KiwiFarms – The Internet’s Most Controversial Website

Cloud flare is in the headlines as one of the most controversial websites on the internet, KiwiFarms. Cloudflare recently sent this site a cease-and-desist notice. If they did not comply with their rules and regulations, one of the service providers threatened to discontinue providing them with services. The website, which tracks and discusses the exploits of online trolls, has unquestionably gained popularity. Its prominence in the media and its online and offline controversy has made it difficult to ignore.

What is Kiwi Farms and why is it in the news?

Kiwifarms is an anonymous message board where people debate bizarre and fantastic celebrity rumors. You may recognize it as the website that prompted Angelina Jolie to launch a lawsuit against them for releasing her medical records or the website; Gawker deemed the most toxic on the Internet. Kiwi Farms’ controversies stemmed from their enjoyment of making stuff that enraged and incensed individuals, frequently using personal information from social media accounts.

However, many of its followers viewed this as part of the community’s sardonic sense of humor. But now, it seems that something has changed on KiwiFarms, as even newcomers to the boards have noticed how different it feels. Specifically, there are fewer incendiary posts, more jokes about celebrities’ fashion choices than private health issues, and fewer antisemitic slurs.

How was this forum created?

Sean Harris, a YouTube video game reviewer, and the website Something Awful were involved in a disagreement that gave rise to Kiwi Farms. According to Harris, the website Reddit should be shut down permanently. Reddit was a website that allowed users to troll one another by editing their posts. It may have been representative of the content Something Awful hosts. In response, the admins of Something Awful removed Harris from the website. He subsequently created a Kickstarter campaign for Kiwi Farms, which he referred to as an agricultural business endeavor.

He stated that it would be a safe place for those who have been bullied online and need to discuss their experiences with someone. Face-to-face live broadcasts of oneself playing video games. This forum alternative to 4chan is considered. The most extreme, racist, and hateful online forum. Kiwi Farms with the specific intent to harass an online comic book. The author had been the target of a relentless harassment campaign on 4chan for years.

Keffals News about KiwiFarms

Clara Sorrenti was born on March 25, 1994, and is renowned as Keffals. She is a Canadian Twitch streaming transgender activist, political commentator, and former communist party of Canada candidate. She is also renowned for “rationing” right-wing figures on Twitter by reacting to their tweets and garnering greater attention than their initial tweets. In Canadian elections, she has also run as a communist candidate.

As with other transgender activists, kiwifarm has targeted Sorrento. Following a protracted online fight with another Twitch streamer that culminated in March. Sorrenti contends that the Twitter accounts he follows are less likely to interact with other users, preventing abuse. She is implicated alongside a KiwiFarms moderator. Joshua Conner Moon denies this assertion, though.

What is its modus operandi?

KiwiFarms is a website that trades gossip and snark about the most notorious individuals on the internet. The individuals are best known for exposing the guy behind them. Barbie Girl and for uploading photographs of Jennifer Lawrence that were hacked. One needs to visit its Facebook page to understand how unattractive this website may be. Due to a rules breach, their YouTube channel has been canceled, yet they remain active on Twitter. It is simple to see. Children are their primary target, which sets them apart from other trolls and makes some people uncomfortable.

Users are known to engage in smear campaigns, discuss their personal lives, and publish publicly accessible information. On any individual who doubts them, Some individuals have referred to them as trolls or cyber bullies. Numerous news organizations have needed help gaining access to information. Concerning people who operate KiwiFarms or have chosen not to due to death threats.

Is this forum legal?

KiwiFarms is proud of its noncompliance with the law, saying it does nothing wrong. They contend that the website does not violate regulations because it is merely an online forum. However, many individuals are outraged with this website and are attempting to get it to shut down because they believe it is harmful to Internet users. There have been numerous cases in which a Kiwi Farms user’s personal information has been compromised. These individuals are then subjected to cyberbullying and abuse by other website users.

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One incidence is a transsexual woman named Jess who was doxx by a forum user who discovered her identity. As a result, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, job contact information, and social media profiles can be hacked using various methods. As a result, she lost her employment and all of her social contacts and was subjected to continuous internet harassment. In response to these occurrences, she attempts suicide, sparking controversy on both sides of the argument. Others argue that freedom of expression protects them from being sued or punished for what they say, even if it harms others.

Is KiwiFarms connected to New Zealand?

Kiwi’s name and logo only became a part of the forum. Initially, the website was known as Cloudflare, a reference to the anime artist it was designed to torment and document. The meeting was held in New Zealand as the site’s scope expanded to fixate on and harass others. She added that the news world website gives a forum for people with similar hobbies, such as issuing death threats, harassing exes, and destroying lives. It’s essentially the same as other discussion sites where individuals can share common interests, except these are significantly more dangerous.

Within weeks, she resigned due to trans news, such as Kiwi Farms’ report on murder fantasies and meth. She called its users incredibly naive and easily persuaded individuals whose only desire is anger validation. In hindsight, the only thing she regrets about operating Murder & Meth was how much time it took. She lost her career and many friends due to her preoccupation with what occurred there.

Are there more websites like this out there?

Massive is the network of angry, sad people who form uneasy groups and collaborate to weaponize the internet. Even though some of these personalities belong to alt-right or conspiracy theory groups, their ideas differ. Websites associated with Cloud Flare are so contentious that they are difficult to locate online. Yes, and some are worse than KiwiFarms. Numerous YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter users congregate and organize on smaller sites such as KiwiFarms and Telegram or Signal groups.

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Even though these websites may not be as controversial as Kiwi Farms, they are extremely upsetting to some individuals. ARC has been reported numerous times for animal cruelty, as has 4chan. Also stated by Ellen Pao, who sued them for gender discrimination in 2015. Due to their low traffic, these websites may exist online.


The media has misconstrued the stalker community, leading many to believe it is a hate group. When a group of people comes together to make fun of another individual. No images or names are disclosed during these raids. As stated by these people, they only attempt to make fun of someone. Message board, some raids may go beyond far and cause panic in a user. However, this website should not be restricted because of a few aggressive users. They serve a function for those. Who may otherwise have nothing to do online and feel their voices are neglected or ignored.

They have far more advantages than they believe. The subjects they discuss may appear unimportant to outsiders, but they are vital to the communities they represent. It is never a terrible thing to have a means of communication. Regarding something you adore without fear of criticism. Discussing how Kifer’s connection was fascinating and what it means for them. However, Kifer members had differing perspectives on whether this website should be banned. One thing was evident: everyone desires external respect.

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