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How To Get Lost Snapchat Streak Back Easily

Get Lost Snapchat Streak Back: Losing Snap Streaks is, without a doubt, one of the worst things that can happen to anyone! However, if you’re a genuine Snapchat fan, you’ll grasp the value of keeping many snap streaks active at the same time. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but losing even one snap streak seems like leaving a piece of one’s life behind.

People who have never heard of ‘What Snap Streaks Are?’ – It happens when two users exchange snaps for several days in a row. When you send snaps continuously for more than three days, a fire emoji appears, along with the number of streaks.

They are so important these days that losing streaks may practically mean the end of friendships. We’re not kidding! When Snapchat went down a few months back in October, hundreds of users took to Twitter to express how upset they were since they would lose their snap streaks. Some people have officially complained to Snapchat about the issue, while others have uninstalled the program.

Lost Snapchat Streak

So, even if you adore Snapchat and cannot afford to lose snap streaks at any cost. Here’s how you can get your streaks back and what you can do in general to ensure that you never lose a Snapchat streak again! But first, here’s a list of popular Snapchat Emojis and what they imply!

What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean?

Snapchat Symbols/Emojis are one-of-a-kind methods to show how you and your friends engage with the platform. There are thirteen different kinds of Snapchat emojis, and here’s what they all mean:

Lost Snapchat Streak

What Happened To My Snapchat Streak?

Because you haven’t sent a snap to your friend in the recent 24 hours, is the easy answer. Before losing a snap streak, the app alerts users with an ‘hourglass’ emoji that appears next to the friend’s name, indicating that your snap streak is about to end.

How To Get Lost Snapchat Streak Back?

Well, we’re here to teach you how to back restore your lost snap streak:

1 – Navigate to ‘Support Page’ from app Settings on your phone. 

Lost Snapchat Streak

2 – Select’ Snapstreaks’ option > Scroll down and find the ‘Need help with something else?’ option and press ‘YES.’ 

Lost Snapchat Streak

3 – Now, under the ‘How can we help?’ section, choose the option ‘My Snapstreaks have disappeared.’

A drop-down menu will appear; fill in all required information such as Username, Email Address, Mobile Number, and when you first noticed this issue. And much more.

4 – Complete the Captcha request and click the ‘Send’ button to send the app.

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After you submit your request, Snapchat will analyze your case and determine whether you are eligible to get your Snap streak back or not.

Now you must wait to see if the Snapchat gods have compassion on you. They will contact you via the email address you supplied, so fingers crossed!

Well, Fingers crossed, even you get your snap streak back in a few hours!

Tips To Never Lose A Snapchat Streak Again

While the best technique to keep your streaks going is to enjoy trading snaps with friends regularly. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your snap streak never ends:

1. Create A Timetable For S Ending Snapchat Streaks

While you may be devoted to sending out snaps every day, the receiver is responsible for 50% of the job of keeping streaks alive. So, consider making a time cycle, such as a habit to send a ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ snap every day. You may use Android or iPhone reminder apps to remind you to send snaps every day!

2. Keep An Eye Out For The Snapchat Hourglass Symbol

The hourglass emoji tells others that it has been more than 20 hours since you sent your previous snap. And your snap streak will come to an end in a matter of hours. So, keep an eye out for the hourglass emoji, and you’ll never miss a snap streak again!

3. Collect All Your Snap Streaks At The Top Of The List

Snapchat prioritizes your ‘close friends’ at the top of the list by default. However, remembering all of them gets tough if you are retaining many snap streaks simultaneously. So, the idea is to edit the names of users and add ‘A’ or additional ‘AA’ in front of people’s names so that they stay at the top alphabetically.

To change their name, start Snapchat > long click the user whose name you want to alter > A pop-up screen will display; select Settings > and then touch on the ‘Edit Name’ option; add some additional ‘AA’ and push ‘Save.’

All current snap streaks will now remain at the top, and you will be reminded to keep your streaks alive.

Wrapping Up: Lost Snapchat Streak

Although there are no promises that Snapchat will restore your lost snap streaks, you can always hope for the best! Do you have any questions? Please leave it in the comments section!

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