My Hero Academia: 20 Best Characters, Ranked

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen anime at present. The interesting personalities and their character journeys contribute to this.

In my opinion, the world of My Hero Academy has produced some of the best characters in anime history. Some of the individuals we’ve encountered throughout the series have affected us in ways we never imagined, to the point where Boku No Hero’s success is more than justifiable. So let’s examine some of BNHA’s best characters to share this enthusiasm with every other fan.

Keep in mind that I will omit characters who have not had as much of an impact on the series so we can get a lists of the best My Hero Academia. Also, remember that this list will irritate some individuals – I am aware of this. So let’s see how much we can disagree and still agree!

My Hero Academia’s Best (& Worst) Characters, Ranked

I attempted to arrange as many of the My Hero Academia characters I deemed important to the show as possible. So, here are the best My Hero Academia: The main characters, ranked from worst to best by character arc.

1. All Might

I believe this character is why so many people enjoy the series. He is such a likable individual. And being a massive Dragon Ball Z fan, he gives me the same good vibes as Goku.

I would still maintain that All Might is an even better character than Goku, and he could have had a far greater impact on the anime industry if BNHA had been released during the Dragon Ball craze.

In any event, All Might’s effect should not be underestimated. The guy mixes strength, personality, and decision-making to become, without a doubt, one of the best My Hero Academia side characters in the history of anime.

If My Hero Academia maintains the same level of influence when the series concludes, and if no one messes up the conclusion of the series, I anticipate All Might to remain an all-time favorite for decades.

2. Twice

Twice may not be one of the series’ primary antagonists. But his eccentricity unquestionably places him among the elite. Even when they are advantageous, he demonstrates how some eccentricities can be damaging.

As much of a horrible man as he is, he is undeniably one of the series’ best characters. Even if not among the primary ones.

3. All for One (So Far)

If we talk about the best My Hero Academia 2022, given this individual’s reputation as the ultimate villain, one would expect him to play a much larger role in the series, right? But, unfortunately, all for One has, in my opinion, failed to deliver. So instead, his student Shigaraki has assumed the leading role in the series.

I assume that All for One will assume a more significant role in the future, but only time will tell. I would much want to see more Shigaraki and less All for One.

4. Ochako Uraraka

Ochako straddles the border between “undesirable characters” and “acceptable ones” throughout the series. She is less likable than others, but she contributes more than one may expect.

Ochako is the dividing line between the excellent and evil characters in MHA; henceforth, I will refrain from complaining and focus on the best characters in the series. However, I do not quite know how to feel about this.

5. Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo may appear to be an arrogant jerk that nobody likes.

He does spend a large amount of the series and is a bitter person who does nothing but rant and gets upset at Midoriya for Izuku getting stronger than him. However, he is another character with a superior development path, making him one of the greatest in the series.

The fact that this eccentricity is so perfectly blended into his outfit is another reason so many individuals appear to adore him.

6. Tsuyu Asui

It is one of the strongest My Hero Academia characters. Asui may not be the most intriguing character, but her role and personality place her alongside the principal cast in unique abilities. She may be much better, but she could also be much worse.

7. Minoru Mineta

I believe I speak for most of My Hero Academia fans when I state that Mineta is the worst character in Midoriya’s class. This guy is just a young Master Roshi with a strange superpower, and he lacks the flow that the original Kame Senin had in the early days of Dragon Ball.

Even this guy’s eccentricity stinks. The only thing he does is throw balls from his hair, which stick to other things and enable him to.. er, do stuff? He stinks. He has had only one significant appearance in the series, and the rest have consisted of him perving on the class’s girls. If you like him, apologies in advance (er, kind of in advance).

8. Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami has one of the unique characteristics. And seeing him struggle to maintain control of it makes it much more fascinating to observe.

Tokoyami is, in my opinion, one of the series’ most compelling “irrelevant” characters. So it is not surprising that he is a fan favorite.

9. Shota Aizawa

At first glance, Eraserhead’s personality may appear uninteresting.

However, as the series progresses, you begin to notice more details and appreciate his character’s uniqueness. Aizawa-sensei is the best instructor at the school (if we exclude All Might!).

And how he attempts to maintain control of the class makes him a character that all series fans can fully appreciate.

10. Tenya Iida

Iida is the type of student who wants everyone to behave in class and maintains class unity through thick and thin. He may not be the most potent or helpful character available. However, his demeanor has made him one of my series favorites.

