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12 Best Leave Management Software You Can Use

The corporate HR department cannot properly track current employees’ vacation days and new hires’ earned leaves without assistance. It is difficult to manage and maintain track of leave request forms and emails. You must integrate and comply with any changes imposed by the government on leave policies, such as maternity leave, paternity leave, and so on. Choose the best leave management software to simplify your company’s HR department’s life. Finally, you must begin employing a solution to handle employee leave requests and vacation days.

12 Best Leave Management Software

Let’s look at the best Leave Management Software that you can use.


1. HRMantra

HRMantra assists the HR manager in recording and monitoring employee leave requests, developing unique leave rules, and producing comprehensive leave reports. It is the best leave management software that aids in the tracking of all actions linked to an employee’s leaves. HRMantra provides a versatile, multilingual, and database-independent application framework that serves as a model for all other leave management solution providers.

2. Keka

Keka allows users to establish several sorts of leaves, such as privileged leave, casual leave, sick leave, leave without pay, etc. It is extremely scalable and adaptable, allowing you to design leave policies for your workplace culture and business objectives.

3. CaptureLeave

With CaptureLeave, you can effectively track leave applications on the move, minimize absenteeism, and boost efficiency. This solution helps HR managers to improve the overall efficiency of handling employee leaves and vacations. CaptureLeave will not let you down.

4. Zoho People

You can simplify the leave management process by using Zoho People, which allows organizations to monitor all kinds of leave – vacation days, sick leave, compensatory offs, etc. It is regarded as one of the best leave management software options available, with comprehensive and in-depth functionality. This is useful in analyzing employee absenteeism patterns. Therefore, Zoho People is critical for maintaining productivity and minimizing employee downtime.

5. sumHR

What makes sumHR unique is that it allows you to create and manage your company’s leave policy. You may also keep track of employee absences, design application processes, etc. SumHR frees you from the tedious habit of approving leaves through the mail every time.

6. greytHR

Don’t be concerned if you’re wondering why greytHR made our best leave management software list. You may design as many different kinds of leaves as you like using greytHR. With the ESS portal, you may also reduce leave-related administrative responsibilities. Choose a pre-designed leave policy template or design your own fully customized policy. To fulfill regulatory requirements, you may prepare complete and comprehensive leave reports.

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7. ADP Leave Management

This solution offers several services such as employee scheduling, notification alerts, and leave monitoring. It also aids with absence management, employee database maintenance, and employee mobile time monitoring. In addition, ADP Leave Management software offers flexibility in leave rules, holiday groups, and the firm’s work schedule.

8. Tanda

Tanda assists in workforce performance by providing extensive features such as roster integration, updated timesheets, payroll, leave documentation, accrual monitoring, and a leave calendar. In addition, it is a centralized portal for HR managers to examine and approve leave requests and verify leave availability and roster for forthcoming shifts.

9. Timelabs

This leave management software assists you in determining regulations about leaves and whether they have accrued, expired, or been encashed. You may also easily do the monthly leave reconciliation for each employee. In addition, Timelabs supports managers and HR administrators in smoothly managing employee leaves and generating leave reports, cementing its status as one of the best leave management software.

10. WhosOff

WhosOff, one of the best leave management software options on the market, lowers the time spent managing leave requests by making critical information visible to everybody online. In addition, because of its high level of scalability, this solution makes staff leave management a breeze.

11. Workforce

The Kronos Workforce Absence Manager is a leave management software designed for businesses of all sizes. Because it is cloud-based, it is safe, scalable, conveniently available, and mobile-friendly. Organizations may use this centralized leave software to handle leaves, track time, measure productivity, etc. In addition, the powerful reporting tool enables firms to regulate absence patterns that impact the bottom line.

12. Kissflow HR Cloud

The Kissflow HR Cloud is a cloud-based leave management software that helps firms save time and effort on the time-off process. Rather than forcing your policy to adapt to software restrictions, Kissflow HR Cloud allows you to design your online leave management solution.

Wrapping Up:

Let us know if our list of the best 12 leave management software is helpful! Also, leave a comment if you believe we overlooked a solution that you believe needs to be on our list.

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