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How To Check If Minecraft Realms Is Down (Quick Guide)

There are many Minecraft servers available for you to play on. You may join any server as long as you possess the game. Minecraft servers are fantastic, and many of them are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but the gameplay is heavily influenced by who you play with. Some servers are completely anarchic, which is why Minecraft Realms exist.

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft servers are simple to set up, but they must be hosted someplace, which not everyone is capable of doing. As a result, it’s straightforward but time-intensive, and for the first time, setting up any kind of server comes with problems that need a lot of Googling.

Minecraft Realms is the official Minecraft server hosting service. They are simpler to set up and are designed for smaller parties of 10 players.

Is Minecraft Realms Down?

The Servers can go down, and Realms is not different. They are well-managed servers with several backups in place and specialists monitoring everything, yet a server may fall down at any time. If you and your friends are unable to connect to a realm, Realms may be offline.

There is no official service status page for Minecraft Realms. Instead, the Mojang Status Twitter account is the first place to go to see whether the service is down.

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If a Minecraft related service is down, the account should provide an update. After then, you must wait for the problem to be resolved.

Check Down Detector

If Mojang hasn’t released an update, or if they aren’t aware of a problem with Realms, you can use Down Detector. The Down Detector is based on user search trends. If a large number of people, even those who do not play on the same Realm as you, Google if Realms is down, it will appear on Down Detector.

If it does, it is safe to conclude that there is a problem on the server-side. To gain their attention, post a tweet to the Mojang support account on Twitter.

Minecraft Realms Down

The Bottom Line:

Minecraft Realms are smaller servers, although many people have their own. A single realm may only serve a few people, but the service itself is vast. It is not uncommon for a service of this magnitude and kind to fail. However, if everyone else is able to connect to a realm, but you aren’t, Realms is most likely not down. Check your internet connection, anti-virus definitions, and firewall settings. They might have been updated or reset and are now blocking the connection.

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