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Best 15 Free Live Chat Apps To Try

Digital consumers have an abundance of options! Customer satisfaction, app, and engagement are some of the greatest challenges facing businesses today. Well, live chat is an online tool that can assist you in overcoming all of these obstacles. The best live chat apps allow you to engage in real-time customer conversations. This article will discuss live chat apps, their advantages, the top live chat apps on the market, and how to pick the best one for your business. Let’s begin our exploration of the realm of online live chat apps.

What Are Live Chat Apps?

A live chat app is a communication app that enables immediate messaging between you and your customers on your website or mobile app. Live web chat provides visitors with various support options, including product consultation, order or return tracing, feedback collection, etc. Paid and free live chat apps prioritize enhancing brand interactions by providing customers with a personalized experience. Also, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can use web chats to monitor website visitors’ interests and provide rapid customer support.

Free Live Chat App Benefits

Live chat apps are more than just a means of communication. They can add value to your business. So let’s examine some of the advantages provided by the best live chat apps.

Improved Customer Engagement

Paid and free live chat app for web site improves customer engagement by addressing their queries immediately. Make your visitors feel like they are conversing with a real person by using Live Chat to create a personalized experience.

Quicker Customer Support

Your visitors’ queries can be answered instantly with online live chat apps. Real-time messaging enables instantaneous responses, unlike email‘s lengthy process.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Live Chat can provide visitors with a prompt response and interactively address their concerns. This makes your customers happier than phone calls or correspondence.

Higher Conversion Rates

In addition to improving your customer service, the best live chat app also helps you generate high-quality leads. You can increase your sales based on your past conversations with site visitors and the analytics provided by a live chat app.

Share Multi-Media

Live chat room apps make every conversation with customers and website visitors productive. In addition, web chat enables sharing of multimedia files such as audio, images, GIFs, and videos to make conversations more engaging.

Builds Brand Credibility

Integrating an online live chat app into your website will increase your brand’s credibility. Your visitors will feel at ease conversing with a human-like AI in a one-on-one setting, where they are free to question anything.

Manage Agents Efficiently

Various features of a live chat room app allow you to designate various chats to distinct agents. This feature allows you to analyze performance and monitor productivity.

Why Add Free Live Chat App To Website?

To provide the most reassuring experience for your visitors, Live chat apps coordinate with your organization’s people and processes. According to, 70% of customers prefer a live chat option over a phone contact or an email. Below are some of the most compelling arguments for adding a paid or free live chat app to your website or app.

  • Customer support experience has been improved.
  • Increased prospect generation and customer acquisition.
  • Developing a positive rapport with customers by providing support 24/7.
  • Increased the efficiency of your customer service team.
  • Serve more customers in a shorter amount of time.
  • Assess the conduct of website visitors.

Free Live Chat Apps Features

Let’s determine the fundamental features you should seek in a live chat app.

  • Multiple e-commerce and social media platforms can be integrated.
  • Offers active customer service and technical support.
  • Provides valuable insights and performance reports.
  • It uses automation to save time and effort.
  • Enables real-time monitoring of live chat insights.
  • Installs in a few basic and straightforward steps.
  • Provides customization of the chat widget for your brand.
  • Compatibility with new mobile versions of Android and iOS.

Best Free Live Chat Apps To Try

Your customer experience will never be the same again, thanks to the best live chat apps we’ve compiled.

1. Olark

Live Chat Apps

Olark’s free web chat app facilitates conversation between you and your website’s visitors. In addition, Olark’s data analytics provide insights that can be used to enhance communication.

2. HubSpot

Live Chat Apps

HubSpot is one of the best live chat apps on the market, connecting you with your website’s visitors in real time so that you can provide superior customer support. In addition, it enables you to generate leads and conclude more transactions more quickly.

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3. Freshdesk

Live Chat Apps

Freshdesk app is one of the best free live chat apps created to address the needs of GenZ consumers today. Its AI-powered algorithms ensure that your website or app becomes proactive and earns the loyalty of your customers.

4. Freechat

Live Chat Apps

Freechat is a free live chat app for websites. You can configure your chat display in a few simple steps. Select your messaging platform, personalize the chat display for your brand, and then add the Freechat code to your website. That’s all; you’re finished. It is completely secure and compliant with GDPR.


Live Chat Apps

You can get closer and more direct with your customers using the chat app, where you can swiftly address and resolve their queries. In addition, the live chat app assists you in identifying frequent web visitor queries and sharing knowledge resources to increase your visitors’ awareness of your offerings.

6. Tidio

tidio chatbot

Building an immediate connection with your visitors and turning them into customers is made possible by the Tidio live chat app. With Tidio, you can add a live chat option in just five minutes and begin your messaging journey immediately.

7. Chatra

chatra chatbot

Chatra is an online live chat app that helps you increase sales in a courteous, useful, and interactive manner. It concentrates on providing the optimal solution to your site’s visitors by analyzing their queries and providing instantaneous solutions.

8. Smartsupp


Smartsupp enables you to make the most of your website traffic and increase conversion by improving your communication. In addition, the automation of Smartsupp chat ensures that your sales will increase with minimal effort.

9. Crisp

Crisp chat

Using a combination of human contact and automation, the Crisp app, a free live chat for websites, enables you to enhance the customer experience. In addition, it offers a multi-channel messaging facility to connect with more customers through the most convenient medium, instant messaging.

10. LiveChat


LiveChat provides the tools you need to provide an exceptional customer experience. Automate standard responses, maintain all conversation histories, identify each conversation, share multimedia files, etc., to create a remarkable experience.

11. MyLiveChat

My Live Chat facilitates you in turning website visitors into customers. It offers a more personal and quick method to connect with your visitors and engage them with entertaining and interactive messages.

12. JivoChat

JivoChat’s live chat service enables you to connect with potential consumers from all over the world. Furthermore, you can connect with your visitors via multiple channels by integrating the Jivo Chat app with their preferred social media platforms.

13. Help Scout

Help Scout enables you to create more leads via instant messaging. It offers an all-in-one visitor support tool that ensures you don’t overlook a single message. Additionally, the software enables visitors to locate help center articles while remaining on the same page.

14. Drift

Drift’s free web chat app connects you with your website’s visitors through real-time instant messaging. As a result, your visitors will be on time even if you’re in a hurry. In addition, it ensures that there are no delays in your customer support app or service and that you are always accessible to visitors on the website.

15. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a free live chat software that enables you to engage website and app visitors and increase sales. In over 150+ countries, it is trusted by 14,000+ app users. This software’s robust dashboard supports unrestricted chat with customizable widgets.


Is Live Chat App Necessary?

Yes, you can enhance your customer support and generate more leads with the best website live chat app.

How To Use Live Chat App?

You can use a free online live chat app by logging in, installing the code, and configuring your preferences.

What Are The Best Free Live Chat Apps For Websites?

Hubspot, Freshdesk, and Drift are among the best website live chat apps.

What Are The Best Free Live Chat Apps For Android?

Smartsupp, Tidio, and Jivochat are the top three free Android live chat apps.

What Are The Best Free Live Chat Apps For iPhone?

MyLiveChat, Pure Chat, and are among the free iPhone live chat apps.

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