Netflix Free Trial – Is There A 30 Day Free Trial For Netflix?

Do you like finding fresh and intriguing content on Netflix regularly? Do you detest paying its exorbitant prices? Want to get a better deal? Then this is the post for you. Without question, Netflix has become one of the most popular online streaming services. Even without a free trial, there is no denying the high quality and variety of episodes available on Netflix. So instead of lamenting the end of the Netflix free trial, please read on for our Netflix review and answers to the most commonly asked concerns regarding this popular streaming service’s free trial.

What Exactly Is Netflix?

Netflix is a popular video streaming service available in virtually every country. It has a large library and a straightforward-to-use user interface. As a result, it is ranked top in 2022’s Best On-Demand Streaming Services. Peacock TV, Disney Plus, and Discovery + are among its competitors. With a massive online library, a strong roster of original shows, and a plethora of useful features, this mega-popular streaming service continues to lead the pack among on-demand providers.

Netflix’s user interface is fantastic for finding new shows to watch. It includes personalized recommendations and a search option that allows you to search by genre, name, crew, cast, or other keywords. You may also make several profiles, including kid-friendly ones, for each member of your family, each with their watch list. If you value video quality, Netflix’s Premium plan provides up to Ultra HD resolution. Also, The service is ad-free, so you can watch your favorite TV shows without waiting through annoying commercials.

How Did Netflix Get Started?

Netflix was founded in 1997, but it entered the American market as a digital platform in 2010 with its premiere series, House of Cards, which became a huge success. It began its operations with a unique selling factor known as Netflix originals. It allowed indie filmmakers to promote their work on a platform that did not limit their subject and emphasized originality. Consequently, numerous indie filmmakers came up with some excellent web series ideas. Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, and several other Netflix shows showed their worth and became global successes by 2017.

Netflix has since reached out to people all across the world. It launched in India in 2018 with its first important program, Sacred Games, which increased the value and popularity of the show and Netflix’s overall worth and popularity. There was no turning back for Netflix after that. Money Heist, Haunting of Hill House, and other famous shows were created back-to-back.

How Can I Get Netflix?

Signing up for Netflix is easy. Go to Netflix.com and follow the sign-up form. It will prompt you to choose the plan you wish to subscribe to. You must provide an email address, a password, and payment details. While Netflix used to provide 30 day free trials, they are no longer accessible; you must pay immediately. You may watch Netflix on your phone or tablet by downloading the Netflix app and signing up.

What Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix’s basic plan is more costly than Prime Video and Hulu’s ad-supported plan but less costly than Hulu‘s more competitive no-ads option. If you and your family share a Netflix membership, it’s a premium one. If you share it among four people, it’s just $5 a month per person, which is a wonderful price for all of the unique content available, some in 4K Ultra HD. Furthermore, there are no advertisements on any plan. Netflix has three simple plans: Basic ($10), Standard ($15.50), and Premium ($20).

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The fundamental bundle grants you access to all of the platform’s titles. However, you will not be able to see them in high resolution. Furthermore, because it is a small program, you can only access one screen at a time. If you desire HD and wish to share your account with a friend or partner, the Standard plan is for you.

On the other hand, a Premium subscription is a way to go if you have a large 4k TV. A 4K Ultra HD display has four times the resolution of a Full HD screen since it contains four times the pixels. So paying a few dollars more each month to get the most out of your 4K screen is a worthwhile investment. It will also provide you access to four separate screens simultaneously.

What Can I Watch On Netflix?

Comedy, reality, documentaries, romances, crime TV drama, sci-fi and horror, animation shows, and action are among the genres available on Netflix. Netflix has over 5,500 unique titles that can make you laugh or weep. Furthermore, its on-demand and kid-friendly content were named the best streaming app in 2021. Netflix offers the following TV shows and movies:

  • New Girl
  • Riverdale
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • 21 Jump Street
  • Happy Feet
  • The Karate Kid
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Black List
  • The Vampire Diaries

Netflix has also created many original shows and movies with well-known producers, actresses, and directors. The following Netflix originals are currently popular:

  • Queer Eye
  • Selling Sunset
  • Ozark
  • Cobra Kai
  • The Great British Baking Show
  • Don’t Look Up
  • The Unforgivable
  • The Royal Treatment
  • Virgin River
  • Cheer

Which Platforms Are Netflix Fully Compatible?

Almost any device will work with Netflix as long as it is linked to the internet. The Netflix app is accessible for most mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets, and gaming consoles to download. The app is available for free on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. You may watch and download Netflix episodes straight to your device. However, depending on your subscription, you can only watch on a limited number of devices simultaneously. Netflix is accessible on the following devices:

  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Windows smartphones and tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TVs like Hisense, Phillips, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • NVidia Shield
  • Roku TV
  • PS3, PS4, and PS5
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Blu-ray players like LG, Panasonic, Magnavox, Phillips, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony

Netflix’s Free Trial

Until recently, Netflix had a 30 day free trial period during which new members may see an unlimited amount of content for free. There was also a view-free option. In addition, non-subscribers watched the initial episodes of some TV shows, such as Love is Blind, Stranger Things, and Our Planet. Netflix provided free-to-watch options hoping that the aesthetic experience would entice people to upgrade to one of the more expensive plans.

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Some users, however, were abusing the system by signing up for free trials, canceling, and reactivating with a different email address, which did not bode well for Netflix’s marketing strategy. As a result, Netflix has canceled free trials in the United States and removed the option to watch for free from its website. Unfortunately, subscribers in Europe and many other countries have experienced the same thing.


Even once Netflix’s free trial ends, various methods exist to obtain a free or low-cost Netflix premium account.

Share Someone Your Netflix Account

Assume you’re not the only Netflix junkie among your friends, family, or workplace. You may always share a Netflix account and split the bill in that scenario. Netflix supports account sharing and installing up to four accounts. It implies you may buy one membership and split the cost among four people.

Use Coupons

The following option for getting Netflix for a reasonable price is to utilize a gift card from Raise.com or another well-known website. Coupons.com may also give you a Netflix subscription discount code. Once you’ve obtained one, visit the Netflix website, enter the gift card/promo code, and begin watching Netflix.

Using Netflix Cookies

People appreciate using the Netflix Cookies method, which is growing more popular. Mobile consumers choose this method since it is the easiest option. In addition, because you do not need to enter your bank information when using cookies, the method is both safe and straightforward to use. However, the biggest issue with cookies is that each login will necessitate the creation of fresh and functioning Netflix cookies.

Get Netflix In A Different Country

In each location, Netflix charges a different cost. If you reside in a country with high Netflix costs, such as the United States, you may access Netflix in a less expensive country. Turkey is one nation that offers Netflix at a low rate. Get a free VPN for Netflix to allow you to subscribe to the streaming service and watch without buffering.

How Do You Cancel Your Netflix Subscription?

Because Netflix no longer offers a free trial, follow a simple method if you’ve previously acquired a low-cost membership but want to cancel it. To cancel your Netflix membership, go to netflix.com/cancelplan. Sign in using the same information you used to create your Netflix account. You have two choices after logging in. You may either reduce your plan and save money each month, or you can cancel the account but keep using it until the next payment period.

Wrapping Up:

Netflix is a low-cost subscription-based video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service. Netflix has canceled the free trial, even though the company has long provided a 1 month’s free trial. Therefore, you should now understand how to get Netflix for free. However, as previously said, free alternatives are only available to a few countries. If you cannot take advantage of Netflix’s free offerings, you may still subscribe to the streaming service at a significant discount.

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