone. The Guardian is a news app with award-winning journalism and top stories. All news and its stream are customizable. It supports all sports, from the NFL to Formula One. In addition, this app offers a premium version to provide an alternative flavor.

8. BuzzFeed

News Apps For Android

Buzzfeed is one of the most popular apps for social sharing and story collection. It includes Quizzes, the best News, trending stories, Tasty recipes, and entertaining videos. Use the explore tab to discover diverse news. There is an option to view the trending story. This app contains comment and reaction buttons to solicit your feedback. Notifications may keep you current. Share on Facebook, Viber, and other social networks with a single touch.

9. Topbuzz Lite

News Apps For Android

Topbuzz lite is one of the best Android, tablet, and smart devices news apps. It is a news app designed to make you chuckle. It utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence to offer you timely news. You will be a news expert if you use Topbuzz lite due to its comprehensive service and easy-to-scroll feed that gathers all the headlines on one platform.

10. Yahoo Sports

News Apps For Android

The Yahoo News app for Android and smart devices is one of the most attractive and best news apps available. Now you can watch NFL games on your smartphone or tablet. The Yahoo Sports app provides quick access to sports news, scores, and statistics. The Yahoo Sports app keeps you informed about MLS, NFL, NHL, NCAA, MLB, and NBA events. In addition, you are now more informed on cricket, football, and golf. It would be helpful if Yahoo required users to sign in to access all services.

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11. ESPN

ESPN is a live gaming app that provides live scores, sports news, and other pertinent news. This app changes and updates rapidly within a fraction of a second. This app provides fast access to your favorite team’s news. ESPN provides news on College Football, NBA, MLB, NFL, and College Basketball games, among others. You may subscribe to your preferred ESPN postcard to receive sports news updates and audio broadcasts. ESPN’s sports commentary makes it one of the best news apps for Android.

12. USA Today

USA Today is an app that keeps the entire nation at your fingertips. The seasoned, mind-blowing news coverage adds added flavor to the news. You may personalize your story, video, or anything else. If you enable this app’s notification settings, you will be the first among your friends to learn the latest news. This app has gameplay opportunities. This app features celebrities.

13. World Newspaper

World newspaper apps enable you to read the most recent stories in the blink of an eye. This app has a superb user interface. It offers customizable options for your country’s most popular, trending, and recent releases. The World Newspaper App includes over 150 nations and over 6000 publications. Among the essential features are reader mode, offline mode, favorite and bookmark choices, a web browser, and a translation service. In addition, you are not annoyed by advertisements.

14. Microsoft News

Microsoft News is one of the most reliable sources for accurate breaking news, providing you with accurate news. It provides in-depth news and a story on the occurrence. It can synchronize your desktop selection with your mobile device. Microsoft News has over a hundred publishers in more than a dozen nations. It contains content from more than 3000 brands. Microsoft delivers relevant news from a reliable source.

15. CNET

The CNET tech news app is one of the best tech news apps for providing you with the latest technology news. It is the leading news source for technology. It combines all key technology stories and news items. CNET is the primary source of purchasing decisions for all technical products. It is a compilation of surveys about self-drive technology. It is an app centered on user involvement.

16. Al Jazeera English

Another of the best news apps for Android and smart devices is Al Jazeera English. This app gives live news on-demand at no cost. It also has an option for breaking news with push notifications. The Al Jazeera app lets you personalize your home screen to be more informed. It enables streaming audio and video access 24 hours a day. In little time at all, you may peruse all news categories. In addition, there is the option to share the story in any way that you want.

17. SmartNews

Smart News is one of the best Android news apps. This app has over 35 million active installations in over 100 countries. Smart news provides news headlines and breaking news from credible news organizations. It is an amazing, popular, and free news app. This Smart News app has notification settings for breaking news. Its readability setting optimizes the experience of reading the news. It includes possibilities for reading news offline. It is the best Android news app in Japan.

18. News Republic

Artificial intelligence drives The News Republic. It provides global-local news, daily breaking news, and viral news headlines. The News Republic gathers news from over 250 credible sources. You will find rumors, sports, politics, and technology in a single app. The News Republic offered editors’ choice, an option that Google users seize. This app is straightforward to access and configure. The artificial intelligence of the system can personalize your pick. The videos are also displayed on the newsfeed.

19. Economic Times

Economic Times is one of the best Android news apps. If interested in economics, share market news and utilize this elegant app. It provides real-time stories of Finance, Stock Market, Business, Sensex – BSE India, Nifty – NSE India, Personal Finance, Business News, and Economy News. This news app pertains to the BSE, NCDEX, NSE, Sensex, Nifty, and MCX. It enables the home screen widget and constantly updates it. As a business, you must have this app.

20. Fox News

Fox News is one of the most effective news apps for staying current. It permits the story to be displayed on demand anywhere at any time. Fox News is good for sports, politics, and entertainment. It provides breaking news around the clock. Most news in the Fox News app is prepared and pertinent. It is closely related to the most recent trending news headline. In addition, its video, slideshow, and arranged content may appeal to you.

The Bottom Line:

There are millions of the best Android news apps to keep you informed. However, finding the best one is challenging. Thus, our study may assist you in locating the essential one.

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