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How To Fix Quickly Network Adapter Error Code 31?

“Network Adapter Error Code 31: This Device Is Not Working Properly” appears for certain users while connecting to the Internet. This issue prevents users from establishing a successful Internet connection and might be caused by problems with the installed driver of the network adapter on your computer. A few quick and easy steps will be highlighted in this post to fix this Network adapter error code 31.

How To Fix Quickly Network Adapter Error Code 31?

Check For Windows Updates

Check for Windows updates offered by Microsoft before performing any significant troubleshooting steps. Below are the steps to check for Windows updates.

1 – To open Windows Settings, press Win + I.

2 – Select the Updates & Security option. 

3 – Click Check For Updates and wait for Windows to check for new updates.

4 – The downloading/installation process will begin automatically.

5 – Once the process is complete, click the Check for Updates button again to confirm no lingering updates.

6 – Restart the PC and check to see if the issue remains.

Network Adapter Error Code 31

Update Drivers

Windows Updates includes driver updates, among other sorts of updates. Nevertheless, you may not receive updated drivers from the manufacturer because these updates are performed via the Microsoft server. Therefore, in this instance, you would need third-party driver update software to check for driver updates.

Rollback Driver

The Roll Back Driver option allows you to perform a rollback and reinstall the previous version of the network adapter driver if you believe it is the cause of the issue.

1 – Launch Run by pressing Win+R.

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2 – Type devmgmt.msc and press the OK button to start Device Manager.

3 – In Device Manager, expand the Network Adapters area.

Network Adapter Error Code 31

4 – Select Properties by right-clicking a network device.

5 – Select the Driver tab from the Properties dialogue box.

6 – You must select the Roll Back Driver button.

Note: If the option is greyed out, your system lacks the required older drivers to perform a rollback.

7 – In the confirmation dialogue box, select Yes.

8 – Once the driver rollback is complete, check if the issue has been fixed.

Reset Network

Resetting the network will erase and reinstall the network drivers and other networking components to their default settings to aid you in addressing network adapter issues on your computer. The steps to reset the network are as follows.

1 – Press Win + I to open the Settings menu.

2 – Select Network & Internet from the left-hand window.

3 – Choose Advanced network options.

4 – Choose Reset Now.

5 – Select Reset immediately, and Agree to reset your network settings.

6 – Restart your computer and check whether the issue has been repaired.


Network adapter error code 31 is one of the many possible issues that might cause your network adapter to fail. First, ensure the most recent network adapter driver is installed to remedy the issue. Then, restore the system, fix a faulty registry setting, or, if required, roll back the driver. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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