10 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools You Should Use

There are numerous LinkedIn Marketing Tools that you can use to leverage your tactics. The tools, however, can use for content scheduling to sales generation. You can choose any tool to ease your work.

Beyond conferences and seminars, modern business networking occurs on social networking sites like LinkedIn. However, you can do much more than this on LinkedIn.

79% of marketers, according to HubSpot, view LinkedIn as one of the best sources for lead creation. Businesses have the opportunity to sell themselves to a global professional network of 700 million individuals.

So, how can you accomplish all of this and maximize LinkedIn?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for LinkedIn or LinkedIn Marketing Tools that will assist you in discovering the platform’s potential and maximizing commercial benefits.

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Why are Apps for LinkedIn Important?

Let’s understand why businesses like yours need additional LinkedIn Marketing & Automation Tools.

  • Create more connections at once.
  • Use statistics to comprehend your LinkedIn campaigns better.
  • Better understand your prospects and audiences.
  • Keep up with the latest LinkedIn developments.
  • Transmit generic brand communications.
  • Find the ideal individuals and positions with sophisticated searches.

Best Apps for LinkedIn That You Should be Using Right Away

Let’s check out what some of the best LinkedIn Marketing Tools can do to enhance your platform experience.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Lets talk about the best free LinkedIn Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is among the popular LinkedIn sales tools that assists organizations in connecting with the appropriate firms and buyers. It enables you to communicate directly with your prospects using InMail. In addition, users can track their communications by saving leads, configuring alarms, creating custom leads, writing notes, etc.

How Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Work?

  • Use advanced searches to find relevant prospects.
  • Receive lead suggestions tailored to your needs.
  • Integrate and synchronize your Sales Navigator and CRM activity.
  • Receive real-time information on account activity for your leads.
  • Organize the accounts of your prospects using multiple tags.
  • Follow the engagement of your audience with your content.

2. LinkedIn Mobile App

If we talk about the top-rated LinkedIn Marketing Tools, the LinkedIn mobile app includes some outstanding features that are beneficial for both organizations and individuals. For example, businesses can connect with leads and prospects, while job seekers can locate the ideal employer. In addition, this LinkedIn marketing strategy provides users with an excellent opportunity to expand their professional networks and directly contact influential commercial and corporate personalities.

How Does LinkedIn Mobile App Work?

  • Download and enter your credentials to log in.
  • User-friendly UI directs users through all functions.
  • Instantaneous search for individuals, groups, and institutions.
  • Apply for jobs across the globe with a single click with inApply.
  • Use your professional network to promote your products and services via marketing initiatives.

3. Slinky App

Next in our list of the popular and best LinkedIn Marketing Tools is Slinky App. As an extension, Slinky App enables users to create templates for various LinkedIn messages, introductions, and InMails. It is one of the most excellent apps for LinkedIn, especially for sales reps, marketers, and recruiters, as it saves them time and ensures brand consistency. For instance, your sales professionals can send standard pitches to all of their prospects by just modifying the recipients’ names. In addition, it will prevent them from repeatedly inputting the same message.

How Does Slinky App Work?

  • Install the Slinky App Google Chrome extension to get started.
  • Activate the extension by clicking the Slinky App icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Select “Load Profile” and log in with Google.
  • You are now able to create and change customized LinkedIn message templates.

4. Oktopost

Oktopost is one of the most crucial LinkedIn Marketing Tools and other social networking networks. It enables the publication, measurement, engagement, and monetization of content across numerous channels. With Oktopost, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your LinkedIn campaigns by analyzing clicks, comments, leads, and other actions.

How Does Oktopost Work?

  • Generate statistics for all of your LinkedIn and social media marketing activity.
  • Plan, publish, and administer your LinkedIn content.
  • Determine what is engaging your audience and what is not.
  • A 360-degree perspective of your customers’ and prospects’ databases will improve your understanding of them.

5. LinkedIn Job Search

Are you seeking the best LinkedIn Marketing Tools to promote your business? According to your skill set, qualifications, experience, and other preferences, the LinkedIn app’s job search tool can assist you in finding relevant positions. On LinkedIn, millions of recruiters from across the world post job openings that might be a turning point in your career.