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Moreover, how he built his bond with Midoriya is phenomenal. I adore his personality.

11. Stain

Could it be said that Stain is the most impactful villain with the shortest lifespan in the history of anime? I believe it would not.

Even though he was defeated fast, we rarely encounter villains who differentiate themselves from the rest. Or villains who have a genuine conviction for their actions. Other than the typical “haha, evil guys go brrr” seen in most anime.

Stain is one of the best characters I’ve ever encountered because of how he is depicted, his objectives, and his battles against the children in BNHA and every other anime.

12. Koji Koda

I felt sorry for Koda since he is the kindest individual in the group. But let’s be honest: his quirk is bad, and his personality makes him one of the show’s least influential characters.

He can communicate with animals, and I’m confident he’ll become significant in the future. However, from my perspective, Koji Koda has been one of the most unimpressive characters thus far.

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Thankfully, Mineta’s “poor” standards were impossible to surpass. So Koda maintained his position on my list and avoided the bottom slot.

A win in my book.

13. Miro Togata

Ah, Lemillion.

He is not only the most powerful kid in school but also the most admirable. He gave up his abilities to save Eri. Which only increased our affection for him.

We’ll see where his tale goes (I’m not sure if he’s regained his powers; I’m not reading the manga right now, so give me a break, guys).

Regardless matter how things turn up for him, Togata is a terrific character who has earned a place in all of our hearts.

14. Ojiro

Ojiro and his tail are so dull that I find it difficult to enjoy them.

In a universe where humans can blast fire, and ice, have super strength, and super speed, having a tail is a dull oddity that adds little to the series. Add the guy’s bland personality, and you have a “meh” character. Notable, but meh.

15. Eijiro Kirishima

Man, there’s just something incredibly cool about Kirishima. I’m not sure what it is, but something about his demeanor and peculiarity makes him such a cool and likable character.

The progression of his abilities over the series is immensely satisfying. In addition, it is something he deserves. Unquestionably one of the best My Hero Academia!

16. Momo Yaoyorozu

Do I need to explain why Yaoyorozu is among the worst My Hero Academia side characters in the series? Her talent requires her to be semi-naked most of the time, which indicates the target demographic for this character.

I’ve never been a fan of the “anime girl” culture around these series, but I’ll overlook it if the characters are compelling enough. Unfortunately, Momo lacks any redeeming qualities, which is a disgrace.

Her ability is cool and has, at times, proven useful. However, she would have been a far better character if she had been written more like a hero and less like a sex symbol.

17. Eri

When we first meet Eri, she gives off a very odd aura.

I’m using the plural here since I’m pretty certain we all had a similar reaction the first time we saw her emerge from that alley towards Midoriya and Togata. As the series progresses & you gain a greater knowledge of Eri’s abilities, the character becomes a fan favorite.

The mission they all go out to rescue her is also one of the series’ finest action moments. And Eri demonstrates her might as Midoriya defeats his “father” in their combat!

18. Shoto Todoroki

Are you seeking for the best MHA characters? As the series has progressed, Todoroki’s relationship with his father has made him a fascinating character who has also undergone significant development. The contact between him and his father contributes to the development of Todoroki’s character. In addition, his peculiarities make him a potent addition to the “Good Guys” squad in the series.

His mastery of fire and ice is among the finest in the MHA world. So naturally, we would not anticipate Todoroki as anything other than an all-around influential character.

19. Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki is arguably one of my favorite villains of all time since he is such a complicated and intriguing character. I would argue that he will go down in history as one of the best anime antagonists of all time once the series concludes.

In this case, My Hero Academia character design is also highly intriguing, making his bad feelings even more unsettling, which we cannot resist loving.

Add to that his extraordinary peculiarity, and you have the perfect recipe for one of the most intriguing anime antagonists (or at least one of the best in the influential anime series out there).

20. Izuku Midoriya

Are you seeking for the My Hero Academia world heroes mission? Midoriya is an obnoxious brat at the beginning of the series. However, his character Ark is most likely the primary reason the series has been so successful.

The fact that he is narrating the story enhances its intrigue. And how his character evolves and develops throughout MHA keeps us interested and rooting for him to become the next best hero.

I believe that Midoriya is one of those characters who, in so many anime, you initially dislike but eventually grow to like.

That was my experience, at least. Nevertheless, you can tell by now that I’m a bit of a hater.

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