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How Does LinkedIn Job Search Work?

  • Click the icon of the jobs atop LinkedIn.
  • Now, enter the job title you wish to find.
  • Add your desired city and nation in the Location tab, then press the Search button.
  • Streamline your job search using parameters such as experience level, employer, date posted, etc.
  • “Easy Apply” allows you to apply immediately from the LinkedIn mobile app.
  • LinkedIn Premium allows you to compare your resume to those of other applicants.

6. LinkedIn Advanced Search

It is among the highly-rated LinkedIn Marketing Tools you should know in 2022. The LinkedIn Advanced Search function enables users to search for jobs, people, and companies, among other things. In addition, you can apply additional advanced filters to your search, including people, jobs, groups, events, schools, and courses, to find precisely what you’re looking for.

How Does LinkedIn Advanced Search Work?

  • Input the keyword into the top search bar.
  • Receive search recommendations in the drop-down menu.
  • Retrieve similar searches from various categories.
  • Use filters to narrow your search results.

7. Pulse

If we talk about the famous LinkedIn Marketing Tools, The Pulse app for LinkedIn offers a faster way to access and use all of LinkedIn’s features. It informs you of the newest developments in your LinkedIn connections’ work lives, such as their accomplishments, promotions, and new projects. In addition, this app allows businesses to provide customized messages to their LinkedIn contacts.

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How Does LinkedIn Pulse Work?

  • Receive daily business updates.
  • Receive updates on popular articles.
  • Receive notifications when your LinkedIn contacts are mentioned.
  • Access from any location on Android, iOS, and Apple Watch.
  • Save and distribute your content to your contacts.

8. LinkedIn Learning

Next in our list of the best LinkedIn marketing automation tools is LinkedIn Learning. It is a platform that assists users in advancing their skills and careers. It provides a personalized list of recommended courses, weekly top courses, and other hot topics. In addition, these competencies will assist you in expanding your professional network.

How Does LinkedIn Learning Work?

  • Discover courses suggested for your career.
  • Determine the essential talents for your profession.
  • Access the leading LinkedIn network to receive the most excellent job advice.
  • Attend live presentations by industry experts.
  • Connect with LinkedIn’s field-specific influencers to expand your professional network.

9. SlideShare

Are you seeking the best useful LinkedIn Tools for Boosting Sales? It is one of the top-notch LinkedIn Marketing Tools. You can link to LinkedIn, the most excellent professional community site, and SlideShare, the largest professional publishing platform. Connecting these two sites will assist you in establishing your credibility and expanding your professional network on both platforms.

How Does SlideShare Work?

  • Connect SlideShare and LinkedIn by logging in with your LinkedIn credentials.
  • Create presentations on SlideShare and directly publish them to LinkedIn.
  • Insert a link to your SlideShare presentation on your LinkedIn profile Summary.
  • Upload the SlideShare presentation’s PDF version directly to your LinkedIn profile.

10. Hunter

If you are looking for the best LinkedIn Marketing Tools to promote your business then Hunter is a perfect choice. In a matter of seconds, the Hunter for LinkedIn mobile app extracts the official email addresses of other professionals, thereby enhancing your ability to network. You can search for professionals on LinkedIn before obtaining their email addresses using Hunter. The Email Finder feature of Hunter is of tremendous assistance to salespeople, marketers, and recruiters who wish to contact managers, business founders, and business owners directly.

How Does Hunter Work?

  • Conduct an advanced search by combining a person’s first and last name with their domain.
  • Use the ‘Autocomplete’ function to locate a firm or domain if you are uncertain.
  • Directly send email from apps for LinkedIn, Hunter.
  • Save the email address as a potential lead for the future.
  • Hunter’s Email Verifier can validate email addresses and prevent bounces.


Which is the best app for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, TextExpander, Zapier, and Hunter are among the best LinkedIn Marketing Tools.

What are the best apps for LinkedIn posts?

Elink Pro, Ocktopost, and Zapier are among the best tools for LinkedIn posts that enable you to schedule and analyze the performance of your LinkedIn posts.

Is there an app for LinkedIn?

Yes, there are a variety of LinkedIn Marketing Tools, including LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Oktopost, and others.

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